Chapter 1426 - Sleep Together Again

Chapter 1426 Sleep Together Again

“Ah…”The little tiger Bo Jiu was still very obedient. She revealed her tiger teeth cooperatively so that the person in front could take it out. When she opened her mouth, her almond-shaped tiger eyes were still staring intently at Qin Mo. She looked as if she had something to say.Qin Mo glanced at her. His gaze was a little cold. He seemed to be daring her to speak. Little Tiger Bo Jiu felt that this wasn’t right. She felt frustrated that the little princess was hostile towards her.

Qin Mo ignored her and took out the thermometer. He took a look at it. “Your temperature is normal.”

Bo Jiu nodded when she heard this. “I’m not having a fever anymore. My mom gave me some medicine in the morning.”

Qin Mo noticed that her voice was still hoarse. After she finished speaking, she coughed. The cough might be a little strong so her shoulders shuddered a little when she coughed. Not having a fever didn’t mean that she wasn’t sick.

Qin Mo was too lazy to talk to this idiot. He opened a packet of medicine and took out a pill. He brought the pill to her lips with his slender fingers.

“Ah!” Bo Jiu normally wouldn’t reject anyone. The medicine was a little bitter but it was given to her by the little princess. Hence, it was tasty.

On the other hand, Qin Mo frowned furiously after feeding Bo Jiu. He placed the medicine on her hand and said, “Eat it yourself.”

He must be possessed. Why did he feed her personally just now? He tried to find the reason. He must have lost his thinking skills due to his anger towards the little tiger.

He sighed before he resumed his composure of an elegant little prince. He walked slowly towards the window. After he stretched his hand out and closed the window, he locked the two locks.

Bo Jiu took out the pills and watched him from the side. Her tail shook from side to side. She had a feeling that the little princess didn’t want to lock the window. Instead, he wanted to throw her out through the window.

If he could, Qin Mo wanted to do that. But for some reason, he allowed her to come down and asked the butler to bring the medical kit upstairs. He even fed her medicine personally. He didn’t know what his grandpa would think if he heard of these things.

Qin Mo’s pupils moved. When he turned his body, he saw the little tiger taking out the pills with much effort and eating five of them in one mouth. Five?

Qin Mo pressed down the person’s tiger paw directly and said, “Little Bo Jiu.”

“Huh?” Bo Jiu opened her eyes wide and glanced at him. Suddenly, she seemed to be enlightened. “Momo, why are you always sighing? Ever since I came in, you have been sighing. Are you tired? Or is there something bothering you? Let me tell you, as a human, the most important thing is to be happy. Other things aren’t important. Let me pat your head.”

Why was he always sighing?

Qin Mo looked at the small paw that appeared on his head. The paw rubbed his head twice. He told himself that he shouldn’t argue with a sick person. Moreover, it was confirmed that she was an idiot.

Qin Mo looked at her. His expression wasn’t good. “Have you touched enough?”

Bo Jiu shook her head. “No, Momo. Your hair is so soft and nice to touch. It’s different from mine. Mine is too hard. It pricks my hand.”

Qin Mo scoffed. “Finish your medicine and go home. Also, don’t climb over the wall again.”

Bo Jiu was stunned. She lowered her eyes and held the small bowl up. She drank the medicine the little princess prepared for her and then glanced at the window beside him.

“I will walk out from the front door,” Bo Jiu replied as she jumped down the sofa. She was still holding the little keyboard as she continued, “Momo, I will come and find you tomorrow.”

She was prepared to leave. The more she acted like this, the more Qin Mo found the small coughs irritating.

He said that he didn’t like to be loved by someone naturally. That was because all love needed reciprocation. If you didn’t reply, it would be your fault. This was something he couldn’t accept.

However, the little tiger wasn’t just a little stupid. Even when she was sick, she didn’t know how to use this soft spot to blackmail him. When he asked her to leave, she would simply leave.

It was as if she would listen to everything he said. She didn’t expect any reciprocation from him just because she liked him. Instead, she wanted to give him presents.

Qin Mo tilted his head. He wanted to force himself to read and not think about that idiot. But the moment he made the decision, the young butler’s voice floated in through the opened door. He was saying with an American accent, “Oh, Miss Jiu, are you going home? It’s still snowing outside. Mr. Bo and Mrs. Bo aren’t home yet and the fireplace in the living room should be cold now. Why don’t you wait for a moment? My humble self will take some firewood and go back with you.”

“My humble self?” Bo Jiu raised her small eyebrows when she heard this address.

The young butler felt a little shy. “Isn’t this how Chinese people address themselves? I learned this by reading online novels. There are translations for the novels so I can learn much new knowledge.”

Bo Jiu was still young so she didn’t know much. “Is there such a term?”

“Yes!” The young butler said with a firm expression.

Qin Mo furrowed his brows violently. He didn’t manage to read much of his book so he stretched his hand out and dialed the internal number for the young butler with his white and soft hands.

When the young butler saw the call, his expression changed slowly even though the smile was still on his face. “Young Master? I’m here! Huh? Send Miss Jiu back to your room? Okay, no problem!”

The young butler hung up the call and lowered his head. He was a little confused. “Miss Jiu, Young Master asked you to sleep in his room tonight.”

Bo Jiu was stunned too. Was there such a good thing?

The young butler had many thoughts in his head. He had been present for the entire banquet. Although there had been many cute young children during the banquet, his young master hadn’t treated anyone so special. He wouldn’t touch the cups that other people touched before, much less their food. He was very gentlemanly but he never danced with other people.

The young butler even suspected that this young master from China was the reincarnation of a sect leader in the past, just like what the novels always said. He was unique because his physical constitution was special. He had the manners and sense of distance a young child shouldn’t have.

The young butler had done some research. His young master definitely had an obsession with cleanliness and it wasn’t a small obsession. That was because his young master would clean his hand extremely thoroughly every single time. He would change his clothes three times a day. The bathroom must be clean and even his shoes mustn’t have a speck of dust on it.

If he said that his young master was a real prince, everyone would believe him.

However, the golden-haired butler was a little puzzled now. His young master, who had such an obsession with cleanliness, actually allowed someone to stay in his room overnight.

Although this had already happened once yesterday, the situation yesterday and today was different. Director An was the one who had arranged things yesterday. His young master had been resisting the decision with his entire body. But today, his young master took the initiative!

Took the initiative… The golden-haired butler couldn’t link these three words with that arrogant small face…