Chapter 1427 - Slowly Becoming a Different Person

Chapter 1427 Slowly Becoming a Different Person

But since his young master had given the order, he would definitely send Miss Jiu back to his room. He had a bunch of questions he wanted to ask in his heart but he wouldn’t say anything!Before the golden-haired butler could display his professional smile, his young master glanced at him. That gaze was indescribable. If he had to describe it, it was probably a gaze to let him stay away from the little tiger.

The golden-haired butler was in a daze when the door closed. He started pondering what mistake he had made. After all, in the novels, the ending of the people who provoked Kung Fu masters was extremely tragic. No, he must put in more effort to learn the broad and profound cultural knowledge of China!

“Momo.” Bo Jiu hugged the little keyboard in her arms and smiled brightly. “I’m back.”

I know that you’re back.

Qin Mo lowered his gaze and wanted to ignore her. After a while, he finally said, “No one uses ‘my humble self’ now. That is a term used in the olden days to show respect and manners. It’s a way of addressing yourself.”

“Really?” Bo Jiu’s eyes lit up again. She had been staying overseas ever since young. Most of the time, she only knew how to fight and examine the small keyboard as well as the bunch of codes. Her knowledge of other things was extremely lacking.

In the past, she had also interacted with some children from China. However, none of them had known these kinds of things. The little princess was indeed different. He knew everything. Bo Jiu felt elated for some reason when she thought about this. “Momo, you’re so impressive.”

The sudden compliment caused Qin Mo to tilt his head. “Don’t compliment me. Sit back on your own seat.”

“Okay.” She became obedient again. But while being obedient, she didn’t forget to be naughty as well. “Momo, your ears are so red.”

Qin Mo took a deep breath and put the book in his hand down. “Hot.”

“Oh.” Bo Jiu smiled. In her heart, she felt that Momo was such an awkward person. He was obviously feeling shy but he said that he was hot. However, as a thoughtful person, she wouldn’t expose him. Anyway, her little princess was even cuter when he was embarrassed.

Bo Jiu was like a person who got addicted to teasing her pet. She would occasionally say a few words. At the start, Qin Mo still replied to her. Towards the end, he allowed the little tiger to act naughty all by herself.

As Bo Jiu continued acting naughty, she realized that she might be distracting the little princess from his studies so she sat on the sofa quietly and started touching her little keyboard.

When Qin Mo saw her actions, he recalled what had happened last night, especially when the little girl continued coughing after drinking the medicine. She showed no signs of recovering.

Qin Mo stood up. “Go to bed.”

Go to bed? Bo Jiu was still wearing the little tiger’s pajamas when she heard these words. Her ears perked up and she asked, “Momo, you don’t like it when other people sleep on your bed, right?”

She wasn’t stupid. She noticed it. Momo was resistant towards many people. She didn’t know if other people understood him. She only knew that she understood because she was the same. She didn’t like it when someone understood her. But from yesterday, her little princess had become an exception.

Qin Mo’s fingers froze when he heard this question. “I don’t like it. That’s why you can only sleep on it today. You are not allowed to touch it in the future.”

After he finished saying this sentence, Qin Mo suddenly realized something. He realized that in front of the little tiger, he didn’t know how to pretend anymore. He wasn’t supposed to be like this. In front of the guests, he should have some manners.

He shouldn’t speak like this anymore but he couldn’t control himself. He even pinched his face and said to her, “If you’re disobedient, I’ll throw you out.”