Chapter 1428 - Untitled

Chapter 1428 Untitled

Bo Jiu listened to the little princess’s arrogant speech and shook her tiger’s tail two times. She looked like a little loyal puppy.Qin Mo didn’t want to hear the sound of coughing anymore so he asked the servants to boil a serving of pear soup and bring it up. He watched the little tiger as she drank the pear soup. After that, she started to get tired and prepared to rest.

This time, before Qin Mo entered the bathroom, he threw three words at Bo Jiu. “Don’t come in.”

Bo Jiu looked at the back view that was filled with resistance. She raised her hand and touched her ears as she pondered. Her little princess was embarrassed again. Today, she would restrain herself a little. She really wanted to enter the bathroom and help her little princess bath. However, she was sick. She could easily spread her sickness to him.

Yet, there was one thing that she felt she needed to remind him. “Momo, you’re weak so take care when you bath. Don’t bath for too long. If not, you won’t be able to catch your breath like yesterday.”

She still dared to mention what had happened yesterday. Heh.

Qin Mo heard this sentence right before he entered the bathroom. He tightened his grip around the white towel he was holding. He was too lazy to take any deeper breaths so he slammed the door directly and even locked it. The elegance and handsomeness on his face didn’t dissipate at all. This time, he didn’t run a bath. Instead, he opened the showerhead.

By the time he came out of the bathroom, he had already changed into his pajamas. To Bo Jiu, the little princess’s pajamas were nicer than hers. Her little tiger head was a little exaggerated. It wasn’t like the pajamas her little princess was wearing. They were clean without any additional patterns.

Qin Mo used the towel to wipe her hair. He was young but he was already used to other people looking at him. However, Bo Jiu sized him up from the top to the bottom and from the bottom to the top again. Then she stared at his side profile with her big eyes.

He had never experienced this before. After all, most people looked at him secretly and children weren’t like adults. They would feel shy. However, this word didn’t seem suitable for the little tiger.

Qin Mo put his towel down and turned his head. Just as he was about to open his mouth, the little tiger spoke first. “Momo, you don’t have to feel shy. I will take responsibility.”

Take responsibility? What responsibility? Qin Mo frowned again. He wanted to warn her against being naughty and to sit there obediently. If she didn’t have to speak, she simply shouldn’t. Why was she talking about taking responsibility now?

Bo Jiu noticed that he didn’t understand her intention so she touched her ears shyly and continued, “Yesterday, I didn’t know that you’re different from me. I saw you naked. I called my dad and asked him about it. He said that the best way is to take responsibility. I feel that he’s right. I can’t be unfaithful and take advantage of you.”

Qin Mo’s small face turned even colder when he heard this explanation. He carried a small blanket out of the wardrobe and threw it directly on the little tiger’s head. This was the best way to shut her mouth. However, he still underestimated the effect of the little tiger’s naughtiness.

Bo Jiu rolled on the ground and grabbed the small blanket off her head. She revealed her guilty little face as she admitted her mistakes seemingly sincerely. “Also, I shouldn’t hug you or kiss you. That feels like I’m molesting you. You are weak so it’s not right for me to molest you. Now, if I want to kiss you, I will ask you first. I always want to do this but I’m sick now so, unfortunately…”