Chapter 1429 - Untitled

1429 Untitled

Since you are weak. This sentence echoed in his mind three times. He watched the little tiger head that peaked out. Although he wanted to pull her over and toss her out, she was still counting her mistakes with her little finger, coughing from time to time.

Qin Mo resisted the urge. All he could say was a cold sentence, “Little Bo Jiu, are you an idiot?”

The manly little Bo Jiu was confused, she didn’t understand why he considered her to be an idiot.

Qin Mo glanced sideways, looking precious in his small pajamas. “What are you feeling regretful about? Can you kiss me casually if you don’t have a cold? Why are you always dreaming? I told you yesterday to stay one meter away from me.”

“Are you making me stay so far to stop me from kissing you?” Bo Jiu suddenly realized something and her eyes widened.

Qin Mo arched his brows. “What else could the reason be?”

“Oh.” Bo Jiu was momentarily disappointed before continuing, “Anyway, I will be responsible towards you. Besides, Momo, you misunderstood, I am usually a very conservative person. I was only behaving so passionately to let you know my true feelings.”

Qin Mo tilted his head over. “It’s not necessary.”

“Not necessary?” Bo Jiu scratched her face in confusion.

Qin Mo glanced at her with a faint glance. “You don’t have to take responsibility and a jerk is not used to describe girls. How did you learn Chinese?”

“I didn’t learn it well,” Bo Jiu said, sounding a little ashamed. Those words were like patterns and there were too many strokes. Sometimes she remembered it but she didn’t know where the word should be used. But that wasn’t right because her dad had clearly told her that only a jerk wouldn’t take responsibility.

Anyway, Bo Jiu didn’t care whether it was used to describe either a boy or a girl. She would never be a jerk. But now, the little princess didn’t want her to take responsibility. Dad also told her she could be tough but she couldn’t force others.

Little Bo Jiu thought for a while, and finally raised her eyes and shook her tail. “Momo, you can let me know when you want me to take responsibility.”

That would never happen. At least, that was how Qin Mo felt at that time. Anyway, he didn’t want to discuss such things with a little tiger as it made him seem naive.

He glanced over. When he saw that she was still huddling on the sofa, he frowned. “Didn’t I tell you to take the bed?” The sofa was near the window. Didn’t that idiot know there would be wind?

“I haven’t taken a shower yet. I’ll do it after taking a shower.” Bo Jiu jumped twice when she replied. Ever since the little princess had come out of the shower, she could smell the fragrance coming from him. It smelled so good that she wanted to take a bath too.

Qin Mo watched her toss around. He understood it anyway, it was definitely impossible for her to behave.

After half a minute, she spoke again. “Momo.”

Qin Mo was sitting on the chair, a book in his hand. No matter how late it was, it was his habit to read before bed.

Qin Mo watched the little tiger grab his sleeve with her paws. Her eyes were dark and looked obedient but in fact, the shattered lights gleaming under her eyes were a good sign that she was up to no good.

They both had the appearance of a five-year-old and their height was also about the same. In comparison, Qin Mo was three centimeters shorter than Bo Jiu. Little Prince Qin didn’t speak about it but it was obvious he didn’t like the difference in their height…