Chapter 143 - Fu Ximing Says That Spade Z Is Nobody!

Chapter 143: Fu Ximing Says That Spade Z Is Nobody!

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The entire server exploded at once, because everyone knew that in Zone C, there were only these few strong teams!

If people wanted to get through the complicated games, they had to follow them.

But now, all these strong teams were all rejecting <Little Ripple>… There was no need for further explanation; everyone knew the result.

They were blocking <Little Ripple>!

<Little Ripple> really couldn’t figure at all what was going on with all of this. Were they really rejecting a pretty girl for a man?

<Little Ripple> looked at the messages saying that she had been kicked out of the team. She got really mad, and her face turned awfully ugly!

Hearing the commotion, Fu Ximing, who was playing games, frowned and asked, “Sis, what’s up?”

So this <Little Ripple’s> true identity was Fu Xue’er! Fu Ximing’s biological big sister!

Fu Xue’er was still angry, and her chest was heaving up and down. She took a big gulp of water and laughed coldly, “Is that Spade Z considering himself so mighty now that he has support from Almighty Qin? Those otakus all have holes in their heads. They didn’t protect a beauty like me and stood on the same side as a guy, and they even jointly blocked me? Hah, this is the funniest joke I have ever seen!”

“Spade Z?” After hearing this name, Fu Ximing’s fingers on the keyboard stopped, and his eyes were faintly mocking. “That King of the Newcomers in Zone C? That player from the wild west?”

“That’s right, it was him.” Fu Xue’er didn’t care about the computer anymore and turned her head to say to Fu Ximing, “His operations weren’t bad, but I really can’t compliment his character.”

Fu Ximing was arrogant as usual. “That was because he has never met anyone professional. An amateur player comes out of nowhere and wants to be the king, what a joke!”

Fu Xue’er curled her lips into a sneer. “You are right, if my brother plays, he will beat them up so badly that they wouldn’t even know which direction is north.”

“This kind of nobody doesn’t need me to fix him up.” Fu Ximing lowered his eyes, sounding indifferent. “My goal is the selection contest.”

Fu Xue’er blinked naughtily. “Yup, yup, yup, of course my genius brother won’t deign to lay his eyes on this kind of person, but I heard that Spade Z was gonna participate in that contest too, and that he will compete for He Honghua. I really don’t know how that village auntie could scout this Spade Z.”

“He won’t be there to compete,” Fu Ximing said again.

Fu Xue’er didn’t understand. “Why?”

“You will know by then,” Fu Ximing said and logged into the game.

He did some research on this Spade Z.

His mother’s side even gave him a complete agenda.

Spade Z always showed up in Hero to make money. To be more straightforward, he was poor.

This kind of person was the easiest to deal with.

Fu Ximing moved the mouse, clicked on Spade Z’s character, and sent out a friend request, “Spade Z? I’ll say this outright, how much did He Honghua give you to compete in this contest? I can give you double. The condition is that you give up on this contest and give out your account details. I know you have great records on your account, but in the future, professional league contests won’t accept anything unorthodox. The most important thing boils down to skill, so name your price. As long as it’s not too absurd, I will grant it.”