Chapter 1430 - Untitled

Chapter 1430 Untitled

As such, the indifferent Young Master Qin never wanted to stand. No boy would be happy to be shorter than a little tiger. That was also a reason he wanted her to stay away from him. Bo Jiu wasn’t aware of that though.She had to undress before going to take a shower. Now that Momo was around, she couldn’t just behave as she had done previously, tossing around to remove her clothes. That wouldn’t be good because it would deepen Momo’s misunderstanding of her. After all, he was still shy and reserved.

But she couldn’t pull down the back zipper by herself either. That was the bad thing about having short arms.

She jumped for a long time but still couldn’t pull the zipper to the end. When she was at home, she would either roll around to take it off or her mother would help her with it. Today, she would have to trouble her future pet. “Help me to pull this down.” Bo Jiu turned her little body as she spoke, shaking her tail obediently.

The zipper was halfway down. Since her pajamas were clumsy and chucky, the zipper was difficult to spot unless he looked carefully. But now, because of her actions, Qin Mo could see the fair and tender little back. His ears suddenly turned red and tilted his head. “Little Bo Jiu.”

“What is it?” Bo Jiu turned over and saw the prince-like person blushing, a pale shade of pink coloring his face. It was adorable. She couldn’t help it, reaching out to hug his waist, speaking in a tough manner, “Momo, you’re shy again, don’t be shy,”

Peng! The blue veins on Qin Mo’s forehead were completely broken.

He watched the little tiger pick him up from the chair before shakingly putting him back down. He felt his chest choke up. “Little Bo Jiu!”

Bo Jiu scratched her head. “I’m here, I’m here.”

Qin Mo didn’t wish to speak since no boy would like to be carried around by a girl. Seriously, his pride as a boy…

Qin Mo controlled his breathing over and over again until his little face was back to its indifferent and noble state. “There should be a distance between male and female, you must know this simple logic. In the future, don’t ask a boy to help you unzip your clothes, even if you’re both kids.”

Qin Mo didn’t seem old fashioned when he said it, probably because of his good-looking face.

Bo Jiu nodded as she listened to his teachings and added, “I know but Momo, you aren’t other boys. It’s alright for you to me with the zip since we will sleep together in the future.”

Who was going to sleep together with you? Qin Mo caressed his aching temples. He turned towards the little tiger pajamas, which were about to fall off. He shouldn’t have been soft hearted and allowed her to sleep here. Was it too late now to toss her back?

However, he had heard the conversation and knew that there wasn’t anyone next door. Her cough wasn’t getting better and she was so dumb that she couldn’t even walk properly.

Bo Jiu didn’t know what her pet was thinking about, her little fingers scratching as though there was an itch on her back.

Qin Mo saw her actions and glanced over. It was probably because of the material of the pajamas, which would prick her hands when she pulled down the zipper. Hence, there were patches of red covering her fair back.

Qin Mo frowned, holding down the constantly misbehaving paws, his voice as cold as before and extremely impatient. “Stop scratching. I’ll help you just this once. Next time, you will have to do it yourself.”