Chapter 1431 - Height Problem

Chapter 1431 Height Problem

“Alright.”She was obedient when she had to be. Little Lord Jiu would withhold this practice until the end.

Qin Mo lowered his eyes. After he had seemed to make a decision, he wasn’t awkward anymore. Like a sensible adult, he not only helped Bo Jiu unzip the zipper but also removed the hat on her pajamas.

Because they were so close, he could smell the candy milk on this little tiger. Little children would always be little children. That was how Qin Mo felt. He seemed to have completely ignored one point, he was also a little child.

After unzipping the pajamas, Bo Jiu could remove the little tiger pajamas in the bathroom by herself. She washed herself very seriously.

She also took the chance to think whether she also managed to restore a little of her image in front of the little princess. In conclusion, she thought it was probably a success.

While thinking, she got some shampoo to put on her hair. After it started foam, the liquid accidentally flowed down into her eyes. She rubbed it hard with her little hands and continued to wash just like a man. Fortunately, Young Master Qin didn’t see her washing methods because if he did, he would definitely correct her.

After the shower, Bo Jiu looked even whiter than before. She didn’t let go of the little keyboard in her hands. Her hair was damp and sticking out in places and there was a lock that was dyed silver, which stood up. She looked like a cat that had just been fished out of the water and hadn’t had time to clean her cat’s hair.

There would always be little kittens who dressed up as little tiger cubs. She was the prime example. Qin Mo glanced over, his gaze landing on her wet hair. This time, she didn’t just hide in the blanket.

Qin Mo was aware of the reasons. Yesterday it had been because of what he had said and because she had been afraid of disturbing him. That was why she had slept in that manner.

The thought dispelled all his frustrations from the day.

It was obvious the little tiger didn’t know how to dry her hair by herself. She pressed the towel on her head and rubbed it around messily. She would cough once in a while as she hummed. In the end, Qin Mo couldn’t watch it any longer. “Come over.”

Bo Jiu was initially confused when she heard the two words and thus walked over with a bewildered expression. Qin Mo didn’t say much. He took the white towel over, a cold aura around him. It acted as deterrence.

Little kids were all like this. Perhaps, they might not listen to adults but when they met other kids of their age who were colder and unreadable, perhaps, they would subconsciously obey.

Young Master Qin’s aura had been overwhelming even when he had been a toddler. In the military courtyard, no matter how much the naughty children enjoyed getting into trouble, they would subconsciously restrain themselves in front of him.

Hence, the grandfathers in the Courtyard would all call Qin Mo the king of the children. Of course, it wasn’t just because of his aura. Another reason was the power of his fists. Qin Mo wasn’t the sort that didn’t fight back.

It was normal for boys. However, ever since they were young, he and Bo Jiu had different styles. Bo Jiu would fight until the opponent was satisfied. But for Qin Mo, after he hit once, the coldness that radiated from him made others afraid of offending him. That was how a certain misbehaving kid from the military courtyard felt.

It was just that Qin Mo did not expect that one day that he, the king of the children, would have to take care of a child.

After he took the towel over, he realized another point. The little tiger was taller than him. If he helped her dry her hair, wouldn’t he have to stand on the tip of his toes?