Chapter 1432 - Cared for by the Little Princess

1432 Cared for by the Little Princess

­­­After Qin Mo realized this, his fingers paused decisively and he said, “Sit there.”

Bo Jiu didn’t understand what the little princess was thinking and just sat in the designated spot while holding the small keyboard. Her head was covered by the towel before she felt a soft and tender strength drying her hair. Such strength could easily make others feel drowsy. Moreover, the refreshing scent of the shower gel made it even more comforting.

Bo Jiu carried the small keyboard, wearing a small pajama set, allowing Qin Mo to dry her hair. She was very likeable.

Life was about the appearance; Bo Jiu would never give up any opportunity to take action. While Qin Mo helped to dry her hair, she toyed with the corner of his shirt. When she was found out and met with his cold and steely eyes, Bo Jiu smiled, showing her two adorable front teeth before lowering her head to continue playing.

Qin Mo wouldn’t argue with the little tiger over such things. Besides, she had done things that were even worse.

While he was drying her hair, he realized her coughing had become worse and even her breathing was unstable. Qin Mo thought about it and fed her another cough drop.

After she had showered and taken her medicine, she could finally go to bed.

Bo Jiu was starting to feel drowsy. Bo Jiu couldn’t fall asleep, probably because she wasn’t feeling well. When she saw the little princess walking to the sofa with a blanket, she started to feel upset.

Even though she predicted that the little princess wouldn’t like sleeping with her, when she really saw it, she felt that it was because she hadn’t tried hard enough. Once her cold got better, she would force herself on him.

She couldn’t do it right now since she might infect the little princess with her cold. With that in mind, Bo Jiu decided to hug her small keyboard to sleep.

Qin Mo was already lying on the sofa. There was only a small night lamp in the bedroom.

It was still snowing outside. When the owls fluttered their wings, it always shattered the snow on the Christmas tree. Occasionally, there would be dog howling coming from outside.

These sounds had hypnotic effects. Anyone who ever had a cold or fever would know that fevers never get better in a day. This was especially true for little children.

In addition, it was obvious that Bo Jiu had inflammation. Otherwise, she wouldn’t keep coughing. She wouldn’t be able to sleep soundly this night.

Bo Jiu knew it as well, hence, she hugged her small keyboard, trying to stop herself from coughing. After all, it would disturb Momo’s sleep.

Just when Bo Jiu thought about it in a daze, a small white hand fell on her forehead. When he noticed the heat, his indifferent little face turned colder than before. She must have a fever. Fortunately, it wasn’t a high fever.

Qin Mo walked to the side and brought a cup of hot water over. He knew that the little tiger wasn’t asleep and reached out to pull her up.

“Momo.” Bo Jiu looked at him with her huge eyes.

Qin Mo placed the water beside her lips and said just one word. “Drink.”

Bo Jiu lowered her head and gulped down the water.

Seeing that she had finished the water, Qin Mo gave her some medicine, his left hand reaching out to test the temperature on her forehead again.

At this moment, Bo Jiu was extremely well behaved. Qin Mo swept a glance at the keyboard in her arms. “The keyboard is cold.”

“I won’t be able to sleep if I don’t hug onto anything.” Bo Jiu said whatever came to her mind. “Momo, how about you let me hug you instead?”

Qin Mo glanced at her. This little tiger clearly wasn’t as energized as she was just now but there was still a hint of cheekiness in her eyes. He brought over the pillow from the side and stuffed it into her arms. “Stop dreaming, you can hug this instead.”