Chapter 1433 - Buy Back Home

Chapter 1433 Buy Back Home

Bo Jiu was slightly disappointed that her ploy was exposed. Hugging something else had the same effect.He probably saw her discomfort because Qin Mo asked casually, “You can’t sleep?”

“Mmh,” she replied, sounding sullen probably because she wanted to cough.

Upon seeing this, Qin Mo walked over to pour another cup of water. Only this time, besides water, he also picked a book from the shelf.

It was the book he usually read. Bo Jiu recognized the cover page because the little princess had been reading it the day before.

“Go over a little.” Qin Mo stood by the bedside. There wasn’t much change in his expression.

But Bo Jiu, who heard these four words, suddenly became alive. Her small body moved to the left, emptying more than half the area. After she was done, Bo Jiu promised earnestly, “Momo, don’t worry, even if we sleep together, I won’t behave like I did yesterday, don’t be afraid.”

Qin Mo tightened his grip around the thin blanket and raised his eyes. He replied simply, “Shut up.”

Bo Jiu was pleased and completely unaffected by the little princess’s resistance. After all, she understood that he was shy.

If Qin Mo knew that this little tiger attributed everything to his shyness, the blue veins on Qin Mo’s forehead would probably break again.

Fortunately, Bo Jiu was still well-behaved sometimes. She was looking at him passionately with wide eyes, her angelic little face tilted while lying on the bed.

Qin Mo leaned against the bedside and opened the “One Thousand and One Nights” in his hand, his cold boyish tone carrying a childlike quality. “According to legend, the Kingdom of Sasang used to be on an island between ancient India and China. The king’s name was Shannuya. King Shannuya would marry a woman every day and spend the night in the palace. But on the second day when the rooster started to sing, he would kill her ruthlessly…”

Little children enjoyed listening to stories.

For Bo Jiu, she treated the things her father did as stories. But Mr. Bo was very busy and didn’t have much time for storytelling. Accurately speaking, this was the first time someone specially read her a bedtime story. Initially, Bo Jiu was in a daze. Soon, as the story progressed, she started to cough less and all her attention was placed on the side profile of the little princess and the fascinating story.

Time trickled by slowly as the night flew by. The two of them weren’t like others, probably because they were so similar.

Qin Mo didn’t have anyone to tell him bedtime stories. He was just like a little prince – a lonely little prince. He would fall asleep reading a book every night.

Although there was still no one to tell him bedtime stories, a little heater was lying beside him, with her head tilted as she listened to him reading. It made him feel like it was alright for her to drop by occasionally.

He continued to read. He just started the third story from the book “One Thousand and One Stories”.

Just then, someone arrived on the first floor. It was none other than Mr. Bo. He was wearing a black trench coat and holding a bouquet of roses. He was here to bring his little Lord Jiu home.

Old Master An gestured for him to listen to the noise upstairs.

Mr. Bo chuckled mischievously. “My little Lord Jiu is progressing rather quickly. It didn’t take long to stay over. It seems like it won’t be long before she buys your grandson home.”