Chapter 1434 - Mr. Bo

Chapter 1434 Mr. Bo

Grandpa An smiled too. “I heard from my butler that my grandson specially asked him to send supper over when he knew that there’s no one at your house. This morning, it was even funnier. He noticed that your little tiger wasn’t present and felt a little unhappy.”Mr. Bo tilted his head and lit up a cigarette. No matter what he was doing, he always exuded an uneasy aura. “That’s good. I will be busier from now on. I feel at ease if she’s here.”

Grandpa An rarely knew what Mr. Bo was up to. He opened his mouth and asked, “So you didn’t return to the castle?”

“Ah.” Mr. Bo flicked the ashtray lightly with his slender fingers and smiled suddenly. “I didn’t go back because I enjoy living off a woman. Of course, Mr. An will never understand. My wife is too capable after all.”

Grandpa An felt that having one good friend who was much younger than him was enough.

He didn’t find living off a woman shameful. Instead, he viewed it as an honor. Speaking of it, he hadn’t worked in a long time but recently, he had started getting busy again.

It looked like the outside world wasn’t peaceful anymore. If not, he wouldn’t be living in this kind of place. He must be protecting his family. After all, he wasn’t the king that was free and alone anymore.

This man was a legend who could disrupt many industries. Yet, he was raised to become a little puppy by his family. No, that wasn’t right. It was more appropriate to say that the person who raised him into a little puppy was Jiu’s mother.

Mr. Bo understood what Mr. An’s gaze meant. However, he didn’t mind. He left him with one sentence. “Tomorrow, I will come and fetch my little Lord Jiu.”

Then he disappeared into the darkness. Even standing under the road lamp, he could see the shadows on the second floor. The two small figures weren’t close to each other but they were on the same bed.

Mr. Bo smiled lightly. It was rare that his little Lord Jiu liked someone so much. That brat from the Qin family did have some skills. He knew how to make a young child happy by telling stories. As her father, he had never told his little Lord Jiu any fairy tales before.

Mr. Bo lifted his hand and flicked the bud of his cigarette into the rubbish bin in the courtyard. When he raised his eyelids again, he noticed that the lights at home had lit up. He lifted the corners of his mouth.

He was prepared to walk a few rounds until the smell of smoke was gone before entering his house. First, he needed to make sure that he didn’t have such a strong blood smell on him.

Mr. Bo’s legs were long so when he moved in the night, he appeared like the nightcrawler in ancient times. No sounds were made when his feet landed on the ground. Very soon, he changed his clothes in the underground room.

By the time he reappeared in the living room, he was in a pure white t-shirt and lounge pants. There was a pair of spectacles on his face too. This appearance made him seem like a university student as his aura was clean and striking. In addition, this person was really good at whining.

The moment he appeared, he changed his expression and appeared as though he hadn’t woken up entirely. He stretched his hands out and hugged the beautiful back view who was wearing a professional suit skirt standing in front of the kitchen counter and brewing medicine. He placed his chin naturally on her shoulders and smelled the pleasant and refreshing fragrance. He dragged his words lazily as he said, “Why did you come back so late tonight? Lord Jiu and I don’t have any food to eat.”

The lady’s face turned a little red when she got hugged by him. Although they had been married for a long time, for some reason, it still felt as if they had just met.

This was probably because he was three years younger than him. Hence, whenever they had intimate interactions, she still felt numb all over and felt as if she was taking advantage of the other party. Especially when she saw that handsome and cold side profile, the feeling got stronger…