Chapter 1435 - Jiu Said to Go Together

Chapter 1435 Jiu Said to Go Together

“Don’t we have a maid?” Even as a female CEO, who was skilled in handling company affairs, she was always extremely patient in front of her lover. She wasn’t as high and mighty as rumors claimed but her aura was still present. When she tilted her face, her figure was gorgeous.Mr. Bo didn’t shift his hand away. He seemed to know that she was uncomfortable but his breath still landed on her fair neck. “The food the maid makes isn’t nice.”

Just as expected, the back view shuddered for a moment. “I’ll cook some porridge for you.”

“I don’t want to drink porridge now…” The hint was too obvious. His slender fingers were already placed on the button of her suit. He smiled and his voice was a little deep as he said, “Jiu is not here tonight.”

She couldn’t resist the temptation. Even though some people said that this fellow wasn’t as simple as he seemed, she couldn’t resist it. In front of her, he was just a little puppy. He would always make sure that she was comfortable. He would only reveal his vicious side in this area.

The lady realized that she was being carried and placed on the kitchen counter. The temperature in the room was already very high. Everything was starting to move towards an indescribable direction. Only the sound of a heartbeat could be heard beside her ear.

She couldn’t control herself anymore – as well as her emotions. She didn’t even have the time to ask where he went today before he had enveloped her entire body.

It might be because the two of them didn’t know each other through dating but she was still unable to let go completely. However, this younger man didn’t allow her to have a choice. He would think of various methods to make her lose her cool.

The sound of the button dropping on the ground was extremely loud. It always made people embarrassed. When the numb feeling engulfed her, she felt that this person was very mature. How could he be an obedient puppy?

Maybe it was because the impression he left on her during the first time they had met was too deep. She had picked him up on the streets and taken him home. She had raised him at her house. It seemed as though he had become part of her possession naturally.

It took only three days from the day they had met to get married. She had never asked him if he was willing or not. Now, their daughter was four and a half years old. It seemed inappropriate to raise this question again.

But why was this person becoming younger and younger? On the other hand, she was three years older and was about to turn old. For some reason, she couldn’t tell. Was it because youngsters had a higher desire?

It was normal to get distracted when thinking about this. However, he got unhappy because of her lack of concentration. He lowered his body and bit her collarbone. “Mrs. Bo, is the outside world so enticing that you can’t concentrate when you’re back at home?”

Shouldn’t she be the one asking him this question? After all, he was still a postgraduate.

When she had driven her car to pick him up the last time, she had seen how hot those university junior sisters were.

These people hadn’t seemed to care about her Jiu sitting on top of his head. Instead, they had said that a man with a child was even more charismatic. Some people had even said that it was impossible for him to have a child at his age. Indeed, he didn’t look like a father.

She still remembered the man and the child sitting on the stairs in the university and looking at her with the same expression. They looked so pitiful. It was as though she was a wicked and evil person if she stood them up again. 80% of Jiu’s personality was inherited from him.

She also knew that when those hot young ladies from his universities had seen her fetching him, they had thought that she was his older sister. However, she had never told him this before. After all, younger postgraduates were more likable and he seemed busier recently…

Looking at the face that was obviously distracted, Mr. Bo squinted. He exerted more strength in his hands. She still wanted to struggle. “Don’t, the clothes…”

“There are many suits at home.”

When the atmosphere really started to get warm, the snow was still falling outside. In the dark, only their body temperature kept rising. A thin layer of sweat appeared on her body because of his actions.

He swept her long hair off his face and allowed her to hug his neck. His gaze was as dark as the night sky outside. Honestly speaking, when would his wife stop thinking about age? He wasn’t the one who wanted to be younger than her. In her eyes, he never seemed to grow up. He laughed deeply.

Mr. Bo carried the beauty, who was exhausted, horizontally and resumed his image as an obedient little puppy.

The weather only turned sunny the next day. When the sunlight scattered down, everything seemed lively. The European-styled courtyard was beautifully trimmed. There were grass fields and trees as well as white fences surrounding the courtyard. Green plants climbed on one side of the wall. When the sunlight shone through them, scattered shadows were formed.

Qin Mo stretched out his hand to block the sunlight but he still found it glaring. This caused him to lower his eyelids uncontrollably but he didn’t expect to see a fair and soft sleeping face.

The little tiger looked like a little angel when she was sleeping. Her eyelashes were extremely long and each of them was clearly separated. They could touch her face. Her cheeks were chubby.

Her mouth was opened slightly and she was sucking her thumb. She kept moving. She was extremely fidgety. One of her hands was placed on his waist as though she was protecting him.

Qin Mo took a deep breath. Did this little tiger hug him like this because she felt that she was taller than him?

After fixing his expression, he wanted to lift the blanket on their bodies up and get down the bed. However, the moment he moved his finger, he heard the child saying, “Momo.”

She wasn’t awake. She made that call unconsciously. Maybe she dreamt of something. But that cute and soft voice still caused Qin Mo’s heart to soften. This was an emotion he shouldn’t have.

He didn’t wake her up. Instead, he stretched out his hand and placed it on her forehead.

The two of them were already close to each other. In fact, they were so close that he was able to touch her just by raising his hand. Qin Mo had never been so close to any peers before.

He checked her temperature and then turned his face away. He didn’t know how he managed to fall asleep in this position last night. No matter what, he mustn’t let this little tiger know.

Our Young Master Qin was indeed quite pitiful. Before he had known the little tiger, Young Master Qin hadn’t known what an embarrassing past meant. Yet, now, once he thought of the difference in height between them; once he remembered this little tiger carrying him out of the bathtub; once he recalled being mistaken as a girl because of his looks, Qin Mo squinted uncontrollably.

When he got up, he felt a little uncomfortable in his throat. He loosened the collar of his pajamas and planned to wash up.

However, before he could take a step, the voice behind him sounded. The person hadn’t woken up fully so her voice was a little muffled and cute. “Momo, why are you awake? Are you planning to go pee? I want to go too. Let’s go together.”