Chapter 1436 - Untitled

Chapter 1436 Untitled

Together?Qin Mo frowned deeper when he heard this sentence. He turned his head and saw the little tiger getting up. Her legs were bent and she was grabbing her little keyboard with one hand while rubbing her eyes with another. It looked like she wanted to jump down the bed.

Qin Mo didn’t want to breathe in deeply anymore. He just reminded her in a calm tone, “Little Bo Jiu, you are a girl, I’m a boy. Can you tell me how we are going to pee together? Huh?”

That tone meant that he was unhappy. Bo Jiu’s mind immediately got cleared up. Her hands froze for a moment and she smiled. “I forgot about that. Momo, don’t be angry. I know how to whistle. I can stand at the entrance and whistle for you.”

Qin Mo turned his head and gave an indifferent smile. Then he stuffed the lady back into the blanket and threw two words at her. “Stay here.” No kidding. If someone was whistling outside, who was able to pee?

Before, Qin Mo had said that he was able to bear with this little tiger because she listened to his words obediently. This was still true now. When Qin Mo came out after washing up, Bo Jiu was still on the bed.

She was probably very bored so she was somersaulting on the bed. She did one somersault and stood up straight when she noticed that he was done.

Qin Mo didn’t have extra small shoes so he let her wear his even though at first, he hadn’t wanted to care much about her.

Bo Jiu started washing her face attentively after entering the bathroom. Qin Mo grabbed her back and lowered his head. He rolled up her sleeve quickly because he couldn’t stand this person’s idiotic behavior.

On the other hand, Bo Jiu realized that Little Princess Qin’s throat seemed uncomfortable. Could it be that she spread her illness to him?

She was thinking about this so when she washed up, she was distracted. She washed her face haphazardly and ran towards the study table. She remembered the little princess placing the medical kit there last night.

Bo Jiu didn’t recognize any medicine at that time. Furthermore, the words were all in Chinese. There was no way she could understand what the medicines were. However, she recognized the drawings printed on the medicine package. Based on her good memory, she found the box that the little princess had given her yesterday.

Yesterday, her throat had stopped hurting a little after she had taken this medicine. Thus, she took the box out and peeled a pill out.

Qin Mo noticed the little tiger’s actions but he didn’t take much notice. He even felt that this little tiger finally stopped acting stupid. She knew how to find medicine herself.

But, the next second, Qin Mo’s entire body froze. The little tiger made use of her height to raise his chin and stuffed the pill into his mouth.

The pill was slightly sweet and a little bitter. The taste of Chinese herbs spread from the tip of his tongue.

Qin Mo’s widened his eyes. The reason was that after that person gave the pill to him, she touched his head and said, “Be obedient, it’s not bitter.”

Would a man like him be afraid of bitterness? Also, Little Bo Jiu, what was with your posture?

Young Master Qin smiled coldly again. Since the sun had come out, he could throw her out without much worry.

However, before he could open his mouth, the little tiger looked at him with her big eyes and said, “Momo, if you feel uncomfortable anywhere, you can tell me. For instance, if your head is hurting. Yesterday, my head started hurting before I had a fever. It was so frustrating to have a fever. I can’t come out and play with you. However, it’s my fault too. I know that you’re very weak but I still came to find you.”

Very good. She had done it again. His body was too weak!