Chapter 1437 - He Wanted to Raise this Little Tiger

Chapter 1437 He Wanted to Raise this Little Tiger

Qin Mo looked at her. For the first time, he rebutted someone so seriously. “Little Bo Jiu.”“Yes?” Bo Jiu scratched her ears. She wanted to touch his head again but looking at the little princess’s expression, he didn’t like it. Thus, she could only retract her hand.

Qin Mo emphasized in a cold voice, “I’m not weak. Remember this sentence.”

“Yes, you’re not weak. However, I don’t want to see you getting sick,” Bo Jiu said logically. “It’s uncomfortable to be sick. Not only do you have to eat medicine, you can’t go out and play too. You can’t eat meat and can only drink porridge and eat vegetables. It’s too uncomfortable. If you get sick, my heart will hurt.”

Qin Mo’s gaze froze for a moment. He looked at the little face under the morning rays. Maybe the sun was really bright today or maybe that pair of eyes was too clean. That must be why he felt warm in his heart.

No one had been able to notice immediately that he was uncomfortable.

Ever since he had been young, his mother had gotten pampered like a princess by his father. That was why her common sense always came a little slower. She didn’t know how to take care of him either. In his heart, he had never blamed anyone. However, sometimes, he just felt a little lonely.

Especially at night after he had felt uncomfortable for an entire day. Other people would only notice that he was sick the next day. That was how he had gotten used to having no one around him when he was sick.

Even his grandfather, before he had passed away, might not have noticed it immediately. Yet, this little tiger had noticed it. She even gave him a pill instantly. She also told him that if he fell sick, her heart would hurt.

Qin Mo moved a little. Instinctively, he wanted to keep something with his fingers. Her restless paws entered his palm. It was soft and very suitable for putting in his hands.

Besides the fact that she was taller than him, this little tiger was actually quite pleasant to look at. When she didn’t open her mouth, she was very obedient. As for other aspects, he could teach her slowly.

Since she voluntarily came to his side, he had no reasons to reject her, right? Her parents didn’t care about her either. Hence, there was nothing wrong with keeping her entirely to himself.

Although he didn’t have a clear concept of raising a child, it shouldn’t be difficult to raise a little tiger. After all, this person was stupid and even wanted to buy him.

Qin Mo thought about this and made a decision. He shifted his gaze and helped Bo Jiu to roll her sleeves back. His tone was calm as he said, “Do you think that everyone only likes to eat meat like you?”

“I’m not the only one who likes to eat meat. If you walk ten steps forward, the red-haired little William likes to eat meat too. However, he’s afraid of me. Every time his family makes baked turkey, he will give me some. His face is always red,” Bo Jiu spoke sincerely. “The baked turkey is delicious.”

Qin Mo raised his eyebrows. He secretly emphasized the name. “Little William?”

“That’s right. He lives in the neighborhood. We even agreed to eat hamburgers together. I just have to recover first.” Bo Jiu was focused on saying her story so she didn’t notice that Qin Mo’s gaze was different from before.

In the past, he had created a specific environment for himself. He thought that he was the only one who would look for her. From the looks of it now, that was not the case. Also, William could only be a boy’s name. The boy always gave food to a lady and he would blush all the time. Unless…