Chapter 1438 - Qin Mo Started Raising a Child

Chapter 1438 Qin Mo Started Raising a Child

Qin Mo narrowed his eyes. He was cold and noble like a prince. “When did you plan to eat with him?”“The day after tomorrow.” Bo Jiu didn’t keep anything from her little princess.

Qin Mo could see the desire to go out and eat hamburgers in her eyes. After tidying her sleeves, he said in a casual tone, “You will probably recover two days later. You can go and eat hamburgers.”

Bo Jiu was elated when she heard this sentence. Her tiger eyes shone brightly. “Momo, do you want to come with me?”

Her father had said that if she wanted to raise the other party, she needed to show some sincerity. She needed to use her emotions to communicate with him. Bo Jiu thought for a moment and came to the conclusion that besides sleeping, going out to eat meat was the best way to get other people to like her.

She didn’t know that Qin Mo was waiting for this sentence. He lifted the corners of his lips and replied, “Okay.”

Did he agree? Bo Jiu blinked. She was in disbelief.Last night, Momo had shown dislike towards her and wanted to throw her out of the window. Why did he act differently today? As expected, her father was right; sleeping together helped improve relationships.

Bo Jiu felt happy for some time. When she regained her senses, she realized that Little Princess Qin was wiping her hands. She seemed to have become cleaner when she stayed beside him. This was probably what her father had meant when he had said that you would get affected by the people around you.

The young Bo Jiu had a powerful understanding ability. This was why Qin Mo would always feel his head hurting when he corrected her understanding of Chinese.

The young golden-haired butler was already prepared to send Miss Jiu back to her house the moment he woke up. After all, he had overheard his young master saying in a restrained voice, “Little Bo Jiu”.

What he never expected was that his young master didn’t ask him to send Miss Jiu home. Instead, he even peeled an egg naturally for Miss Jiu, who was sitting opposite him when breakfast was sent up.

The most unacceptable thing, however, was that he even blew the bowl of porridge beside him and pushed it to Miss Jiu.

Wait a minute! The golden-haired butler started recalling the information he read of Chinese culture on the internet. The protagonists in the novels never did this before.Little young master didn’t look like he was taking care of his peers. He seemed to be raising a child.

No, that wasn’t right, because he was even more thoughtful. In their country, there was a rule when raising children. They wanted to groom the independent ability of their child. Things like peeling eggs and blowing a bowl of porridge to make it cold would never happen in their country!

He didn’t manage to control his abundance of expressions and accidentally revealed them. Thus, his young master, who was eating the soup dumplings, glanced at him.

The golden-haired butler shuddered and immediately stood up straight while holding the tray. He stood in a proper position.

Qin Mo retracted his gaze and lowered his head to take a bite of the soup dumpling on his bamboo chopsticks.

Bo Jiu hadn’t eaten such a sumptuous breakfast in a long time. But it was a little embarrassing since she preferred eating with a spoon. There weren’t many chances for her to use chopsticks. Hence, when she wanted to take a piece of soup dumpling with her chopsticks, her actions seemed a little clumsy.

The moment she picked it up, it dropped. She picked it up again. It dropped again. The third time, Little Tiger Bo poked the dumpling with the chopsticks and picked it up. Then she opened her mouth wide and put the entire thing in her mouth.

Her little face puffed up from the food. The fragrance of meat spread through her entire mouth. There were green beans added in the filling so she didn’t find it too greasy even though she was sick. Instead, it was so delicious she felt like eating another piece…