Chapter 1439 - His Little Tiger

Chapter 1439 His Little Tiger

Little Tiger Bo felt so blissful it seemed as though she could fly. She was just about to reach out for another one when Little Princess Qin stopped her.“That’s not how you use chopsticks,” he spoke in a calm voice. Qin Mo stretched out his hand, held hers, and began to teach her how to hold it.

Bo Jiu tilted her head over. She looked at his hands, adjusted her chopsticks lower and held it. Her hands were still small, which made picking food very slow.

She turned towards the little princess. His beautiful hands held onto the chopsticks and picked the food up accurately. It didn’t seem to be the chopstick’s fault. Bo Jiu grabbed a wad of hair, feeling frustrated. “I’m too dumb.”

Even though Qin Mo kept calling the little tiger dumb, that didn’t mean he allowed the little tiger he intended to raise to feel inferior. Moreover, it was reasonable for the little tiger to be bad at using chopsticks since she was accustomed to living abroad.

He had never raised children before but he knew that little children had pride. With that in mind, he lifted his head towards the butler. “Try using the chopsticks.”

The young butler was slightly confused when he heard the request because he didn’t know what his young master wanted. But as an acceptable butler, he would accomplish any task assigned by his master.

Even though he was a foreigner and had never used chopsticks before, he had read about it in novels many times. He had always admired the Chinese for being able to turn two wooden sticks into a utensil. Some of the more experienced users could even use it to kill.

The young butler believed that as long as he learned slowly, there would be a day he could accomplish it as well. Hence, when he heard Qin Mo’s instructions, the young butler was very willing to give it a try. He respectfully picked up the pair of chopsticks on the table and went straight for the piping hot dumplings.

The first time, he couldn’t pick it up. The second time, it slipped. The third time, he tried to recall what the Young Master had said when he was teaching Young Miss Jiu. Once the strength exerted wasn’t right, one of the chopsticks would definitely fall off.

He was utterly confused. Was it that difficult? Thousands of emotions flashed past the young butler’s face.

Beside him, Qin Mo spoke to Bo Jiu calmly, “You saw that. Even adults might not know how to hold the chopsticks, it’s normal that you are bad at it. At least you are able to pick things up.”

“Mmh!” Bo Jiu was instantly chirpier, wagging her little tiger tail behind her as she nodded her head.

Qin Mo thought for a moment and moved a dumpling he had picked up towards the little tiger’s mouth. Since she was already his, he was responsible for feeding her. He wasn’t used to it but he could take it slow.

Fortunately, the little tiger was smarter than others; she would definitely master the art of using chopsticks very quickly.

The young butler at the side, who hadn’t finished training his chopstick skills, could feel the deep hatred from this world and it was all because of the chopsticks, the utensil test against them foreigners!

But Young Master, don’t you think you are way too good to Young Miss Jiu?! Do you intend to raise her for Mr. Bo?

CEO An would be shocked if he knew about this. The young butler had a whole stomach full of information to tell his boss. As he was in charge of young master’s day to day necessities, CEO An had said to call him if there was even the slightest change in young master. For something like helping someone raising their child, that should be considered a grand affair!