Chapter 144 - Almighty’s Words Are Like Slaps to the Face

Chapter 144: Almighty’s Words Are Like Slaps to the Face

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In front of his own computer, Qin Mo was looking at the friend request on the screen. His eyes were still indifferent as he picked up the glass of water next to him and took a sip of mineral water. He didn’t reply instantly.

Fu Jiu didn’t know that Fu Ximing was interested in her account. She was still operating with this god’s account, checking on the bonus equipment drop that popped out from the gigantic boss monster’s explosion. She had a handsome smile on her face and said, “Brother Mo, we are pretty lucky.”

Qin Mo harrumphed without a care, freed one of his hands, and replied.

He didn’t refuse. On the contrary, he named a specific price to Fu Ximing.

But Fu Ximing’s face turned green after he saw the price that was offered. He slammed the keyboard heavily, “Ten million?! Spade Z! You are such a lion with a big mouth!”

Qin Mo still held his composure as he sat like the king in the business world he had always been. His tone was indifferent. “You can’t even afford ten million, so why do you still have a company? What do you have to bargain with?”

The other party’s attitude was too normal and plain, making ten million seem like nothing to him, and that made Fu Ximing turn red with rage after seeing the message!

He wasn’t sure why, but at that moment Fu Ximing suddenly remembered what had happened at the tennis court earlier today.

That hugely embarrassing incident flooded back vividly into Fu Ximing’s heart.

He thought that he could easily settle this with a few hundred thousand, because Spade Z loved money.

But to his utter surprise… Fu Ximing’s eyes dimmed, and he even typed with evil intent, “You should really check yourself out in the mirror. You are so poor in games and don’t even have any decent equipment, let alone in real life. Spade Z, I’m not laying down certain things on the table just to leave you some face, but since you are not cooperating, I will see you at the contest. I hope you can still be this arrogant at that time.”

After he had finished, Fu Ximing logged out, and he called his mother right after, “Mum, I was unable to settle it. That Spade Z is a pretentious dumb*ss! And he acted so rich in front of me, asking for ten million! Mum, his account is new; even if he has good records in the game, nobody knows how he really operates. Why do you have to buy it for me to use?”

“Ximing.” The voice on the other end was lowered, only continuing when she had moved away from the noisy background music, “Spade Z’s account has attracted all the attention from the media and the press—do you even know what that means? It means that once the contest starts, this Spade Z will be the headline for every major electronic gaming report. He will be a hit for sure! I don’t know which master is helping that He Honghua from behind, making her smart enough to play such a trick. Right now, nobody knows who is behind that Spade Z’s account. Mum thought about it for a long time, and the best way is to get this account and give it to you, so you can compete as Spade Z. With this popular account, someone like you, who has the title of a genius teenager, will absolutely become a god!”

Fu Ximing finally understood his mother’s plan, but he sounded a bit anxious, “What should I do now? That pretentious dumb*ss has already rejected me.”

The other end fell silent for three seconds before speaking up again, “Since he doesn’t want to cooperate even with the money you offered to him, then let’s spend some money to steal it. Don’t worry, your mother’s specialty lies in dealing with such people who ask for punishment instead of rewards…”