Chapter 1440 - Untitled

Chapter 1440 Untitled

Before the golden-haired butler could make this call to send the news secretly, he was called into the study by his young master, who had finished breakfast.Their young master really seemed like a character from a cultivation martial arts novel. After all, which little child would be interested in poetry, music, and the arts since young? But their young master was one of them! He had an individual study room where he placed calligraphy brushes, ink sticks, calligraphy papers, and inkstones. These things were normally only used by ancient Chinese people.

The golden-haired butler had a strong thought. He did the right thing by coming to the An family. His book friends would never understand what it felt like to meet a master in real life! But his young master was definitely one of those legendary martial arts masters.

However, at this moment, the golden-haired butler didn’t understand why his young master was looking for him at this time of the day.

He thought for a moment. The only thing he could think of was his young master warning him to not speak the things he wasn’t supposed to say. Don’t ask him why he knew this! That was what those online novels always wrote!

But this wasn’t what Qin Mo opened his mouth and said. Instead, he asked the butler, “Do you have any experience in raising a child?”

The golden-hair butler: …

Qin Mo raised his eyebrows. “Mmh?”

Mmh? The golden-haired butler straightened his posture and treated his young master properly as he said, “Here, there’s one thing we take special notice of when we raise a child. We take care to groom the child’s independence.”

After he had finished speaking, he observed his young master’s expression. As he seemed quite satisfied, the golden-haired butler continued, “For instance, it’s better for a child to eat by themselves.”

Qin Mo raised his eyelids when he heard this. “Sorry for being impolite. How old are you this year?”

“Young Master, I’m 24 years old,” the butler replied in English.

Qin Mo put down the paper in his hand. “You’re probably not married. I’ve read western books. It looks like you don’t have any experience in educating a child.”

So? The butler didn’t understand what his young master meant.

Qin Mo muttered to himself, “We should feed them. Little tiger is still young.” He seemed to be making some plans.

The butler: … Young Master, since you’ve already made a decision, why did you still ask for my opinion? Also, what did you mean with the little tiger is still young? You’re the same age as her!

“In the future, change my breakfast to milk.” There were no expressions on his small face when Qin Mo was saying this sentence.

The golden-haired butler was confused. “Young Master, you don’t like to drink milk, right?”

Director An specially reminded the chef about this. Their young master preferred Chinese cuisine. He didn’t like milk as it had a strong unpleasant smell and foam. Thus, he rarely drank it. Why did he suddenly change his breakfast?

Qin Mo’s fingers froze in mid-air when he heard the question. What other reasons could there be? It was only for this little fellow.

“Young Master?” The golden-haired butler glanced sideways and asked again.

Qin Mo’s was indifferent. “From today onwards, I like it.”

The butler was speechless. He felt that his young master was really unpredictable.

At this moment, a cute voice suddenly came from beside his ear. “Momo!”

The young golden-haired butler turned his head. As expected, it was Miss Jiu.

Qin Mo saw the little tiger walking towards him holding a cup of hot water with her paws. He looked up and gave the butler a certain gaze.

The golden-hair butler did something very well. Whenever he met the eyes of his young master, he would shift his gaze away. His understanding ability was extremely powerful.

He couldn’t stand it anymore. He had many things he wanted to tell Director An – but he needed to calm down and summarize everything first.

In the study room, Bo Jiu still didn’t know what happened. She waved her little tail and watched as her little princess finished the cup of water she had brought over.

She felt a huge sense of satisfaction. Yesterday, Momo hadn’t drunk the things she had brought to him. Today, he wasn’t resisting her anymore. This was a good thing.

She believed that soon, her little princess would agree to sell him to her. Bo Jiu was elated.

Qin Mo’s throat felt a lot better after he finished the cup of hot water. He looked at the little tiger, who was wagging her tail in front of him.

He rejected the suggestion that the young butler gave. The little tiger knew how to take care of him thoroughly. There was no need to groom her independence skill.

However, one thing didn’t go as Qin Mo expected: The little tiger suggested going home after she saw Qin Mo finishing the medicine. She wagged her tiger tail as she said, “Mom is back. My dad must be pestering her now. I need to go and act cute. If not, mom will worry.”

Qin Mo knew that little tiger was right. However, he had planned to teach her writing. If she went back, he would have to stay in the study room alone. Qin Mo told himself that it was alright. It would be quieter too.

After her little princess acknowledged her, Bo Jiu stood beside the study table and picked up the pen on it. When she looked at his side profile again, his face was hidden among the shadows. He looked like he needed someone to hug him.

Bo Jiu didn’t manage to resist her thought. She used a little more force so she managed to hug Qin Mo but the calligraphy brush dropped because of her actions. The end of the brush successfully brushed against Qin Mo’s face.

There was a second of awkwardness. Then Bo Jiu started realizing that she was too rough. She lifted her paws and wanted to scratch her ears. The little princess would probably shout her name again.

Unexpectedly, the person just glanced at her. Then he took a piece of tissue paper and wiped his dirty face. However, this made Little Bo Jiu feel even more anxious and guilty.

Qin Mo knew one thing clearly. He needed to treat the person he was raising differently. Towards the person he was raising, he should have more patience and teach her slowly. “Don’t rush over suddenly like this in the future.”

Bo Jiu nodded. Then she said, “Momo, can you stop practicing writing for a moment?”

“Why?” After Qin Mo wiped his face, he gave off the aura of a little prince.

Bo Jiu grabbed his hand. “I want to bring you to meet my parents. Yesterday, you took care of me for an entire night. I need to tell my dad about it.” This was a historic progress. She needed to learn the next step from her father.

Qin Mo paused for a moment when he heard her sentence. He knew that she would be visiting his house more often in the future. Based on etiquette, he should greet Uncle Bo and his wife.

If Grandpa An knew about this, he would definitely laugh. After all, his grandson never visited anyone voluntarily. Yet, he got enticed by a few sentences from the little tiger. This was a miracle.

However, today, Qin Mo didn’t want to stay in the study room alone. In the past, he had never felt that something was wrong.

It was probably because there was a little tiger beside him now that this time, it was different. Suddenly, if she was gone, he felt that the study room was a little empty.

He found a reason to convince himself before Young Master Qin tidied his things, picked up a down-filled coat with a fluffy collar and wrapped it around the little tiger.

At this time, Bo Jiu was able to wear Qin Mo’s clothes effortlessly. Her little face seemed even more beautiful because of his coat.

The two of them were wearing coats from the same brand. Young Master Qin had always had a good taste for clothes. He had probably gotten influenced by Movie Queen An.

When the two small little children wore the same series of down-filled coats and stepped on the white snow, they looked like jade carvings.

Bo Jiu was elated since her little princess allowed her to hold his hand. There was just one thing that was strange. For some reason, whenever the little princess saw her shoulder, his gaze would change.

As for this point, the golden-haired butler, who was standing at the door and sending the two children off, coincidentally realized the secret as to why his young master wanted to change his breakfast to milk. His young master must be extremely concerned about his height! Looking at them now, his young master was indeed shorter than Miss Jiu.

The golden-haired butler called his boss after he captured this piece of news.

Grandpa An smiled until a few more wrinkles appeared at the edge of his eyes. His grandson had such a moment too. Because of his height, he started drinking milk?

As he smiled, Grandpa An felt fortunate once again that he had brought his grandson here. No, the most important thing was that he had met the little tiger from the Bo family.

Meanwhile, this was the first time Little Bo Jiu brought someone home. After all, her father had many secrets that other people couldn’t see.

Although she was the small boss of this area, many people didn’t understand why she liked her little keyboard. Since those people didn’t understand her, naturally, Bo Jiu wouldn’t bring them home.

Momo, however, was different. He knew that the little keyboard was very important to her. He even helped her to wipe it and asked her to hug it again. Either way, Little Tiger Bo felt that her little princess was good however she looked at it.

Mr. Bo never expected his Young Master Jiu to bring Young Master Qin over for lunch. He was supposed to be someone who relied on women. When he saw Qin Mo, he raised his eyebrows lazily.

Qin Mo was a smart person. He remembered the adult he saw in his house and looked at the adult who was wearing a hairband on his head and was dressed like a student.

He calmly greeted, “Uncle Bo.”

Mr. Bo smiled. “Good.” This little fellow Qin was really interesting. But no matter how interesting he was, he would still fall in the hands of his Lord Jiu.

He knew his daughter too clearly. When she wanted something, the enthusiasm she expressed was enough to melt many people. She had inherited this characteristic from him.

Mr. Bo casually asked Qin Mo to sit down.

Mrs. Bo was dressed in professional clothing and had a pair of black high heels on her feet. She looked as though she was going out but when she saw her daughter, the coldness in her gaze melted and she bent down to carry her daughter. “Was Jiu obedient today?”

“Yes,” Bo Jiu swore with an obedient face. “I wasn’t naughty.”

Mrs. Bo laughed softly and pinched her nose. When she saw Qin Mo, who was standing on another side, astonishment flashed passed her gaze. Mind you, her Jiu had never brought any of her friends back. This was the first person. He also had Chinese blood running in him.

Mrs. Bo was a businesswoman. She had seen many different kinds of people but no child had been as outstanding as the young boy in front of her.

She remembered an ancient poem she had learned before she had gone overseas. A beautiful young man stands gracefully.

Even at a young age, his elegance was outstanding. Where did her Jiu meet such a companion?

Bo Jiu noticed her mother’s gaze so she twirled her pupils and jumped out of her mother’s arm. She ran in front of Qin Mo and held his hand. “Mom, this is Momo. Yesterday, he took care of me for an entire night. He even fed me medicine.”

Mrs. Bo knew that her Jiu rarely complimented people. The father and daughter always treated everyone casually and rarely laid their eyes on anyone. Now, in her daughter’s eyes, it wasn’t just simply about this boy taking care of her.

Mrs. Bo wanted to say something but he saw the young boy doing an action. It was a small action because he just raised his hand so that her Jiu was able to hold onto his sleeve.

Her Jiu had always been smart. Her memory was different from other children too.

Mrs. Bo wasn’t home normally so sometimes, she wondered if this memory was caused by subtle influences. This was both a good and bad thing for a child. Having a high intelligence might mean that she wouldn’t be able to find friends in her childhood.

Mrs. Bo was always worried that there was no one taking care of her Jiu. From the looks of it now, she didn’t have to worry. There was someone among her peers who was able to understand her.

It wasn’t just pure understanding. He even did the job of a mom.

“Thank you, Little Prince Mo, for taking care of our Jiu.” Mrs. Bo bent down and touched Qin Mo’s head lightly. “You haven’t eaten lunch yet, right? I will make some for you and Jiu.”

Qin Mo didn’t say anything.

Mr. Bo opened his mouth and said, “Didn’t you say that you have a meeting to rush to? You were fooling me.”

Mrs. Bo looked at him.

The children were still here. He would need to wait. Thus, Mr. Bo placed his hand behind his back. “Looks like I’m losing favor.”

Just from a simple conversation, Qin Mo knew what the situation in this family was. It was completely different from his.

His mother was taken care of thoroughly by his father. It didn’t feel as though they were in the military unit at all but his father’s dignity was still present at home. His father was able to grasp his mother entirely too.

On the other hand, when Uncle Bo depended on his woman, he was extremely shameless. You could say that Aunt Bo was in charge of coaxing two children. One was the little tiger and the other was Uncle Bo.

Qin Mo felt that he might be able to help Aunt Bo with handling one of them. Before they started eating, he naturally pulled the little tiger to one side so that Uncle Bo had more time with his woman.

This was why Mr. Bo had a good impression of this child. “Not bad, he’s quite sensitive.” This was what Mr. Bo thought as he spent more time with his wife.

Moreover, he used actions to tell his boss at home that she didn’t need to take care of the two children at all. The person she needed to care about was him.

That was indeed the case. Little Tiger Bo’s attention was not on her mom already. Instead, she really wanted to introduce her things to her little princess. This wasn’t what her father told her to do but it was because she wanted to get closer to her little princess.

When Qin Mo entered Bo Jiu’s room with the little tiger, he noticed that this room was different from other children’s rooms. It wasn’t because of the renovation though. How could a child’s room have three computers?

Each set was even the newest model. Not to mention the books on coding that were spread on the floor. They were all very simple. But as Qin Mo’s English was always up to standard, when he looked at the title, he knew what kind of books they were. His idea was abstract but he understood that this little tiger in front of him wasn’t a normal little tiger.