Chapter 1441 - The Little Princess Cares

Chapter 1441 The Little Princess Cares

“Momo, have a seat.”After she said this sentence, Little Tiger Bo scanned her room. In the past, she hadn’t thought of it as messy but now, when she looked at it again, compared to the little princess’s room, her room was indescribable.

Thus, the little tiger wagged her tail and tried to explain. “Normally, I will clean up my room but I was sick yesterday so I couldn’t clean up. My room became messy because of that. Why don’t you sit on my lap?” She patted her legs after she finished speaking.

Qin Mo, however, ignored her. He walked over slowly and pinched a bag of potato chips. His expression was elegant and cold. “This isn’t from yesterday.”

Little Tiger Bo, who got exposed, started changing the topic. “Momo, let me introduce my pets. This is Little Silver No. 1. This is Little Silver No. 2…”

They were all computers. Qin Mo glanced at them. He understood that children need coaxing so he was extremely casual in his compliments. “The names are not bad.”

If computers could speak, they would definitely jump up and ask this little prince what was good about these names. It was obvious that she didn’t put much thought when thinking of them. On the other hand, Little Tiger Bo was very happy that her taste received approval.

“I haven’t completed my mission today. Momo, wait at the side. I will complete it soon.”

Ever since young, Bo Jiu had rarely trusted anyone. This was probably like what Mrs. Bo said – that this child takes after her father. She seemed casual but in actual fact, it was hard to get close to her.

However, in front of Qin Mo, Bo Jiu let go completely. She didn’t know why either. Maybe it was because she had met someone who had completely different living habits. Or maybe, it was because no matter what she said and what he saw, Princess Qin would still roll up her sleeve for her, like what he was doing now. Bo Jiu felt that she was really lucky to have met this little princess.

She needed to be sincere when treating her pet. Her father had said that she could disguise herself but when she met someone she really liked, she needed to listen to his words, and use her sincerity in exchange for his heart. She needed to give in to the other party too.

Little Bo Jiu felt that she was a domineering big boss. Hence, she would display this using her actions. She would dote on her little princess with all her effort. Now, she would let her little princess know that she was occasionally busy and couldn’t accompany him all the time. That way, her little princess would be sensible and wouldn’t feel disappointed in the future.

Little Tiger Bo felt that she was extremely clever when she thought about this. She moved her tail and smiled.

Qin Mo watched her as she lowered her small back and connected the keyboard. She typed on the keyboard with her tiger paws. They were fair and smooth and a little small. However, her speed was fast. She was typing a series of codes that no one understood.

This scene would only appear in mangas normally. After all, the person typing on the keyboard was too young.

Before he had met this little tiger, Qin Mo had felt that his intelligence was rare among his peers. Now, when he saw this little tiger typing on the keyboard, the word ‘genius’ floated into his mind naturally.

The little tiger he wanted to raise was a genius. That meant that he needed to be extra careful about her diet. As expected of Young Master Qin. When he saw this scene, all he thought of was how to raise this person well.

Bo Jiu was very fast this time. After all, her little princess was still waiting at the side. She must show off her charisma as a boyfriend when she was completing her mission seriously!

The little tiger focused on coding so she didn’t notice that Qin Mo was looking at her as though she was a small pet. She was too engrossed in decoding. Hence, when the little tiger regained her senses, she realized that half an hour had already passed.

Oh no, she had forgotten that her little princess was waiting at the side. Would her little princess feel that she was ignoring him?

Little Bo Jiu sat up straight immediately when she thought about this. However, after she turned her head, her round tiger eyes turned wide because her room seemed to have become tidier in an instant.

Then she looked at Qin Mo, who was organizing her coding books at one side. Immediately, a pleasant surprise was all that was left on Little Bo Jiu’s face. She didn’t manage to control herself and pounced forcefully onto this elegant and cold young man.

Not only did she pounce on him, she even rubbed against him with her little tiger face. “Momo, why are you so virtuous? Can I marry you in the future?”

Qin Mo didn’t like to be pounced on because when she did this, he was able to feel the difference in their heights stronger. Yet, that little tiger didn’t know when to stop. Also, what did she mean by marrying him in the future?

“Little Bo Jiu, virtuous is used to describe a lady.” When Qin Mo said this, he was gritting his teeth.

Little Bo Jiu didn’t notice his emotions at all. She looked up with bright eyes and raised her tiger ears. “But you’re so capable. Isn’t that virtuous?” After she finished speaking, she lowered her gaze and stuck her lips out naturally. “Let me give you a kiss as a compliment.”

In that instant, Qin Mo’s fingers froze. Even the words he wanted to say were blocked by the little kiss.

The part that he got kissed felt hot. Her face was soft so it felt like a feather gently sweeping the bottom of his heart. It was itchy and had the milky smell of candy. It was hard for someone to ignore this feeling.

Qin Mo immediately pushed the little tiger on his body away and turned his head.

Bo Jiu wasn’t upset when she got pushed. She patted her little tiger pajamas and smiled as she looked at the boy, whose ears were gradually turning red.

This was one thing bad about her little princess. He would get embarrassed easily. Compared to him, she was like a little gangster. However, she could still understand what her little princess was thinking. He must be thinking that since he was able to get a kiss for performing well, he would perform better in the future.

Fortunately, Young Master Qin wasn’t skilled in psychology yet because if he had known what this little tiger was thinking, he would have needed to take a deep breath again.

Bo Jiu felt happy for a moment before she opened her mouth and spoke again. “Momo, even if you’re not virtuous, I will still kiss you.”

Qin Mo only replied to her with one word, “Hmph.”

He was like a cold and indifferent little prince. Bo Jiu understood it as he was being arrogant. But that wouldn’t affect her future performance!

On the other hand, Qin Mo squinted as he looked at the little tiger in front of him. He realized that someone didn’t know how to keep her distance at all. She also liked to kiss whoever she liked. That wasn’t a good thing. After all, there was still the little red-haired boy called William.

Thinking about this, Qin Mo turned his head and used his fingers to pinch the girl’s tiger ears. He noticed that his actions weren’t smooth when he was doing it.

When they were standing together, he was still a little shorter than her. This caused his tone to turn a little colder when he opened his mouth and said, “Don’t kiss people when you see them in the future. There’s no need to use this method to show your love.”

Bo Jiu tilted her head. “Don’t use this method? What should I do then? Normally, we kiss the hand as a form of greeting.”

“Kissing the hand is what a man will do to a lady. Also, we don’t kiss people’s hands back in China.” Was she planning to kiss everyone she saw?

Little Tiger Bo Jiu blinked. “But we’re not in China. Don’t we need to have basic manners?”

“Do you go to banquets normally?” Qin Mo interrupted the little tiger’s sentence.

Bo Jiu shook her head. “No.”

“Do you go for social activities like the ones I went to with my grandpa?” Qin Mo asked again.

Bo Jiu continued shaking her head.

“Then why do you need to kiss other people’s hands?” Qin Mo added another sentence, “If you kiss other people’s hand during normal times, other people will find you glib and oily.”

Fine, Bo Jiu didn’t want other people to think that she was a glib and oily old uncle. She was so cute.

“I will not kiss them then,” the little tiger answered obediently but there was still naughtiness on her face.

Qin Mo was used to it. His expression was as indifferent as always. He didn’t say anything. You couldn’t raise a child in a day, much less a little tiger. Some habits need to be altered slowly.

Little Tiger Bo suddenly thought of something. She pulled her little princess’s hand and tapped on one of the computers. She moved one of her small hands, seemingly changing some codes.

Qin Mo was an intelligent person but he lacked a little in coding. He didn’t understand what the little tiger was doing. He only saw his name flashing on the screen for a moment.

Then the little tiger wagged her tail a few times and said, “Momo, use the mouse to play this game. It’s very fun. It will take you less than a minute.”

Qin Mo didn’t understand the codes but he knew that this must be a simple game the little tiger had created. “Is this the mission you were talking about?”

Bo Jiu nodded. “My dad gave me this mission. He said that if I don’t complete it, I will have to eat the instant noodles he made. I would rather die than eat the noodles he cooks.”

You could tell how bad Mr. Bo’s cooking skill was.

Qin Mo wasn’t someone who liked to comment on elders. But Little Tiger Bo was and she had finally found someone she could complain about.

Little Tiger Bo counted with her fingers as she started ranting about her father’s flaws. “He plays scissors-paper-stone with me. In order to gain more love from my mom, he will tell my mom that the noodles I made were made by him instead. That’s because the noodles he makes are inedible. In the past, he added some squid in his noodles. The squid tasted horrible. It wasn’t cooked. He said that we need to treasure our food so he fed the bowl of noodles to the cat. In the end, the cat didn’t want to eat his food either. Yet, he still likes to show off his cooking skills.”

The little tiger swayed her tail again. She said to her little princess in a serious tone, “Momo, if my dad gives you food later and said that he helped my mom to cook, don’t eat it. It’s poisonous.”

“Okay,” Qin Mo replied casually. In his heart, he was wondering what the little tiger ate on a daily basis if that was the case. But he was prepared to answer this question. After all, he still remembered clearly how Uncle Bo and she had come to his house specially to find food.

Little Tiger Bo didn’t know that her plan to act obedient that day had been exposed already. She touched the screen with her little finger and told Qin Mo, “Momo, you can move the mouse now.”

Qin Mo didn’t have much liking for computer games. However, he was still a man. Thus, he found the game quite interesting.

He clicked on the button with his right hand. The little zombie on the screen jumped once. A simple coding meant that the operations were simple too. There were no difficulties at all.

At first, he thought that he just needed to jump out of the small wooden coffin and get the blood fruit. To Qin Mo, this was extremely simple.

What he didn’t expect was that when the little zombie he was controlling got the blood fruit, a sentence popped out on the screen suddenly. “Congratulations to my Little Prince Momo. You have successfully completed this mission. I will give myself to you! Muacks!”

Then the star effect spread across the screen. Every single star had the word ‘Momo’ written on it. Qin Mo’s fingers paused for a moment. The reflection from the stars could be seen in his pupils. He had to admit that the little tiger was good at making people happy. But…

“You have already finished writing the program for the game. Just now, you just changed it to my name, right?”

Bo Jiu widened her eyes. “Momo, you’re smart.”

Qin Mo didn’t say anything. If this program was already written, what was the name that had been written before his?

Bo Jiu hadn’t noticed that the little princess beside her was an extremely possessive person. She was still attempting to gain compliments from him. “Aren’t I amazing?”

Qin Mo retracted his gaze and replied indifferently. “Mmh.”

Mmh? That was all? Little Tiger Bo thought that the little princess would agree to be her pet after he finished playing the game.

She had called her dad to talk about this before and her dad had said that this was a tactic. Why wasn’t this tactic useful when she used it?

This was the first time she let someone play the game she created. She felt no sense of achievement at all.

In the past, she had given the game to herself so the name she had written was her own name. She had never changed the name before. Also, the game she created was quite fun.

At the start, she had seen the corners of the little princess’s lips lifting up. But his smile didn’t last for long. It disappeared gradually and he became indifferent.

It seemed like she couldn’t listen to her dad for some things. Her dad’s methods were too bold. This wasn’t good. It didn’t go well with her reserved image. She needed to rely on herself and let her little princess accept her as soon as possible. Little Bo Jiu evaluated her position once again.

She didn’t know that her Little Princess Qin only had one thought in his mind. Two days later, he needed to meet the Mr. William his little tiger had talked about properly. After all, he didn’t like a person who enjoyed the benefits he should be enjoying before him.

In summary, this was a perfect misunderstanding.

On the other side, the little William sneezed twice when he jumped down from the school bus. He turned his head and looked behind him. For some reason, he felt a chill on the back of his neck. It must be his illusion.

Little William rubbed his nose. He had golden hair and blue eyes. He was a foreigner to begin with so he looked a little wild.

Anyways, tomorrow, he would be able to eat hamburgers with Jiu. This time, he must ask his dad for some money. If not, there wouldn’t be enough food.

He had heard that a Chinese child moved in recently as the news had spread in their school. Everyone said that he looked very handsome like a little prince. He wasn’t boasting. With him around, who dared to claim that he was a little prince? Hmph!