Chapter 1442 - The Little Princess Met his False Love Rival

Chapter 1442 The Little Princess Met his False Love Rival

At this moment, little William hadn’t realized how naive his thought was.They waited for the second day to arrive. Little Tiger Bo always liked to eat hamburgers. In addition, she rarely left her house. But this time, she was going out with her little princess. How could she not be excited?

Before the sun rose, she went to climb over Qin Mo’s wall. Unfortunately, after she got discovered, Little Princess Qin didn’t speak to her for an hour. Bo Jiu touched her nose bridge and walked around him twice.

In the end, Qin Mo only spoke when he heard someone’s stomach growling. He frowned and said, “Come here.”

Bo Jiu was standing at the side of the bed. When she heard her little princess’s words, she inched over.

Qin Mo took off her hat for her and then asked her, “Do you know your mistake?”

Bo Jiu blinked with her tiger eyes. “Yes.”

Looking at her naughty expression, she didn’t know it. Qin Mo decided that he should place more pots of plants outside. He wanted to see if she would still do such a dangerous thing after he placed the pots of plants.

Little Tiger Bo was still immersed in the excitement of going out to eat hamburgers so she couldn’t see through Little Princess Qin’s thoughts at all. She became happy after a while though because Little Princess Qin took out a piece of pastry from somewhere and placed it in her mouth.

“This is delicious!” The outside was flaky but the inside of the pastry was soft. It was slightly sweet too. It didn’t taste like those pastries she had eaten in the past. This pastry must have been made in China.

Little Tiger Bo had always been interested in the things in China ever since young. She glanced over with her big round eyes and wanted to eat the second piece. However, she was very reserved.

Qin Mo understood what the little tiger was thinking so he smiled as he looked at the person’s obedient expression. He took another piece and placed it in her mouth. His voice was distant as he said, “Remember to eat your breakfast in the future.”

Little Tiger Bo nodded in a perfunctory manner. Her attention was all on the delicious food. “Momo, what is this pastry called?”

Qin Mo paused for a moment. It was obvious that he didn’t want to say the name. He looked at Little Tiger Bo. She had eaten three pastries and showed no signs of stopping. Qin Mo wiped his hand and said two words, “Wife cake.”

Wife cake? What did wife mean? At this age, Bo Jiu’s vocabulary was still very limited.Most importantly, Mr. Bo never called Mrs. Bo ‘wife’ at home. He always called her Mrs. Bo.Hence, Little Tiger Bo never came into contact with this word before.

However, Little Tiger Bo didn’t want the little princess she brought back to think that she wasn’t educated. Thus, she tried her best to appear nonchalant. In her heart, however, she felt that she must ask her father what wife meant after she went back.

Actually, the name wasn’t the main reason why Qin Mo didn’t want to answer Bo Jiu. It was the story behind the pastry. You had to admit that this was because he was Qin Mo. Other people at his age might not know the story behind the wife cake but he knew due to his family education.

The late Old Master Qin had been a general who had founded the country. When he had educated Qin Mo, many things had been instilled into his mind naturally. One of them was that every single object had a story behind it.

This wasn’t something all generals could do but their country had thousands of years of history. Old Master Qin had placed high importance on many things in the past. As time went by, Qin Mo had read many books.

When Old Master Qin had still been around, he would ask Qin Mo to go out and play when he saw the small Qin Mo sitting behind the study table and looking at books. At that time, Qin Mo had still been wearing a small camouflage uniform. It was different from what he was wearing here.

He had given off the image of a small adult. He had told Old Master Qin that he liked to read books after he finished his training. Many people had exclaimed that the child of the Qin family was to be used as a guide.

That was indeed the case. There was one sentence that the young butler was right about; their young master had the aura of a young master from an ancient noble family. He seemed to be from the imperial family.

That was right. In the modern world, there were many outstanding children. But aura couldn’t be groomed purely with money, especially this kind of ancient and noble aura. It came from his character, his upbringing, and everything he had absorbed. This was the kind of existence Qin Mo was.

When he looked at the little tiger beside him finishing the wife cakes, a series of stories appeared in his mind. Fortunately, the little tiger didn’t know what it meant when a man gave a woman wife cakes to eat. Otherwise, he didn’t know what she would do.

Even if he wanted to raise her like his child, as the Young Master Qin with an indifferent personality, he wasn’t used to being close with anybody. After all, he just wanted to raise the little tiger. He didn’t want to marry her.

Bo Jiu didn’t know what the little princess was thinking. The wife cake was too delicious. In addition, her little princess gave her some red tea too. Without her knowing, she had already eaten six pieces.

When she still wanted to eat more, Qin Mo frowned and placed the tray on the other side. Eating too much sweets wasn’t good for her teeth. This idiot really didn’t know anything. Qin Mo finally understood the helpless feeling when raising a child.

There was nothing to eat so Little Tiger Bo patted her clothes and stood up directly. She wasn’t wearing her pajamas today. Instead, she wore a pure white small woolen sweater. Her outerwear was the black down coat that Qin Mo had given her yesterday. What she was wearing was compatible with what Qin Mo was wearing.

Qin Mo was satisfied with this point. When they walked out of the door, he was afraid that the little tiger would feel cold so he took off the scarf around his neck and wanted to put it around the little tiger’s neck.

At this moment, awkwardness came. He was shorter than her. Although he didn’t need to tiptoe this time, Young Master Qin still raised his eyebrows. He remained expressionless and said in a calm tone, “Don’t drink milk in the future.”

After Bo Jiu’s small face got wrapped by the scarf, her round tiger eyes became brighter and she looked even cuter. However, she didn’t understand why the little princess didn’t want her to drink milk.

Qin Mo could see the confusion on her small face too. He said calmly, “From tomorrow onwards, I will ask my butler to send porridge and homemade soup dumplings to you every morning. Don’t you like to eat them?”

Compared to milk, soup dumplings were much better! Bo Jiu didn’t expect her little princess to be so thoughtful. She lifted her hand instinctively and hugged the man’s waist. “Momo, you treat me so well.”

Qin Mo felt his face turning warm. He didn’t know if it was because he had motives for sending breakfast or because she was hugging him again. It was very glaring to see the two children hugging each other.

Coincidentally, Grandpa An went out late today. The astonishment in his eyes was even more obvious when he saw his grandson getting hugged by someone but he didn’t push the person away.

He knew that this grandson treated the little tiger from the Bo family differently but he didn’t know that it was to such an extent. They had only interacted for three and a half days and they were already so close? Was his grandson’s cold and distant image going to be destroyed? However, this was good too. Friends made when one was young were normally the ones who could warm your heart the most.

If Grandpa An knew that his grandson wasn’t making a friend but raising a child instead, he would definitely feel frustrated again.

On the other hand, the golden-haired butler at the side felt that his young master was seriously forming up a plan to raise this child. How frightening.

Little Tiger Bo had a different opinion on this point. She didn’t feel that she was being raised by her little princess. After all, her dad had said that the person who took charge of the finance would be the one raising the family. For instance, for her family, her mom was the one raising her dad and her.

Today, she planned to pay for the meal once they reached the hamburger shop. She must showcase her family’s wealth to her little princess. Besides eating a lot of meat, this was the other goal that Little Tiger Bo wanted to achieve!

The An family didn’t lack chauffeurs. This was the first time his grandson was going out after he came here. Grandpa An had complicated feelings. He was afraid that his grandson wouldn’t like this place and preferred to be back in China. Thus, he sent a Lincoln Town Car.

In terms of doting his grandson, Grandpa An was indeed very exaggerating. But when Qin Mo saw the car, he asked the chauffeur, who was wearing a tall hat, to change to another car.

A Lincoln was too big. He wouldn’t be able to hug his little tiger and put her on his lap if he sat behind a Lincoln. This was what he saw in the book he was reading yesterday. If you want to take care of a child, the best way is to place them on your laps. This will make them understand how important they are to you.

Qin Mo thought for a moment. The most convenient time was when he was sitting in a car. Well, he was shorter than her. Little Princess Qin was extremely concerned about his height. He just didn’t express it.

On the other hand, Little Tiger Bo was a little shocked when she got into the car and got carried by Qin Mo. Usually, she was thinking of various ways to pounce on her little princess. It was abnormal for her little princess to hug her voluntarily. Had the little princess stopped feeling shy?

Bo Jiu turned her head and examined Qin Mo’s expression. She could only see the coldness on his face. She couldn’t see anything else.

At the start, Qin Mo was a little uncomfortable. After all, he had never hugged anyone before. After the car drove for three minutes, he smelled the milky smell on the little tiger’s body and got used to it though.

Bo Jiu opened her eyes wide as she sat in his arms. She looked right and left out of the car window. Every time they passed through a street, she would introduce the street to Qin Mo. “Momo, you must come here and play. My dad brought me here before. It’s very fun. Momo, the river is on your side. My dad’s school is on the opposite side of the river. Before you came, I would go over and play by myself. My dad is an undergraduate. Can you believe it? Someone like my dad can become an undergraduate. My dad is too flirty so I need to help my mom to watch over him. For a period of time, I went to watch over him every day but that fellow only knew how to sleep. He even placed me under the study table so that I can sleep too. However, when the big bearded Professor Robert started teaching, it was very easy to fall asleep. Either way, it’s not easy to describe the feeling.”

The scenery outside was very good. In addition, the person in his arms was speaking in a cute manner. Everything felt as though he had entered a European painting.

People who lived overseas would know that because of the environment, the streets here were very clean. In addition, it had just snowed. A refreshing fragrance could still be smelled in the air.

When they passed a plaza, flocks of white pigeons flew past. The people walking on the streets liked to carry a cup of coffee in their hands. European style buildings rose up from the ground. Most of them had distinct colors. This was probably where the charm of this city was.

However, Qin Mo wasn’t looking at the scenery. Instead, all his attention was on the little tiger in his arms.

While helping her to roll up her sleeve, he formed a conclusion from her words. The little tiger he was planning to raise seemed to have a good memory. After all, not all children could remember the streets. Sometimes, even adults would lose their sense of direction. Take his mom for example. She was never able to find her direction.

But his little tiger was not only able to find where north was, she was also able to remember what every street looked like and where it led to. She even knew what the streets contained. She remembered everything clearly without making any mistakes.

This wasn’t just about her sense of direction. It was about her memory.

Qin Mo raised a brow. He had to admit that the more he interacted with the little tiger, the more he felt that his abilities were nothing. Because right here, there was someone on par with him.

He wanted to ascertain something. Thus, Qin Mo took out a book that was kept behind the seat in front of him. This was a book that his grandpa always read. It explained how to do business and was an English edition. This shouldn’t be difficult for the little tiger to read.

He flipped the book open and picked a page. “Little Bo Jiu.”

“Yes?” Little Tiger Bo was still being naughty. She was thinking about how she could kiss her little princess without getting noticed.

“What is written here?” Qin Mo used his fingers to tap on a certain paragraph.

Bo Jiu lowered her gaze. Her eyelashes were long. She read the sentence.

Qin Mo closed the book after he heard her reply.

Little Tiger Bo only realized at the end that her little princess seemed to be asking her for help. He was so cute. She would never laugh at her little princess because of his bad English. After all, she had just started learning Chinese now too!

Just as she was about to give her little princess a kiss to comfort him, her little princess opened his mouth and asked, “How much of the paragraph can you remember? The paragraph that you just read?”

Little Tiger Bo felt that her little princess was asking her for help again. He was so arrogant and cute.

She cutely repeated the paragraph that she had said just now. She was waiting for her little princess to look at her with admiration! However, there was nothing.

Qin Mo just put the book down and lifted the corners of his lips. “Just like what I expected.”

This little tiger had a photographic memory, just like him.

Of course, memory could be trained. As long as you had some talent and you built the foundation of your memory bank, it wasn’t impossible to groom your memory.

People who had watched ‘Super Brain’ would know it. Every single item and place had connections. As long as you remembered these connections, remembering something would become extremely simple. That was because these things would form a map in your mind. You would be the only one who could see this map.

In the past, when he had displayed this ability, other people would be astounded. They should really come and take a look at this little tiger he was raising. In this aspect, she seemed stronger than him.

Bo Jiu’s ears lifted up too when she saw the smile. She felt that the smile was very beautiful. It was like the first snow that melted outside. Was her little princess smiling like this because he wanted her to kiss him? No, she needed to restrain herself today.

She still needed to eat in a moment. If she used up her kiss too early today, she would be elated after she finished eating. If her little princess didn’t allow her to kiss him at that time, that would be so upsetting.

While Little Tiger Bo was thinking about this, they reached their destination. The black and low-profile car stopped at the side of the road.

This was a plaza with a recreation ground. It was filled with happiness and laughter, as well as balloons floating in the air…