Chapter 1443 - Untitled

Chapter 1443 Untitled

Qin Mo and Bo Jiu alighted from the car one after the other.They were dressed simply – but because of their adorable appearance and their pair of black eyes, it didn’t take long before some foreigners turned to look at them.

After all, these two Chinese children were really adorable and this was true especially for the little boy. He had a good aura around him.

After Qin Mo alighted the car, he didn’t leave immediately or allow the little tiger to run about. Instead, he glanced down, straightened the down jacket she was wearing, and helped to tidy her scarf.

The foreigners who saw it found the scene adorable. Were Chinese children all so good at taking care of others?

Driver Wang had been living here for a long time and understood his young master. When he saw the scene, he recorded it down and sent it to CEO An.

It was unbelievable. It was more unbelievable than when Young Master had carried Young Miss Jiu onto the car. After all, Young Master had never served anyone.

Qin Mo didn’t think much of it since it was natural for him to take care of his own child. Besides, it was so cold outside. Whenever the little tiger wore clothes, her sleeves would either be unfolded or her jacket wouldn’t be zipped up. Who was going to care if he didn’t? After making sure she was bundled up, he reached for the little tiger’s hand.

The cheery Bo Jiu walked ahead. If she was wearing her little tiger pajamas, she would definitely wag her tail.

Compared to the domestic theme parks, there were more clowns and magicians dressed in exaggerated costumes. But the joy from the children was all the same.

People with different hair colors walked past. Qin Mo brought the little tiger even closer towards him.

Little William was wearing an orange jacket and a Christmas woolen hat on top of his head. He was holding pockets in both his hands, waiting at the agreed location. According to his memory, Jiu should have appeared by herself.

Unexpectedly, when he glanced up, Jiu wasn’t the only one, there was someone else he didn’t recognize. That person had such an outstanding appearance! He had black eyes and hair and that face.

Little William was obsessed with Chinese culture and similarly, he was also obsessed with Jiu! Logically, Jiu was also considered of Chinese descent. So, shouldn’t she like westerners like him?

However, she had remained indifferent when the handsome him had paced up in front of her.

Little William could still remember the day his love had been ignited. Originally, he had brought his followers with him, prepared to confess to the class monitor. However, Jiu had misunderstood and thought he wanted to fight with her.

In the end, he had been beaten up. He was so big sized and yet, he had been beaten up. From that day onwards, William, who had a hero complex, had started to worship Jiu. Hence, even in the face of such an appearance, he wasn’t tempted. But he was afraid his Jiu would be tempted!

Little William had predicted some things and turned towards Jiu in anger. As expected, she only had eyes for that little Chinese vixen. It was infuriating!

Little William sniffed, the tip of his nose turning red, looking aggrieved but he couldn’t show it, especially not in front of the little Chinese vixen!

Little William turned towards Qin Mo. Likewise, Qin Mo had also noticed the western with red colored hair when the little tiger turned towards him.

Qin Mo was especially concerned about something. That was the difference in their height…