Chapter 1445 - Untitled

Chapter 1445 Untitled

Little William was still immersed in the thought. However, he didn’t expect the other party to offer himself so willing. That little Chinese vixen replied faintly, “It’s just a handshake.”Little William suddenly turned straight. His red hair seemed to have changed and his whole body seemed to be saying, ‘Since you threw yourself into the trap, I’ll teach you a memorable lesson!’

Qin Mo was wearing a black down jacket with a pure white scarf wrapped around his neck. He stretched out his hand like a literary scholar.

Little William smiled, thinking of himself as someone very evil and unruly, especially with his red hair. The moment their fingers touched, Little William used his strength and waited to see Qin Mo kneeling and begging for mercy.

Wait a minute, this… this didn’t seem right! Little William’s eyes grew bigger because of the pain coming from his fingers. Children couldn’t hide their emotions and his face was full of surprise.

He wanted to respond with a greater strength but Qin Mo didn’t give him any chance. His right hand was starting to feel numb!

However, the moment that Little William was about to cower in pain, he suddenly released. He smiled and replied calmly, “My hands hurt a little. William, you are very strong.”

Little William, whose hands were numb from the handshake: Excuse me? He should be the one in pain!

The infuriated Little William was just about to grab the little Chinese vixen’s collar but Bo Jiu immediately held his wrist, her big eyes were still black, and her small face serious when she asked, “William, you want me to beat you again, don’t you?”

Little William: … This wasn’t the date he had imagined!

He wanted to tell Jiu that the little Chinese vixen was just putting on an act. However, when the vixen tilted his head, he really seemed to be hurting.

Little William wanted to cry. Were all Chinese such good actors?

“Jiu…” Little William’s eyes turned red.

Little Tiger Bo Jiu patted him on the shoulder angrily. “William, don’t pretend to be weak, go, go in. I’ll order you the Big Mac that you like to eat.”

Little William: Why was he pretending to be weak when he cried?! It was infuriating! Wait a minute, what was with the murderous glare from the little Chinese vixen when he swept past his shoulders? He he he, he didn’t intend to pretend anymore?

Little William took a deep breath and prepared for the face off when unexpectedly, the person standing opposite him, with his eyes half drooping, shook his hand. From William’s angle, he suddenly felt that the vixen seemed a bit lonely.

If he wasn’t the person involved, he would have thought that vixen was injured as well. But he knew that the vixen wasn’t injured! He really wanted to say something!

However, Jiu had taken action. “Momo, are you okay?”

“Mmh,” Qin Mo replied, sounding rather sullen as though he was in pain. “I can still eat the burger.”

Little William wanted to ask if his conscience hurt from the act. It wouldn’t affect eating the burger at all. He thought, “Don’t think I can’t see through your acts, you’re just doing it to bewitch others.”

Little William turned his head helplessly. As expected, he saw Jiu’s distressed face.

He watched as Jiu pulled the little Chinese vixen’s hand up to her lips, kissed it lightly, and comforted him in her childlike voice. “Momo, I’ll help you kiss it and it won’t hurt any longer. The next time Little William wants to shake hands with you, you can just look at him. You may get hurt easily with his strength.”

Little William, who had been virtually stabbed several times: …