Chapter 1446 - The Black-Bellied Qin

1446 The Black-Bellied Qin

What did she mean by ‘you can just look at him’? Jiu, previously when you beat me up, you had the manners to take a bow first! Why did all of it disappear after seeing this little Chinese vixen, geez?

Little William’s grief was overwhelming but he couldn’t be weak in front of his love rival. At that time, Little William didn’t understand what kind of opponent he had encountered. He was still young and still looking at Qin Mo from the corner of his eyes.

Qin Mo’s face was as noble as ever. But when Bo Jiu lowered her eyes, he glanced up towards Little William. That gaze was so cold that Little William, the big sized child, felt a chill run through his spine.

… Where exactly did Jiu find a person like him? He was practically a devil!

He seemed to have heard Little William’s inner cries for help.

On the other end, a voice called out in clear English. “Qin? What are you doing here?”

Qin? Little Tiger Bo’s first reaction was to turn her huge eyes towards the direction of the voice. There stood three little girls in pettiskirts and fluffy coats. The girl who had spoken was Angelia, a girl with blue eyes and golden hair. The sunlight splashing over seemed to form a halo around her.

This made the little tiger, who had always regarded beauty highly, glance twice. She then turned her head and asked, “Momo, is this a new kid you met? They are so pretty.”

Qin Mo knew of her interests. Her huge tiger eyes would definitely light up whenever she saw anyone good looking. But it was about time she changed her interests.

Qin Mo turned sideways, seamlessly moving the little tiger behind him.

At this moment, Angelia and two other little girls came over, holding the ice cream cone they just bought. “Qin, are you here to play as well?”

Angelia’s blue eyes were very attractive when she was eating ice cream. However, after taking a longer look, Bo Jiu realized that Angelina wasn’t as good looking as her little princess. The little princess had eyes that looked black but the moment they were under the sun, she could see the amber glowing from within. Mmh… It was completely incomparable.

Qin Mo didn’t know what Bo Jiu was thinking about but when he saw the little tiger in front of him staring at someone else, his eyebrows knitted lightly. Then he stretched out his hand, buttoned the hood on the little tiger’s coat, raised his eyes, and looked at Angelia, replying in a very low voice, “Yeah.”

Due to the dinner party, Angelia was already accustomed to him saying only a few words. When she turned her head, a surprised expression fell across her face. “William, you know Qin? When you were in school, didn’t you say that you didn’t know there was a Chinese family who moved here?”

When William heard this, the expression on his face became even more indescribable. After all, he was the one who had just learned that the demon was the Chinese that just moved over, known as the little prince! He didn’t wish to speak but forced out a reply. “I was being mysterious.”

“I see.” Angelia didn’t know what had happened but it didn’t affect the joy she felt from seeing Qin Mo. Even her voice was cheerful. “Qin, are you going to the amusement park? It’s fun inside!”

“No, thank you.” When Qin Mo said this, he didn’t look at Angelia. Instead, he turned his eyes to the side and held down the mischievous little tiger paws.

The little tiger, who could not lift her head, felt a little depressed. She stretched her paws vigorously, trying to push her hat behind. “Momo, I can’t see.”