Chapter 1447 - Being Black-Bellied and Love

Chapter 1447 Being Black-Bellied and Love

You aren’t supposed to see. Who else did she want to see other than him? Another Little Princess?With that in mind, Qin Mo held her wrist again, preventing her from patting someone else’s shoulder. “How about this?”

“It’s worse.” Bo Jiu reached out her hand, trying to measure the distance.

Qin Mo held her hand. “I’ll hold you. Stop tossing the hood, the wind is back and would blow onto your face.”

“Mmh, good!” Her little princess was so considerate, he could even think of such things.

William had been watching from the start and knew exactly what Qin Mo was like. At his moment, his heart was in turmoil. It had to be deliberate. What did he treat Jiu as? His possession? No! He had to warn this demon!

He couldn’t do it in front of Jiu though. The burly William wasn’t that dumb. Since Jiu must be bewitched by his beauty and couldn’t see the facts clearly, he had to warn the demon behind her back. To do that, he would need a suitable venue.

So, William took the initiative. “Hey, Angelia, Qin and I don’t want to go now since the amusement park is crowded at the moment. Why don’t you join us at the store for some food?”

“That’s great,” Angelia replied, her eyes still looking at the little figure with the hood. Was she also Chinese? Was she from the Qin family? Otherwise, with Qin’s character, it wasn’t possible for him to be so kind to anyone.

They were all children and thus unable to hide their emotions and words. “Qin, is this your sister?”

“No.” It seemed as though he was too lazy to say another word but yet, polite enough that others couldn’t pick out any etiquette problems. This was Qin Mo.

Angelia was a little frustrated, she was still a child after all, and her former excitement was gone. But she wanted to eat with Qin Mo. Hence, the group in Burger King grew from three to six.

Although Qin Mo was the first to walk in, Bo Jiu was the one who ordered. Little Tiger Bo was very insistent about this. After all, she hadn’t forgotten that she came out this time to show her financial power. In this regard, Qin Mo had no intention of competing.

After what had happened today, he understood a logic – he understood why Uncle Bo behaved in such a manner at home. Sometimes, it was beneficial to act ‘weak’. After all, apart from discovering that a certain someone was a genius, Qin Mo also discovered that the Little Tiger he raised had some misunderstandings about his identity.

Little Tiger Bo didn’t think it was a misunderstanding. After all, when she had grown up, she would become a president just like her mother. Honestly, Little Tiger Bo was pretty cool when she was alone.

While she was queuing up to order a meal, her exquisite and straight nose and her long and black eyelashes attracted many stares. But she remained oblivious.

Qin Mo smiled when he saw her. The Little Tiger always found other people pretty. She might as well look into the mirror. Which one of them was comparable?

There definitely wouldn’t be silence when little children waited for their meals.

Qin Mo stood up and went to the washroom.

Even if William followed behind, he wouldn’t attract much attention. That was right. He had to take advantage of this time to act!

Qin Mo had already noticed the person behind him but he continued to wash his hands slowly. After washing his hands, Qin Mo turned around to leave.

William leaned against the wall like an adult and stretched out one leg, blocking Qin Mo’s path. “Let’s have a chat.”