Chapter 1448 - Betrothal of the Children

Chapter 1448 Betrothal of the Children

Qin Mo threw the piece of tissue into the rubbish bin. He kept a cold expression as if he didn’t care about this bulky little William at all.This made little William exceptionally angry. “Aren’t you afraid that I will tell Jiu how you were acting just now?” Seriously, this demon from the eastern world would only know how powerful he was after he used his ultimate move!

When Little William snorted, Qin Mo turned his body and a cold gaze flashed past his eyes. Although this person was shorter than him, little William felt that this person was even more frightening than his father. This was because of what he said next.

“If you say anything, I will break your leg.”

Little William: … This, this was different from what he thought. Shouldn’t this little demon be afraid of death? Why was his aura so intimidating? Who on earth was the one being threatened!

“I, I will go and tell her!” The bulky young boy straightened his back to emphasize his height.

He didn’t know that this was what Qin Mo hated the most – the fact that his little tiger’s friend was taller than him.

“You can tell her.” Qin Mo snorted. The evil and devilish smile that little William saw a moment ago appeared on the edge of his lips again. “But do you think Jiu will believe you?”

The muscular young William didn’t have many experiences in life. Thus, he couldn’t imagine that such a shameless person existed in the world. “You, you…”

Qin Mo interrupted his sentence. “I have something to tell you too. You are a man. She is a woman. In China, we have a saying that man and woman must keep their distance. Don’t do any intimate actions with her in the future.”

Little William was unwilling to listen to him. “You held her hand just now!”

Qin Mo shifted his gaze slowly. “Am I the same as you?”

Little William: … How were they different? No way, he must expose this little demon from the east!

However, very soon, little William realized that he was thinking of the impossible. The main reason for this was Jiu.

“Momo, this is really delicious. It’s just a little spicy. But you don’t have to worry. You can have a taste and I will let you have a sip of coke later. It can neutralize the spiciness.”

Little William: … Could his Jiu wake up? No matter how good-looking this little demon from the east was, he was a man. Was there a need for her to feed him? Most importantly, why did she kiss him when she was feeding him? This wasn’t right. Didn’t the little demon say that in China, a man and a woman should keep their distance?

Qin Mo saw through little William’s thoughts. At first, he was looking down and drinking the coke. When the little tiger kissed him, he glanced sideways. The part where he had been kissed was turning warm but he still glanced at little William’s direction.

His entire body was exuding a cold aura. He seemed to be saying that he was a well-mannered person but unfortunately, Jiu liked to kiss him.

Little William didn’t feel like speaking anymore. He took a bite of the beef burger in his hand.

The little tiger was different. She was extremely happy now, especially when she carried the cup of coke with her two tiger paws and fed her little princess. The little princess’s arrogant expression was so cute. She simply couldn’t help but kiss him.

Now, she was just practicing how to raise her pet. When the little princess really became hers, she would be able to feed her little princess every day.

Qin Mo looked at the person whose eyes were wide open and who was holding the coke with both hands. He wondered what this person was thinking. She even stopped eating her food.

He couldn’t stand it so he took some french fries over and dipped it in ketchup. Then he put it into the mouth of a certain stupid little tiger. Bo Jiu ate the french fries one by one.

If Little Tiger Bo’s level of feeding was that of a beginner, Young Master Qin’s feeding was entirely different. He did it slowly and thoroughly. When the little tiger stained her lips when eating her hamburger, he even took the napkin over and helped her wipe her mouth.

Angelina, who was sitting at the side, looked at them intently. She didn’t shift her gaze away at all. After Qin Mo got up to take some things, she couldn’t control her curiosity anymore and asked Bo Jiu, “Hey, what is the relationship between the two of you?”

“Relationship?” Bo Jiu smiled. She opened her eyes wide and looked a little naughty. “Momo will marry into my family in the future. Now we are practicing.”

Marrying into her family?! Little William couldn’t sit still anymore. “Jiu, you don’t know how that little demon spoke to me. If you knew, you…”

With a bam, Bo Jiu put the coke down and grabbed Little William’s collar with one hand. She dragged Little William over and said, “Are you looking for a beating? If you continue talking bad about my Momo, I will pack you up and feed you to the tigers.”

“No, he.” Little William was still struggling.

Qin Mo had already come back. He carried a new bag of french fries and leaned forward slightly. He took the little tiger’s hand over. “Don’t fight.”

Bo Jiu explained as she twirled her pupils, “Momo, I’m very gentle most of the time. Today is an exception.”

Little William: … Gentle? Her? It was a miracle that she didn’t beat him today. Which part of her was gentle? Even his Jiu knew how to lie now. How heart-aching.

Angelina didn’t have so many thoughts in her mind. She just tilted her head and asked, “Qin, did your grandpa betroth her to you at a young age? This is a special form of marriage that is unique to China. Oh my god. Do you have to take care of a partner from young? That isn’t fun at all.”

Qin Mo frowned. “Betrothed at a young age?”

“She said that you will marry into her family after you grow up. Did she use the wrong vocab?” Angelina had a feeling that there was something wrong with the sentence.

Qin Mo looked at the little tiger, who acted naughtily a moment ago. He saw her puffing up her cheeks and looking as though she was angry.

He rolled Bo Jiu’s sleeve up before replying, “She did use the wrong words.”

Angelina smiled. She knew that her little prince wouldn’t agree to such an ancient form of betrothal.

Qin Mo looked up. “She should be the one marrying into my family, not me marrying into hers.”

All the children: …

Angelina froze in an obvious manner while William was so angry that he wanted to scratch the table surface.

But there was one thing; ever since that day, everyone knew that the little prince from China who had arrived only recently had a small wife that was betrothed to him at a young age.

However, no one knew what the little wife hadn’t started school yet.

They had heard from William that she had already stayed here for a period of time.

This piece of news spread from Angelina’s grandpa into the ears of Grandpa An.

As the person who decided to betroth his grandson a wife, he almost didn’t manage to swallow his tea. “Betrothal at a young age? My grandson said that?”

“An, you’re not honest at all. You’re still not speaking the truth.”

Grandpa An thought to himself, “Brother, I am speaking the truth. As his grandpa, I don’t even know that my little grandson has a wife.”

Thus, that night during the banquet, Grandpa An, who was wearing a suit, glanced at his grandson, who was cutting a piece of steak like a little prince. “Mo, I heard that you found a wife outside?”