Chapter 1449 - Change of Emotions

Chapter 1449 Change of Emotions

Qin Mo had expected his grandpa to ask him about this so he put down the fork and knife in his hand and said, “It isn’t a wife. But in the future, I will raise Little Bo Jiu. Grandpa, you can speak to the Bo family and ask Bo Jiu to come here when she doesn’t have food to eat. Her house is always empty.”“Hmm?” Grandpa An couldn’t help but smile when he heard this. His grandson wanted to raise another people’s child but he still didn’t want to admit it. Of course, as the grandfather, he had some understanding of his grandson. He shouldn’t have any feelings of love.

Anyway, his grandson was still very young. It was probably just because he really liked that little tiger. It was a relationship between a family.

At this time, Grandpa An didn’t know yet that when Young Master Qin had said he would raise her, he really meant raising her.

Like this, the two little children got naturally together. Little Tiger Bo liked to play games. Every time she came to the An family, she would wear her little tiger pajamas and climb around.

Occasionally, owls would land on the tree branches.

Little Tiger Bo looked at her Little Princess Qin, who was playing chess with himself. She twirled her round eyes and ran down the stairs. Then she climbed up the wall.

The young golden-haired butler stood under the wall and said softly in English, “Miss Jiu, hurry up and come down. It’s too dangerous.”

Since Bo Jiu didn’t listen to him, the butler had no choice but to use his ultimate move. “Young Master is here.”

Little Tiger Bo raised her ears and then looked down. There was no one. She smiled and said, “Brother Butler, you’re being naughty again. Where is the little princess?”

The golden-haired butler: … Who was the naughty one!

Bo Jiu was still fidgeting around. Yet, she didn’t know that the person on the other side had already seen everything.

He sighed softly and raised his hand to touch his forehead. Helplessness appeared on his cold and elegant face. Then he walked slowly under the tree with his tall and straight figure and said, “Come down.”

Little Tiger Bo froze. She lifted her hand and scratched her face as she looked at the owner of this voice.

One month had passed in the meanwhile and Qin Mo was already as tall as Bo Jiu. Maybe the milk that Qin Mo had drunk was starting to take effect. His aura had also become stronger when he stood there.

“Momo, there’s an owl here. I came up because the owl is too bored staying on the tree. I want to bring it to the ground and play with it.”

The golden-haired butler listened to her excuse and looked up at the sky. How was she able to come up with such an excuse? The owl wouldn’t want to take the blame for her!

Qin Mo was used to his little tiger being naughty. He stretched his hands out and repeated his words again. “Come down.”

As she didn’t succeed in acting cute, Little Tiger Bo could only hug the tree and slide down.

Qin Mo caught her. They were of the same age but when he hugged Bo Jiu, he looked like an older brother. It must be because of his aura.

The butler wanted to help but he was stopped by Qin Mo’s gaze. His young master was really scary when raising a child.

Qin Mo took off the leaves on the little tiger’s hair and said in an indifferent tone, “Didn’t I tell you to stop climbing trees and walls?”

“I can’t control it.” Bo Jiu was very honest.

Qin Mo paused for a moment. He didn’t speak.

The golden-haired butler really wanted to know what his young master was thinking at this time. Besides Miss Jiu, there was no one else that could make his young master feel helpless.

These few days, Miss Jiu was growing her permanent teeth so half of her face was bloated. Their young master would bring her over from the Bo family every day and watch over her as she brushed her teeth and washed her face.

The golden-haired butler wanted to say that even his father hadn’t been so thorough when he had been raising him. Was this the difference in culture between the east and the west? Even the methods of raising a child were different.

Very soon, after the golden-haired butler had interacted with other Chinese families, he understood one thing though. His young master was definitely a unique presence when you talked about raising a child!

For instance, in a normal family, the following conversation would never happen.

Qin Mo: “Little Bo Jiu.”

Bo Jiu replied, “Huh?”

Qin Mo: “Open your mouth.”

Bo Jiu: “Momo, my teeth are not hurting that much. Can I not eat the medicine?”

Qin Mo: “No.”

Bo Jiu: “Then can I kiss you after I finish my medicine?”

Qin Mo: “Yes.”

Their young master would always use his looks to coax the little girl.

At the start, it had been ‘Little Bo Jiu, if you dare to anyhow kiss me again, I will throw you out of the window’. Now, he had silently allowed Miss Jiu to do any intimate interactions with him.

When the Bo family’s home was empty, Miss Jiu would even stay over for the night. Every time, his young master would be the one taking care of her.

As one of the parties involved, Little Tiger Bo didn’t agree with this point. She was the one who was taking care of Momo. Momo was afraid of the dark and didn’t like thunder. When she slept beside him, she could hug him and showcase her charisma as a boyfriend.

Regarding this point, Little William couldn’t help but open his mouth when he heard this. “Jiu, you must think carefully. The place where my dad is filming is the rainforest. Are you really not planning to go?”

How could that little demon from the east be afraid of the night? Jiu must have been fooled by him again!

“Rainforest?” Little Tiger Bo lowered her head and grabbed her little keyboard. “Okay. I will go if we can go and come back on the same day.”

Little William replied immediately, “It’s on the outskirts. We can go and come back in four hours.”

Indeed, the journey would take four hours. However, if the time for the filming was included, it was hard to gauge the amount of time they would spend there.

Just like what he always did, Qin Mo appeared at the house of the Bo family at 4 pm. He wanted to bring the Little Bo Jiu, who needed to complete missions every day, to his house for dinner.

Unexpectedly, she wasn’t home. Instead, Mr. Bo was home. He appeared to be going out. He wore a black jacket with a hoodie and wore a pair of leather gloves on his hand. This was different from his normal freeloader image.

“Uncle Bo.” It seemed as though no matter what image Mr. Bo portrayed, Qin Mo would always be able to maintain his manners.

Mr. Bo placed his hand against the door frame when he saw Qin Mo standing outside. He looked like an evil person. “Did you come to fetch Jiu? She’s not home today. She went out to play with Little William. Do you feel angry in your heart?”

Qin Mo paused for a moment and replied in a calm tone, “No.”

“Oh?” Mr. Bo smiled and raised his eyebrows. “Then I will let Jiu play for a while longer.”

Qin Mo acknowledged his reply in an unconcerned manner. He wrapped his small scarf around him and returned to his villa. He wanted to finish the game of Chinese checkers he was playing just now. But, when he saw the little keyboard on the sofa, he felt frustrated.

At around 6 pm, the An family started their dinner on time. Coincidentally, Grandpa An was able to stay at home for dinner today. When he noticed that the seat beside his grandson was empty, he asked curiously, “Where is Jiu?”

The young golden-haired butler kept shooting glances at Grandpa An, who was still trying to guess the reason.

At this moment, his grandson sitting opposite him opened his mouth and replied, “She went out to play with other people.”

Grandpa An felt that he didn’t see wrong. When his grandson was saying this sentence, his gaze was cold.

Maybe it was because there was one lesser person. Even though the table was full of dishes, the atmosphere wasn’t able to liven up.

The young golden-haired butler noticed a detail too. Today, his young master’s appetite seemed bad…