Chapter 145 - Almighty Qin Wants to Control Lord Jiu?

Chapter 145: Almighty Qin Wants to Control Lord Jiu?

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In Hero, Fu Jiu was still trying to distribute the equipment to her team members. She was quite generous to those who admired and respected her. All the diamonds from the First Clear were shared with the captains of each major team as well.

<Award You A Slap Of Pleasure> got the best equipment. Fu Jiu admitted that she was acting on her personal feelings for that one. After all, he was her future teammate, and nobody cared too much about it anyway. Those who were not playing professionally didn’t need information. All they wanted were practical things like diamonds, and regarding the things they didn’t care about, they naturally listened to Fu Jiu.

In order to thank them, she gave the other party a discount of 18% off on this job’s fee.

Qin Mo saw this, and his right hand paused on the mouse. His deep eyes looked at the screen and locked onto those two characters who were still chit-chatting over there, and the depths of his eyes cooled down little by little.

In fact, a big part of the reason why Qin Mo didn’t play much was because those two acted too intimately.

It was just playing a game, did they have to be so intimate?

But he didn’t want to get his hands dirty with such a matter, because he knew that nobody at the age of sixteen liked to be controlled and interfered with.

But he couldn’t let go of certain things related to his principles.

Up to this point, Qin Mo still hadn’t forgotten that this guy in front of him used to like men…

“Idol, you, you are giving all these to me?” Feng Shang didn’t expect that under such circumstances, with that god’s presence, his idol would still be thinking about him.

Fu Jiu held the lollipop in her mouth, tilted her mouth, and sent over a message, “You will need them for the contest. I pretty much know your skills now. Our team should have a meeting after a couple days to practice at an internet cafe and play games together.”

These two were privately chatting, and others only saw that Fu Jiu’s and Feng Shang’s characters were acting very close.

After Feng Shang had seen this, he replied after making an “er” sound, “Idol, did you forget that you and I are the only ones in our team?”

“We have three now,” Fu Jiu laughed, the corner of her mouth turning up craftily, “That’s also why I needed to go online today. Our new team member is a girl!”

Feng Shang was shocked, and he even started typing faster, “G-girl? Where? I-I didn’t see! I-I always thought we were gonna be a team of single guys! Idol, you-you are lying to me!”

“Baby Feng, as a team member, you should believe in your captain regardless; why would I lie to you?” Fu Jiu saw his reaction and her smile became brighter. “And the new member has a really nice personality. She’s a very kind girl.”

Feng Shang didn’t care about what kind of girl she was anymore. He already came up with an idea on how he would greet her on the day they met.

Mm, he would be like, “I will take you to play games and I’ll take you to fly!” and conveniently buy her some equipment.

He would ask his brother to put more money into his account!

These two having an extremely good time chatting, while next to Fu Jiu that beautiful man’s face was becoming colder and colder.

Fu Jiu was so focused on typing that she didn’t notice this happening.

Qin Mo laughed. The arc of his lips looked vicious and spicy as he put the glass back in its original position and stood up. He walked towards the young man in bed with one solid step after another.

Those black eyes were dangerously still, and his movements were emitting a cold aura. His back looked wintry as hell…