Chapter 1450 - Actor Almighty Qin

Chapter 1450 Actor Almighty Qin

It was 7 pm. Normally, at this time, Qin Mo would bring Bo Jiu out for a stroll. Since he was raising a little tiger, he should bring her out for a stroll after her meal. However, today, Qin Mo didn’t leave his house.He sat in his study room instead with a book in his hand. After flipping through a few pages, he looked up again and glanced at the clock hanging on the wall. It was now 8 pm.

If a certain someone came back at 8 pm, he wouldn’t look into the fact that she hadn’t listened to him.

From 7 pm to 7.30 pm and from 8 pm to 8.30 pm. Never before had Qin Mo felt that the time was so long.

He disregarded what he said before and changed his idea. He decided to wait for his little tiger until 9 pm.

At 9 pm, the streetlamps outside his window had all lit up. The Christmas tree was as beautiful as always. However, Qin Mo didn’t have the heart to admire it.

He took his book and went up the stairs. The young butler got frightened by the icy expression. He hurriedly took out his phone and read a few pages of a fantasy novel.

It was starting to rain outside. The lights in the Bo family’s house were still off.

Bo Jiu didn’t know that her little princess was angry because of this. When she reached home and noticed that the lights were all off, she automatically started walking towards the An family.

She had stopped climbing up the walls now because there were too many obstacles outside. She carried the mushrooms she picked up in the rainforest and walked through the main door. When the young butler saw Bo Jiu, he hurriedly asked her to climb up the stairs.

Qin Mo was lying on his bed when he heard the sound. He wasn’t sleeping but the expression on his small face was obviously colder than before.

Bo Jiu turned her head and looked at the young butler. She blinked with her tiger eyes.

The young butler signaled her to walk over. Actually, Bo Jiu would still walk over even if he hadn’t signaled to her. After all, she brought back the mushrooms she had picked. “Momo, I brought a present for you.”

When no one responded to her, Bo Jiu scratched her face and took another step forward. She sat at the side of the bed for a while before running into the bathroom.

When she came out again, she had already changed into her little tiger pajamas. She poured a glass of milk and tiptoed as she reached for the book titled ‘Arabian Nights’ on the bookshelf. Then she placed it beside Qin Mo’s hand.

Her tiger pupils were black. She had always been straightforward so she asked, “Momo, are you angry?”

Qin Mo didn’t have any intention of responding to her. After all, this little tiger always went against his words.

Bo Jiu wagged her tiger tail when she noticed his lack of reaction. She leaned forward and kissed Qin Mo’s face.

How was he supposed to ignore her like this? Qin Mo turned his head. His voice was still indifferent as he said, “Is the rainforest fun?”

How did Momo know where she went? Little Tiger Bo was puzzled for a second. Then she replied, “It was fun but Momo was not there.”

The frustration in his heart dissipated a little when he heard this. He said seemingly casually, “Next time, if you want to go out again, you can inform me beforehand. The bean buns that I asked the chef to make all went to waste.”

Little Tiger Bo felt guilty when she heard this. She lowered her head.

Qin Mo continued, “I’m not asking you to not go out and have fun. However, don’t go so far in the future. Fine, let’s sleep.”

It had to be said that shrewdness was something groomed from young. Young Master Qin already knew that if he wanted to raise Bo Jiu, he had to retreat in order to advance.

Little Tiger Bo was starting to self-reflect. But when she raised her eyelids, she saw Qin Mo’s slightly lonely back view. She stretched her hands out and hugged the other party’s waist. Then she swore in a serious tone, “In the future, I will bring Momo with me wherever I go.”

Qin Mo froze for a second before acknowledging what she said.

Little Tiger Bo felt even more guilty when she noticed that he was in low spirits. But she didn’t know that the coldness in the depth of Qin Mo’s eyes had already disappeared. There were other emotions inside his gaze now. Qin Mo sat up on the bed.

Little Tiger Bo thought that he was still angry at her so she followed behind him. After taking a few steps, she saw him opening his drawer and taking out a bag of potato chips he had prepared for her beforehand.

“Momo, you don’t eat this kind of thing, right?”

Qin Mo opened his mouth at this moment. “When you weren’t around, I was so worried that you would be hungry so I didn’t eat dinner.”

After he had spoken, the young butler came in at this instant. Every night, his young master would feed Miss Jiu two mouths of fruits. This was because Miss Jiu loved to eat meat. Based on what his young master had said, he was afraid that the child wouldn’t have enough vitamins and nutrients so he used fruits to replenish them.

When he came in, he heard this sentence coincidentally. The young butler thought, “You’re not being honest. Miss Jiu had gone out with Director William. Why would she get hungry? You were the one who didn’t have any appetite because Miss Jiu went out to play with other people and didn’t play with you.”

However, as a qualified butler, even though he was young, he knew that he shouldn’t say these things.

Unfortunately, Little Tiger Bo was a naturally empathetic person. She stared outside the window with her round eyes. It was raining outside. When she had come back just now, there had been thunder. These were all things that her little princess hated.

Normally, the An family started their meal on time. Little Tiger Bo knew about this. Her little princess didn’t eat dinner because of her. Yet, she played outside for an entire day.

Little Tiger Bo was filled with regret now. She lifted her two small paws and hugged Qin Mo, who was standing in front of the table, from the back. She wagged her tail as she said, “Momo, I was wrong.”

Qin Mo felt that he had reached his goal so he spoke his true thoughts out directly, “Little Bo Jiu, if you go out and play with other people again, you can stop playing with me. Do you understand?”

“I understand. I will listen to you in the future,” Little Tiger Bo replied earnestly while wagging her tail.

Qin Mo shifted his gaze and twirled her hair with his fingers. “I will forgive you this time.”

Little Tiger Bo nodded. To show that she was very obedient and didn’t need Qin Mo to urge her anymore, she bathed quickly and came out smelling good. Then she laid down beside Qin Mo and listened to him with wide eyes as Qin Mo read her a bedtime story.

Indeed, Young Master Qin’s method was extremely effective because the next day, when little William came with his basketball, Little Tiger Bo rejected him decisively. “I’m not going.”

At first, Little William was highly anticipating the basketball date today. After all, he had a thorough understanding of that little demon from the east. He knew that the other party didn’t like exercises that would cause him to sweat.

Thus, he wouldn’t come with Jiu. That way, he would be able to spend time with Jiu alone. But unexpectedly, she rejected him! “Didn’t we agree to play?” Little William’s red hair shrunk.

Bo Jiu hugged the little keyboard in her hand and said righteously, “Yesterday, I left Momo at home alone. He didn’t even eat his dinner. Also, he’s afraid of the dark. I have to accompany him.”

Afraid of the dark? That demon from the east? How was that possible? This couldn’t do. He must expose the little demon today!

“Jiu, it’s impossible that the fellow Qin is afraid…” Just as little William was planning to finish everything in one sentence, the person he wanted to expose appeared.

He was wearing a small black suit and had even styled his hair. He really looked like a real prince. When his gaze landed on William, he felt the noble aura of this young boy as well as a sense of oppression.

Little William swallowed his saliva instinctively and ate his words. That wasn’t right! What was he afraid of? Even if that little demon had grown taller, he wasn’t as muscular as him. There was no need for him to be afraid!

But for some reason, when little William looked at Qin Mo, he would remember that day at the hamburger shop when this little demon had been standing behind. When he had looked at Qin Mo, his instinct had told him to run away.

Thinking back about it, only Jiu was able to stay close to Qin Mo. Angelina and her friends called this little demon their prince but he could tell that they were also a little afraid of this little demon.

Of course, Qin Mo noticed William’s gaze. His grandpa had said that he must be more courteous towards foreigners. This would allow them to showcase the thousands of years of etiquette and manners of China.

To other people, Qin Mo was never rude. There was a point to note about Little William though. This was that a certain foreigner was always trying to snatch the little tiger he raised when he wasn’t around. He needed to talk about this with him properly.

Little William saw the person squinting as he said in a calm tone, “It’s impossible that I what?”

“Afraid of the dark!” Little William summoned up his courage and replied to him. He was going to die anyway so he would rather finish his sentence before. “You’re already so old and you’re a man. Do you think that it’s possible for you to be afraid of the dark?”

Unfortunately, Little William underestimated Young Master Qin’s shamelessness.

“Everyone has their fears.” When Qin Mo said this sentence, he seemed a little lonely. “As a man, I don’t want to be afraid of the dark either. I will get laughed at. However, I don’t have a choice.”

Little William: … Wait a moment, why was he doing this!

The young butler, who listened to the entire process of this argument, raised his head and looked at the ceiling. He wouldn’t tell anyone that his young master dared to visit the basement alone in the middle of the night. When he watched ghost movies, he would take them as pseudoscience. He looked down on these supernatural things even more than adults.

Hence, he was definitely acting when he said that he was afraid of the dark. But he actually acted so shamelessly. Only his young master was able to do this.

After all, there was an effect when he said it. The young butler could already hear Miss Jiu’s next words.

“Momo, there’s no need to be afraid. I’ll accompany you in the future.”

“William probably wanted to play with you.”

“He has many other friends accompanying him. Also, he’s so muscular. He isn’t afraid at all.”

Little William felt his heart aching.

After this day, Little Tiger Bo never went out to play with any other friends alone anymore. Qin Mo was one of the reasons. Of course, she was growing her permanent teeth so her toothache was another reason. Speaking of this, because of her toothache, Little Tiger Bo’s appetite dropped too.

Qin Mo was really anxious. Every day during dinner, he had to coax her to eat more. When they woke up in the morning and brushed their teeth, he would ask Little Tiger Bo to stand beside him and he would help her brush her teeth.

Thus, during these few days, Grandpa An was always able to see his grandson raising a child in the morning.

The young butler had stopped talking about the difference between eastern and western education. He basically understood that his young master was treating Miss Jiu as a child and raising her.

It wasn’t just the specific details in her life though. When his young master was reading books, Miss Jiu would be beside him playing with her little keyboard.

How close were the two children? You could explain with one point. In the past, his young master’s room had only had a bed, a bookshelf, and a wardrobe. Nothing else could be found. Ever since he had known Miss Jiu, snacks, a bean bag, a small toolkit, and two laptops could be found in his room. Using his young master’s words, these were all Miss Jiu’s toys.

The young butler thought for half a day but he still couldn’t understand how a toolkit was able to become someone’s toy.

Of course, there were quiet times too.

At 10 am. the two children would be in the study room. Every day at this time, time would pass exceptionally slow.

Qin Mo wore a pure white woolen sweater. One of his hands was pressed against the calligraphy paper on the wooden table. He held onto Little Tiger Bo’s hand as she held a calligraphy brush. He taught her how to read and write words stroke by stroke.

Sunlight shone in and scattered on the frames of the two young children. The young butler watched at the side. Astonishment filled his eyes.

He had always known that his young master was handsome but this was probably the only time he could see such a gentle young master.

Rather than saying that his young master was like a prince with European blood, it was more accurate to say that he was like an ancient young master. His actions were naturally elegant and noble.

If only his young master was present, this scene might not be so astonishing. However, Little Tiger Bo was standing in front of him. They were of the same age. The taller child was teaching the slightly shorter child how to write a word.

Little Tiger Bo was still wagging her tail. There was an ink stain on her nose. It looked as though someone purposely painted it there. All it lacked was three whiskers. When she was serious, she looked as though she could complete all big matters.

Maybe it was because she looked really interesting like this.

Young master would always turn his gaze unconsciously towards her and smile at her.

In that instant, the young golden-haired butler remembered a poem he learned from Chinese literature. Actually, ancient fantasy novels and ancient revenge online novels were what he meant by Chinese literature.

There was a sentence in the poem: When you, my lover, on a bamboo horse, came trotting in circles and throwing green plums, this was probably what the purest form of emotion looked like.

However, compared to normal childhood friends, this couple was different. You could say that all the knowledge Bo Jiu was learning now as well as part of her lifestyle habits came from Qin Mo.

Qin Mo had taught her how to write her first word. He had taught her her first ancient poem. He had even been the first person to tell her bedtime stories. He coaxed her to sleep, coaxed her to eat, and coaxed her to take medicine. He was detailed and thorough.

However, Bo Jiu was still very naughty. To her, practicing calligraphy was just a way of admiring her little princess’s beauty from a close distance.

“Momo, your eyelashes are so long. They’re even longer than mine.” This was what she did after she finished writing her fourth word. She couldn’t control her emotions anymore. She had already lifted her hand to touch the elegant and handsome small face in front of her eyes.

Qin Mo paused for a moment. He knew that he couldn’t change her habit of touching him anytime and anywhere so he didn’t force her to do it. He wrapped a scarf around her neck and brought the little tiger out. After all, he needed to bring her out occasionally.

Today, they pushed forward the time for the stroll. After all, for this half a month, someone had been very obedient. However, very soon, someone interrupted their stroll.

“Lord Jiu, did you forget about me, your father? Mmh?” It was Mr. Bo. He was dressed like a doctoral candidate today. He was wearing a white shirt inside with a tie around his neck. There were gold-rimmed glasses on his face and he was holding a book in his hand. He lifted his book slightly and knocked it on Little Tiger’s Bo’s crown.