Chapter 1451 - Untitled

1451 Untitled

After seeing a certain adult’s unreliable behavior, Qin Mo pulled Little Tiger Bo to his side with a calm expression, then reached out and rubbed her head.

Mr. Bo found the scene amusing. The Qin family’s little devil really intended to raise his child for him?

Mr. Bo raised his eyebrows slightly and bent down to carry his Lord Jiu. “Alright, I’m afraid you and your Little Princess may have to set another appointment in the afternoon. Follow me out now.”

“Where are we going?” Little Tiger Bo asked and added, “Dad, you came at a bad time.”

Mr. Bo laughed and placed her at the back of the car. “I apologize but, Lord Jiu, have you forgotten what day it is?”

Little Tiger Bo tilted her head.

It was Friday. Her dad’s university was always holding random programs on this day. The last time, it had been a debate. This time she wasn’t sure what it was.

Her dad would participate occasionally so that her mother would show up in school to cheer him on. Little Tiger Bo knew the reason her father came to get her for this though; it was for her to act cute. However, she was reluctant to leave Momo.

Qin Mo saw that the little tiger sitting on the motorcycle kept looking at him. She wasn’t even wearing a hat since she had thought it was just a walk.

The more he looked, the deeper his frown became. In the end, he removed the scarf around his neck and wrapped it around Little Tiger Bo like an older brother. He spoke calmly, “Behave when you are out with Uncle Bo. Don’t be naughty and don’t remove the scarf, do you understand?”

“Mmh!” Little Tiger Bo nodded gravely.

Qin Mo turned to the side and placed the mint in his hand in Little Tiger Bo’s pocket. He then raised his eyes and said to the adult, “Uncle Bo, you have to watch over her. She likes to eat sweets but she can’t eat much since her teeth haven’t fully recovered. This is today’s quota, don’t buy anymore for her. Uncle Bo, you bought too much last time and she didn’t sleep much after finishing those.”

The experienced big child Mr. Bo smiled. Was this kid reminding him? Although he was indeed lacking in terms of parenting, he should be the one saying those reminders. Lord Jiu was his daughter after all!

“Don’t worry. I won’t have the chance to buy any since we are not going to the candy store,” Mr. Bo said. He positioned his legs on the bike, supported the motorcycle, and buckled his helmet, no longer hiding his handsomeness. The corner of his shirt flew and with a child sitting behind him, it was a very nourishing sight.

Qin Mo watched as the motorcycle rode off and waited until he could no longer see it before he retracted his gaze.

After hearing that Miss Jiu was picked up by Mr. Bo, the young housekeeper had a foreboding that Young Master Qin’s appetite might not be so good. Sure enough, he didn’t even ask the kitchen to prepare dessert.

This time, it wasn’t because he was in a bad mood but a certain someone wasn’t there and it was boring to eat these things alone.

Fortunately, his grandpa said that there would be a party he would take him to. Qin Mo finally found something to do.

Qin Mo would always dress like a little prince when he attended such corporate gatherings with Grandpa An. Little William couldn’t compare. Hence, when they met, he could only stay silent, keeping his anger within him.

After all, it was all deceptive. Moreover, Jiu had specifically told him to take care of her little princess when he met him at a party. She was afraid that her little princess would be in danger since he was so good-looking.

Little William had felt an overwhelming gush of emotions when he had heard that.

In the end, he could only come to one conclusion: His father had lied to him. Girls would like him if he is strong and formidable? That was wrong! As long as his face looked good, nothing else mattered.

In addition, this good-looking person acted so well. He didn’t give others any chance to survive. All the children who had come to the dinner party were bewitched by him.

This should be the purpose that little vixen came here for. It was so irritating. Was he not going to make friends again today?

Little William looked at that cold back that was surrounded by people. The person would reply one or two sentences occasionally when the other children talked. Other times, he was really like an iceberg.

He must know that this sort of temperament was popular and deliberately behaved in such a manner. After all, he didn’t act in such a manner in front of Jiu and wasn’t this unapproachable!

This time, Little William had really misunderstood.

The real Qin Mo behaved in such a manner, treating everyone with cold respect. The little tiger was the only exception. She was the only one he would coax patiently, what would make him seem more like the other children of the same age, feeling joy and unhappiness.

They were still too young. At that time, they didn’t know what sort of relationship that was.

The dinner party kept going. When it was 11 pm, the dinner party finally ended. At the start, Qin Mo hadn’t minded since this wasn’t considered very late domestically. At the age of five or six, he would have been sleepy at this point.

When he got out of the car, Qin Mo’s dark eyes were still a little dazed. The moment he saw the little tiger sitting in front of his house, he was suddenly awake.

He unconsciously opened his coat and wrapped it around the little tiger. “Why are you here?”

“I’m waiting for Momo.” Little Tiger Bo placed her chin on his shoulder. Since she had seen him, her round tiger eyes had begun to blur and her voice sounded even more sleepy. “I thought Momo would come back in a while, I didn’t expect it to take so long, I didn’t expect it to be so…”

Gradually, Little Tiger Bo closed her eyes, falling asleep in seconds.

Soon, Qin Mo couldn’t hear the person in his arms talking anymore; all he heard was soft breathing.

Qin Mo stretched out his arm and touched her ears. They were cold.

He carried her. As she was about his size, it was inevitable for him to be unstable when he walked. Thus, the driver reached out but was blocked by him – and the young butler wasn’t around.

However, Old Master An was a little surprised to see a guilty and reproachful expression on his grandson’s face.

From that day onwards, no matter what happened, Qin Mo would be back home before 9 pm. It was the same even for business dinners. After all, he had a child to raise.

The little tiger in his arms was freezing. It must have been very cold sitting outside.

The next day, Qin Mo found an extra housekeeper, who was specifically responsible for opening the door for the little tiger. Qin Mo made an extra key and placed it in Little Tiger Bo’s pocket.

They were considered inseparable because the things he had done weren’t limited to only that. Sometimes when Qin Mo went out, he would bring the little tiger. He seemed like an older brother bringing out a child.

Every time others saw the two of them, they would compare them with their grandchildren. Though the more they compared, the larger the gap was.

From then onwards, even Angelia’s group of little girls understood that they didn’t stand a chance.

Almost everyone in the business circle knew that the heir to the An’s group and the child that he had been betrothed to since young were so close that he would roll up her sleeve for her when she ate. Not to mention, when the child’s shoelaces were untied, Qin Mo would kneel down to tie the shoelaces and then caress the little tiger’s head.

Looking at these interactions made many couples who had a son want to have another little girl. Their image of an older brother adoring a younger child was filled with warmth.

But there were some things that others weren’t aware of.

Two days before Chinese New Year, Qin Mo received a call from his father. The rough content was that there were too many tasks in the military and he couldn’t return home to celebrate the new year with him.

Chinese New Year was the biggest festival in China. It was a day for the family to reunite. Qin Mo had never enjoyed such a reunion though. In the military courtyard, it was his grandfather who accompanied him through New Year

After his grandfather had retired, it had been obvious that his father had to push forward. His mother’s career had kept flourishing and she thus couldn’t find the time either.

According to logic, Qin Mo should have gotten used to it. This year, however, he wanted to introduce his little tiger to his family. Moreover, he hadn’t seen his brothers in a long time and felt a small sense of disappointment. After all, he was still young. No matter how mature he might be, he was still a child.

Qin Mo wasn’t a person who would show his emotions, hence, Old Master An didn’t notice anything. It was the end of the year and something cropped up in the subsidiary branch that he had to deal with urgently.

He hurriedly got into the car, reminding the servants to take good care of his grandson. But Old Master An didn’t understand that at this moment, Qin Mo didn’t need care. He needed company.

Fortunately, if the butler was around, he was well informed of his grandson’s situation. After hearing that his grandson did not come down since he had left, Old Master An hurriedly called the Bo’s.

Little Tiger Bo answered the call. “Hello, Grandpa An.”

Old Master An softened his tone. “It’s me. Jiu, Grandpa An is going on a business trip and won’t be home today. There is no one at home. After you finish today’s work, can you help me and go see your Brother Mo?”

“I’ll go over now.” As soon as Little Tiger Bo heard that her little princess was alone, she didn’t care about her task anymore. She carried her small keyboard, wore the down jacket, and walked towards the opposite house.

She decided to let Momo try her culinary skills. Perhaps, Momo would agree to let her raise him then. That would be great.

With that thought in mind, Bo Jiu pushed the door to the second floor open.

Qin Mo thought it was the housekeeper. Lying on the bed, with the quilt pulled up over his face, he said in a faint voice, “Get out.” There wasn’t any warmth in the two words.

Bo Jiu placed her keyboard down and threw herself onto the bed, hugging the bulging figure through the quilt. “Momo, it’s me.”

Qin Mo stiffened since he hadn’t expected the little tiger to be here. After all, she should be doing her task at this hour. Moreover, he had noticed that Mr. Bo had been assigning her more tasks recently. So, what was she doing here?