Chapter 1452 - Shining Years

1452 Shining Years

The moment Qin Mo lifted his lids, the little tiger’s hand was already pressing down on his forehead. Then she frowned and even her tail stopped shaking. The little tiger ran downstairs and ran back with a small first aid kit.

Probably because she was always mischievous, in contrast to Qin Mo, the little tiger’s body was always filled with injuries. Of course, there wasn’t any serious injury. Under normal circumstances, it was scratches on her face or hands from climbing walls. If not, it was a toothache or bloated stomach. These were all problems that children encountered often.

The reason Little Tiger Bo was so familiar with the location of the An’s first aid kid was because Qin Mo would feed her medicine every time she fell sick or was injured.

Initially, Qin Mo didn’t know what the little tiger was going to do. His head was a little dizzy and he shook a bit while trying to stand to find her. When he saw the little tiger appearing with the first aid kit, his fingers paused.

On the first trip, Bo Jiu took the first aid kit, and on the second trip, she brought a large pot of hot water. She lowered her head seriously as she made him a cup of cold medicine. Next, she took a few pills and looked at Qin Mo with very dark eyes. She wanted him to take the medicine.

This was the first time he was taken care of in such a manner. Qin Mo watched the Little Tiger run up and down, before finally returning with a book. After she turned a few pages, she said, “Momo, I don’t know how to tell a bedtime story. Perhaps I can make one up for you.”

“Mmh?” Qin Mo only felt that it was rare to see a certain someone not misbehaving; she even knew to tell him a bedtime story. He couldn’t help smiling.

Upon seeing this, Little Tiger Bo lowered her eyes and kissed him on the cheek.

Qin Mo was caught off guard. He didn’t know if it was because of the cold or something else, his ears were red. When he finally got back his senses, a certain little tiger had started to tell her made up story.

The Bo family had always been familiar with Buddhism studies and the bible. It was originally two different religions, which was not difficult to tell from the little tiger’s story. Hence, her story began.

“A long, long time ago, there was a man who cultivated the path of the demon, and another that cultivated the path of immortality. The man who cultivated the path of the demon was regarded as an unforgivable sinner, he fell into the land of the dead and disappeared. The one who cultivated the path of immortality ascended into a high immortal. In actual fact, both of them knew each other and had a very close relationship. They had met when they were eight years old and had joined the same celestial teacher at the foot of the Kunlun Ice Mountains. The one who cultivated the path of the demon had a stubborn nature and would always cause trouble. He would give all the celestial herbs he collected to the other person because cultivating the path of immortality consumed one’s vitality in order to gain enlightenment and love all lives. Originally, the two had had the same innate talent. But one day the child who cultivated the path of demon caused a big trouble in order to save his brother that cultivated the path of immortality. He committed murder and was imprisoned in the Kunlun Mountains for three years. Back then, his brother would accompany him every day and this time, he was the one who volunteered his celestial herbs. However, he was rejected. The child that cultivated the path of the demon told him that he couldn’t control himself when he saw him being harmed; he couldn’t love all lives and it was probably that line that destroyed all possibility of him becoming an immortal. He fell and became a demon, walking the paths of the humans, experiencing sadness, joy, separation, and reunion; seeing the different roads, alleys, and seasons. Once, when he turned himself into a flirtatious young man while staying in an inn, all he could remember was the person who had disciplined him at the foot of the Kunlun Mountains. However, they could never meet again or rather, he would try not to appear in places that person would be. There were many people who didn’t understand, not all that cultivated the path of the demon were bad and not all that cultivated the path of immortality were good. There were many who didn’t dare to admit their wrong doings and would even push the blame onto others. That is human nature and couldn’t be differentiated into demons or immortals. The person who cultivated the path of the demon did things extravagantly and knew a lot of secrets about others. The more secrets someone held, the more likely they were to retaliate and bite first. They never remembered what they did and would criticize the person who cultivated the path of the demon. First, they would accuse him and next, they would set a trap. They received news that the person who cultivated the path of the demon would suffer a calamity once every ten years, so they took this opportunity to attract ten thousand bolts of heavenly thunder. When the demon was destroyed, it was originally assumed that his soul would disappear but unexpectedly, he fell into the Yellow Spring, and a ray of his soul remained. They said that it was not the people who cultivated the path of immortality who had destroyed him. Instead, it was because he had refused to obey Heaven’s destiny. But on this day, there was also someone else who had disobeyed Heaven’s destiny. He used his immortal bones and flesh to exchange for a chance to change Heaven’s destiny. However, he didn’t ask to change his own, instead, it was for someone else, the person whose life should have ended. The Buddha asked if he would regret turning from an immortal into something that didn’t know about cold nor warmth. He replied, ‘I won’t regret it.’ What he missed the most was the time when he had met that person when he had been eight years old. Now he was full of blessings and could take all of them. The Buddha shook his head. He was a high immortal, the most spiritual person. How could this be his end? He didn’t reply and said that it was his destiny. He laughed once and the white sword in his hands turned into a shadow of a sword. Using blood as his guide, he entered Hell and caused the Three Realms to shake. That night, there weren’t any ghosts within eight hundred miles of the Yellow Spring Road. There was only a burning mandala, and a road that seemed to be calling someone home. Avalokitesvara shed a drop of tears when she saw it, and the bells of Lei Yin Temple rose and fell. The Buddha chanted once. Amitabha. ”

With that, Little Tiger Bo turned her head, waiting to be praised. “Momo, isn’t the story nice?”

“You should continue.” Qin Mo glanced at her.

Little Tiger Bo wagged her tail. “Let me think about it and I’ll tell you tomorrow. You should behave and sleep now so that you can get better.”

Qin Mo looked at this small face that was very close to him and pinched her face. “Idiot, don’t worry.”

“Mmh?” Little Tiger Bo blinked suspiciously.

The medicinal effect had started. Just before the little figure closed his eyes, his voice floated over. “Even if we are different in the future, I won’t let anyone hurt you.”

Little Tiger Bo heard it. A pair of tiger eyes were turning a little bright. In reality, Little Tiger Bo knew that ordinary people definitely would not accept what she would do in the future. She had seen many animation and movies. All of those were always saying that people in different worlds would never be together.

She had asked Grandpa An and thus knew that the Little Princess’s family has a police background. No, that wasn’t right, they were more powerful than the police.

Anyways, they were the ones that specialized in catching her – but she didn’t wish to be caught by Momo in the future. Even more so, she didn’t wish for him to hate her after he found out what she had to do. Hence, even the story she had created had a hint of desire. Thus, his words made her happy.

Little Tiger Bo turned her head and looked at the little prince who was lying there. Did this mean he was hers now?