Chapter 1453 - Untitled

Chapter 1453 Untitled

Time flew by when they were together.Little Tiger Bo fell asleep leaning against Qin Mo’s head. It was late at night when she woke up. That was when she remembered that sick people had to eat more.

Since there was no one at home, Little Tiger Bo volunteered to cook a bowl of noodles. She wasn’t sure if the color was too strong or it was because of the seasoning packet.

After Qin Mo finished eating, he didn’t get better. He instead ended up with enteritis.

Later, the doctor told them the reason. It wasn’t surprising since his digestive system was weaker due to the cold and the instant noodles seasoning pack was too greasy.

Little Tiger Bo was very guilty. That night, she climbed his wall and sought his forgiveness. At that time, Qin Mo didn’t have any strength, and told her, “Come up.”

After Little Tiger Bo had climbed up, he reached out and hugged her. She felt soft and cuddly. His smile deepened. “Little Tiger Bo, are you an idiot?”

“I’m not,” Little Tiger Bo replied seriously. “But Momo, this is the first time you took the initiative to hug me. Should I be celebrating? Why don’t you let me buy you?”

Qin Mo tilted his gaze. “I’m very expensive.”

“I will work hard to earn more money.” Little Tiger Bo clenched her small fists.

Qin Mo squeezed her fists. “I will tell you if I’m willing to sell myself to you when you are eighteen years old.”

“Eighteen years old…” Little Tiger Bo opened her hands and counted. There was still a long time to go. “Can’t you agree to it now?”

Qin Mo raised his brows. “I can’t.”

“Well, alright. I will be taller when I’m eighteen. When the time comes, I will come find you in a suit just like my mom.” The more she spoke, the more she was convinced that this was the most comfortable place.

Qin Mo frowned. “Suit? Shouldn’t it be a dress?”

“No, the overbearing presidents in movies are all dressed in suits.” Little Tiger Bo yawned as she spoke. Her little head was placed on Qin Mo’s shoulders, her tail wagging twice just like a real tiger. “Momo, I’m sleepy.”

She wanted Qin Mo to coax her.

Some habits were indeed cultivated. Before she had met Qin Mo, Bo Jiu had never allowed anyone to coax her to sleep. But now, as soon as she was sleepy, she would put her head on Qin Mo’s shoulder. Qin Mo would always pat her on the back, saying something in a cool and pleasant voice, for no other reason than to let her sleep.

There weren’t many days until the Chinese New Year. In any case, Old Master An had to go back and so did Qin Mo.

After Little Tiger Bo heard the news, she went to Qin Mo’s little panda suitcase. “Momo, take me with you, you can treat me as a luggage.”

He had thought of taking a certain little tiger with him anyway. Thus, Qin Mo asked but Mr. Bo, who was used to being lazy, didn’t agree. He smiled lightly and gave him only one word. “No.”

It was also on that day that Qin Mo whiffed the smell of blood from this adult. The smell was looming even though he was wearing a windbreaker. But just before Auntie Bo came back, he entered the bathroom.

Qin Mo was a child that could keep secrets. This was probably what children with high intelligence were like.

He left a medicine box at the Bo family’s house, saying nothing. However, Qin Mo didn’t feel too good since he couldn’t take the little tiger he raised with him, especially when he was about to get in the car and turned to look at a certain someone’s round tiger eyes.

Qin Mo couldn’t help but pinch her face. “I’ll be back soon. I will be staying home till New Year’s Eve at most. When I am away, listen to Uncle Bo’s words, don’t always climb walls, and don’t eat too much of the candies I gave you. If you’re hungry, use the key I gave you to enter the house. I filled the small snack cabinet for you. There is ready-made canned beef inside. Eat less instant noodles. You have my home number, call me when something’s up and don’t misbehave.”

Little Tiger Bo nodded holding the keyboard, counting down internally. Three days wasn’t long, it was acceptable.

But even then, when the car was about to leave, Little Tiger Bo was still holding onto Qin Mo’s clothes. However, it wasn’t Little Tiger Bo’s actions that caught Old Master An off guard. Instead, it was obvious his grandson didn’t want to leave.

This was a completely different attitude from when he had first arrived at this place.

The most surprising thing was when the car started to move, his grandson became absent-minded.

From boarding the plane to taking off to the final landing, his grandson didn’t smile at all. It wasn’t until he picked up the phone and made an overseas phone call that there was a little bit of warmth.

Back then, there hadn’t been WeChat. It was inconvenient because they had to use the computer for video calls.

They were nearing Chinese New Year and the children were all busy. Moreover, there was a time difference.

As soon as Qin Mo returned to the military courtyard, he was surrounded by children and couldn’t spare any time to make a call.

When he picked up the phone after he had gone through all his relatives, he realized that the time was wrong.

More importantly, he had originally settled to go back after Chinese New Year. However, the An’s suddenly had an urgent matter to deal with. Hence, the date they returned was delayed.

Fortunately, Qin Mo had more time and could find time to call a certain little tiger. But no one picked up the phone.

Bo Jiu wasn’t at home because she had followed Mr. Bo to his university. This time, it wasn’t to act cute though – even if it seemed like it because Bo Jiu was still wearing the tiger pajamas.

However, that wasn’t Mr. Bo’s motive. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have brought her to his school at this hour. Something had gone wrong in the hacker world.

It wasn’t like the first time. This time, he had chosen a life that wasn’t peaceful. There hadn’t been such a huge loophole in terms of privacy before. Thus, it would only be a matter of time now before some people knew his identity.

In the past, Mr. Bo hadn’t been worried about such things. But now, that wasn’t the same.

The little one that was lying beneath his table and the woman in the opposite building were his life. He had issued a call and was waiting for the butler to arrive. However, that also meant that Jiu wouldn’t have a choice.

Mr. Bo raised his eyes and glanced at the English words on the blackboard, with one hand on his chin, he casually asked, “Jiu, do you like what we do now?”

“I like it.” Little Tiger Bo leaned against the edge of the table. She didn’t reply and had instead sent the words over using her little keyboard.

Mr. Bo glanced over, his gaze deepening. “That’s good.”

The most important thing now was to hide Jiu well. As for him, he would first have to attract their attention. He couldn’t let them find anything. If he thought about it carefully, returning to the castle…