Chapter 1454 - Mr. Bo and Mrs. Bo

Chapter 1454 Mr. Bo and Mrs. Bo

University was undoubtedly the safest place because Mr. Bo’s identity now wouldn’t cause any suspicion – especially when he sat on the stairs with the little tiger as they waited for Mrs. Bo to pick them up.The old and the young were both sucking a packet of yogurt. The little tiger was wagging her tail. “Dad, I want to eat chicken wings.”

“Lord Jiu, you need to change your habit of eating the moment you wake up.” Mr. Bo yawned and continued lazily, “Later, you will roll around and ask my Mrs. Bo to bring you out to eat.”

The little tiger felt that she needed to educate this adult. “Dad, I’m already five years old, not one year old. It will be too shameless for me to roll around and act cute.”

“What is your suggestion then?” Mr. Bo asked casually. “Mrs. Bo said that she won’t let you eat unhealthy snacks.”

The little tiger thought carefully for a moment. “I think I will still roll around.”

“Roll around more. I want to eat too.” Mr. Bo smiled and lifted his hand to pull his collar. At this moment, he looked exceptionally devilish.

The little tiger nodded and gave him an ‘ok’ sign with his hand. Thus, the old and the young maintained their sitting posture.

As the two faces were very striking, many university students looked over and found them really cute.

Mr. Bo was quite famous in school. This wasn’t his first time waiting for Mrs. Bo with Bo Jiu either. But every time he did, it would still give them a huge stimulation. They really wanted to give birth to a little tiger too.

Mrs. Bo walked over in her high heels while wearing a set of professional attire. The moment she stepped into the university, this was the scene she saw. The two of them were drinking yogurt again. Was the food in the university so horrible? Mrs. Bo couldn’t help but smile. She walked over slowly.

Little Tiger Bo was the first to see Mrs. Bo. Her round tiger eyes lit up immediately and she rushed towards Mrs. Bo’s direction. “Mom.”

“Were you obedient today?” Mrs. Bo looked at her attire and helped her to roll up her sleeve.

Little Tiger Bo reported earnestly, “I’m very obedient. Dad is always sleeping.”

“Hey.” Mr. Bo smiled lazily. He freed one hand and knocked his books on Little Tiger Bo’s head. Then he leaned forward and placed his chin on Mrs. Bo’s shoulder. “I didn’t fall asleep on purpose. I wrote too many literature reports so I felt dizzy.”

Mrs. Bo’s aura was rarely seen so when she appeared, many people started looking in her direction.

The aura of a successful businesswoman and a student from the university was naturally different. Because of this, people believed that this certain businesswoman was indeed the sugar mummy of the handsome Undergraduate Bo.

Many pretty ladies and new students felt pity. They didn’t know why the handsome man wanted to find someone older than him. Of course, they couldn’t find any flaws in the looks of the other party. There seemed to be no difference in their age. Because of her aura, people felt that she was like an ice beauty.

She was wearing professional attire so she gave off the feeling of a person in power. She wasn’t just a beauty. She was cold and intimidating too.

“Why would you feel dizzy suddenly?” Mrs. Bo stretched her hand out and rubbed Mr. Bo’s head as she spoke.

Little Tiger Bo knew that this was her dad’s scheme. Her dad was always trying his best to win over her mom’s favor from her.

He wasn’t afraid of people saying that he found a sugar mummy anyway.

If you looked at things from a certain aspect, Mr. Bo was like a little puppy. However, when the people around him saw his actions just now, they started questioning themselves. Was this really the evil senior brother that they knew? They felt that he was different.

Mr. Bo didn’t care about other people’s opinions. Recently, Mrs. Bo had been extremely indifferent towards him. He needed to find some sense of presence.

Little Tiger Bo didn’t forget about what she had discussed with her dad earlier. She wagged her tail and blinked her eyes lightly. “Dad says that he wanted to eat chicken wings just now. He must be dizzy because he’s hungry.”

Mr. Bo turned his head and raised his eyebrows. After staying with that brat from the Qin family, his Lord Jiu knew how to use other people to achieve her goals.

“Chicken wings?” Mrs. Bo felt helpless when facing these two people. She sighed lightly and continued, “We’ll have a meal. After that, I need to go to the airport. Eat some vegetables tonight. Don’t always eat meat.”

Mr. Bo hugged her waist and landed a kiss on her lips. “Don’t worry. I will look after Lord Jiu.”

Mrs. Bo didn’t expect this sudden action from him because the people around them were all looking at them. He was… Didn’t he care about other people knowing their relationship?Or was he following his emotions because he was still too young?

Mrs. Bo more or less knew that she shouldn’t talk about their relationship in public. It wasn’t because Mr. Bo said anything. She just felt it from him. He didn’t introduce her to his professors and the people he knew in school.

Mrs. Bo could understand his doings. Of course, she would occasionally be curious about it though. After all, they had been married for so many years.

Thus, she would still care about it sometimes.

This time, everything was fine. The previous time she had come alone to pick him up, she had seen a lady wanting to get a date with him. He had rejected the lady. Then the lady had said, “You can’t always live off a woman.”

Mrs. Bo knew that every man had his ego so she had chosen not to appear at that time.

But when she had thought about the situation at home carefully, he studied for his academic degree with his own effort. The clothes he was wearing were bought by her but he didn’t show any signs of them liking or disliking them.

The Tomahawk he drove was his too. He shouldn’t have any kind of psychological gap in this aspect.

But the people around her did tell her that she naturally had a strong personality. Most of the time, a big boy like him should like someone cute and lively or a little pretty girl that loved to rely on him and was romantic and pure.

Mrs. Bo never asked him anything in this aspect. After all, when that person saw her, he was so attached to her that she forgot about the incompatibility between the two of them.

At the start, Little Tiger Bo was in Mrs. Bo’s arms. When she wasn’t noticing, Mr. Bo carried her over and placed on his shoulders. Little Tiger Bo grabbed her dad’s unkempt hair with her tail swaying beside her.

She never thought of acting cute. When other people saw a little tiger sitting on such a handsome man, however, they would naturally look at them.

“Boss Lou?” It was the driver that always followed Mrs. Bo, whose surname was Lou. When he saw his boss walking out, he moved forward to welcome her and wanted to open the door of the car.

Mrs. Bo stopped him. “We will be eating nearby. Old Wan, you can go and grab some food first.”

“Okay, Boss Lou.” Old Wan glanced at Mr. Bo as he spoke. He called him respectfully, “Mister.”

He didn’t understand why his Boss Lou had chosen this person but since Boss Lou had agreed to their relationship, as her driver, he wouldn’t say anything. On the other hand, Miss Jiu was still as likable as always. Old Wan smiled as he looked at the little tiger.

This was probably the happiest and most special family he had ever met. However, Boss Lou was too busy most of the time. As for Mr. Bo… it was difficult to put it in a nutshell. He loved to stick to Boss Lou but he wasn’t the usual pretty boy. The driver couldn’t pinpoint the exact reason but he hoped that Mr. Bo wouldn’t disappoint Boss Lou.

Being able to have chicken wings was always a happy thing. There were hamburgers, french fries, and coke on the table too.

Mrs. Bo was helping her daughter to roll up her sleeve. When she raised her eyelids, a hamburger appeared in front of her.

The person only smiled when he saw her taking a bite of the hamburger. When he smiled, many university students that were eating here stared at him.

Mrs. Bo didn’t know what happened but in the next second, Mr. Bo’s fingers froze in mid-air. He raised his eyes slightly and looked out of the window. His gaze dimmed slowly.

The sound of police cars flying past the shop rang beside his ears. This wasn’t important though. What was important were the people in black standing under the tree. They seemed to be asking around.

“What’s the matter?” Mrs. Bo followed his gaze and looked over. She didn’t see anything.

Mr. Bo took a bite of the hamburger. “Nothing. I still have lessons in the afternoon so I can’t send you off.”

Mrs. Bo froze for a second. Then she smiled and said, “Alright, I understand. Eat more.” He probably had his qualms. This time, too many people saw them together.

They finished this meal very quickly. When Mrs. Bo was around, Mr. Bo acted lazily. The moment she had left, however, he dialed a number. “Come over and take Jiu back.”

“Yes, Boss.” The person on the other end spoke in a charismatic England slang.

Little Tiger Bo had heard this voice before but this time, it was a little different. It sounded deeper.

Approximately five minutes later, a black Lamborghini appeared in front of the school gates. Someone walked out of the car. He was carrying something like a luggage bag in his hand. Normally, no one would carry a luggage bag in his hand.

The person was wearing a black tuxedo and white gloves. He looked like a butler of a noble family in the movies. Even though he was already past middle-age, he looked very handsome in his tuxedo. It was hard for someone to look so good when wearing a tuxedo at this age.

But this person portrayed this mature gentleman aura to its maximum. Not only that, but there was also a small cake box on his hand too. After he saw Bo Jiu, he placed his right hand behind his back and smiled softly. “Young Lord, I finally met you.”

At this time, Bo Jiu was still very unfamiliar with the address ‘young lord’.

But even then, she knew clearly what she had to do in the future. She blinked with her tiger eyes and looked at the person in front of her.

She was so cute the old butler felt that his heart was melting. His young lord was completely different from his master. His young lord was just a little cute tiger, the exceptionally cute kind of a young miss.

On the other hand, his master was different. His dark aura was thicker. Ever since he had been young, it had been like this.

Mr. Bo allowed the two people to interact. He took over the luggage bag from the butler and opened it in the car. Luckily, there weren’t many people in front of the school gate at this time.

The magical thing about this luggage bag was, you could never guess how many layers it had when it was opened. Besides a black trench coat, there was a small laptop and some weapons in the bag.

Mr. Bo wore the trench coat and lifted the luggage bag. He was wearing glasses so he looked like a refined young man. He didn’t look like he was going to do anything.

But if someone knew what he was carrying, they would know what he was going to do.

He was going to clear some bugs.

As for Little Tiger Bo, she was naturally brought back by the old butler. Based on his master’s order, sending her to William’s house was the safest option.

That family was naturally dramatic and big-hearted. They wouldn’t be curious about what had happened.

The butler was very polite. He bowed to Little William and said, “I will have to trouble you with my young lord for a day.”

Little William’s eyes were wide open. He had only seen this kind of person in the movies his dad filmed.

Little Tiger Bo felt that there was no need to trouble other people but at the same time, she knew that her dad had something to attend to. Little Tiger Bo was a smart person. After noticing the different atmosphere, she kept climbing to the window to take a look.

Her father only appeared late in the night. Mr. Bo was here to fetch Little Tiger Bo home. Actually, besides that fellow from the Qin family, he wouldn’t feel at ease passing his Jiu to anyone else.

It wasn’t because other people were not good. Honestly speaking, they were just not clever enough. For instance, Little William wasn’t able to tell that Mr. Bo’s hand was injured no matter how he looked at it.

After all, Mr. Bo looked the same as before. His tie wasn’t properly tied. It was tilted to one side and he was exuding a freeloader’s aura. The only difference was his lips. They were a little pale.

Only Little Tiger Bo noticed something amiss with her dad. She didn’t ask him to carry. Instead, she held his hand and walked towards her house. When they were halfway there, Mr. Bo leaned against a tree. His breathing was unstable. “Jiu, you…”

Little Tiger Bo was capable. She was a child so when she saw this scene, she felt uncomfortable in her heart.

However, she didn’t get flustered. When she noticed that her dad ran out of strength, she took out her dad’s phone from his pocket and called Grandfather Butler.

From the time she made the call, hung up, and waited for the butler to come, she didn’t act like a five-year-old at all. However, her hand shivered a little. She didn’t raise her tiger head too.

Grandfather Butler rushed over and started taking care of his master’s wound. The wound on his hand was still alright. He just needed to take out the bullet in his shoulder.

Only his master was able to take some time to call his wife while he was walking. He smiled lightly and said, “Lord Jiu? She’s downstairs playing with her little keyboard. Don’t worry, I will take care of her.” After hanging up, he let out his breath.

The temperature was a little high. Grandfather Butler gave his master any medicine needed. After cleaning up the wound, he finally said, “Luckily, the young lord called me in time.”

Mr. Bo sat there with a bandaged arm. He looked up with his thin eyes. He still exuded a king’s aura. “That’s why she’s suitable to take over my position, whether it’s her skills or her mentality.”