Chapter 1455 - Untitled

Chapter 1455 Untitled

Downstairs, Little Tiger Bo kept poking her keyboard continuously. She attempted to contact Momo on her computer.After logging into the messaging tools, she glanced at the time on the display. At this time, the sun hadn’t risen in China. Momo must be sleeping now.

Little Tiger Bo stopped what she was doing and scratched her face. Then she looked up and glanced at the direction of the second floor.

Recently, her father had become more mysterious than before. She wondered what had happened. If Momo was here, he could help her analyze as Momo seemed to know everything.

Little Tiger Bo hugged her little keyboard. She looked at the grey ID icon. Her tiger tail drooped down and she couldn’t help but mutter to herself, “Momo, I miss you so much.”

At that time, Bo Jiu was still young. Her voice was cute. It was easy for people to like her. It would make people forget the naughty things she did.

Sometimes, Qin Mo would ask himself what so good about this person was. He couldn’t seem to find an answer. But it was impossible to find another one who was like this person.

It felt as though there was something buried in his heart. He couldn’t empty his heart anymore. Even when there was half an earth between them, her figure would still appear in front of his eyes.

In China, more gatherings and traditions would occur during the Chinese New Year. This was especially true for old families like the An family and the Qin family. Hence, once it was the new year, Qin Mo needed to go to many different places.

He would visit all the old generals in the military courtyard. In the north, this tradition was called paying a new year call.

The Qin family was a family that adhered to past practices as it placed a huge emphasis on Chinese etiquette.

However, when Qin Mo was paying his visit to the other families this year, it was obvious that he was distracted. When he saw other children in the house, he would stop in his tracks.

There were always fights happening in the big courtyard. Young boys would call each other out for fights occasionally.

In the past, when they saw Qin Mo, they would restrain themselves automatically. After all, all the children in the courtyard knew that when Qin Mo fought, it really hurt their bones even though he looked like a refined little prince.

However, today, when he saw them gathered here, he looked as though he didn’t notice at all.

This… What one earth was going on? The children couldn’t understand what happened.

A young lady called him as she walked over but Qin Mo didn’t even turn his head.

This wasn’t the manners he displayed normally.

While all the children noticed that there was something different with Qin Mo, the person himself was actually thinking of what that little tiger was doing as he looked at these children. He wondered if she ate her meals properly. That should be impossible. Before he had left, he had told her that she could take the snacks in his room if she felt hungry.

However, the phone in his house seldom rang. Because of this, he specially told Auntie Zhang that if someone called his house, she must tell him no matter what. There was no response on the internet either.

Although he didn’t want to admit it but a certain thought was getting stronger and stronger in his mind. He was worried that when he wasn’t around, a certain someone would forget about him after playing for some time. After all, she loved to have fun normally.

Little Tiger Bo really wanted to play with other people during this period of time. However, this wasn’t the reason why she accepted Little William’s request to go out. It was because Little William said that the filming crew was going to a place where they could pray for an amulet this time.

It was hard to find a place like this overseas. On the other hand, there were many different churches around. Thus, the moment she heard that they could visit a temple, Little Tiger Bo agreed without any hesitation.

On this day, Qin Mo boarded the plane beforehand without Grandpa An accompanying him. If he continued waiting, he could only leave after ten days and Qin Mo wasn’t able to wait for so long. It wasn’t because of any other reasons; he just felt that it was time for him to go back.

In the airport of Jiang City, the ticket officer confirmed one more time when he saw such a young kid at the security gates. “You’re boarding the plane alone?”

“Yes,” Qin Mo replied to the ticket officer. He was still carrying his little panda luggage bag. This was a small luggage bag so he didn’t need to check the bag in.

Because of the aura around Qin Mo’s body, the ticket officer retracted his expression.

Actually, Grandpa An personally sent Qin Mo to the airport. When he was getting down his car, Grandpa An said, “Why are you going back so early? Do you miss Jiu?”

No expressions could be seen on Qin Mo’s small face. “It’s just time for me to go back now.”

“Oh?” Grandpa An examined his grandson’s expression. His smile got brighter as he continued, “I kind of miss Jiu. After you reach the house, remember to give me a call. I heard from the nanny that you are extremely stubborn towards phone calls recently.”

Qin Mo knew that his grandpa was laughing at him. He didn’t say anything though.

When he was on the plane, Qin Mo thought to himself and felt that the little tiger would like the things he brought back for her this time. They were all delicious new year snacks from China: Dry-cured beef, Chinese sausage, and some other snacks.

When the other old generals in the courtyard had noticed that Little Qin Mo wanted these snacks, they had all been shocked. Mind you, Little Qin Mo was a small ice cube during normal times. There was nothing wrong with his upbringing and etiquette but compared to their grandsons, he matured too early. He didn’t eat those things at all.

This time, for some reason, he had even asked someone to bring back three bags of fried dough twist from Tianjin. He had also asked for some of Jiang City’s famous pastry, Lǘdagunr, a glutinous rice roll in soybean flour. He had bought at least five boxes.

Indeed, it felt that he was celebrating the Chinese New Year. But who was he planning to give these things to? No one knew and as Qin Mo had already boarded the plane. they couldn’t ask him.

Across the ocean, Little William was very happy. He knew that the little demon from the east wouldn’t be coming back any time soon. That way, he wouldn’t feel pressured when he was interacting with Jiu. But first he needed to emphasize that he wasn’t afraid of the little demon. That was right, he wasn’t afraid at all.

“What are you doing?” Bo Jiu didn’t understand why William needed to evade the front gate when he was walking.

Little William coughed softly and said, “Nothing.” He really wasn’t here. That was good…

“I felt that you just heaved a sigh of relief.” Bo Jiu spoke like a fierce little tiger when she was in front of Little William.

Little William replied, “There’s no such thing. Let’s not talk about this. Jiu, we need to hasten our pace.”

“Okay.” Little Tiger Bo wasn’t wearing her little tiger pajamas. Instead, she was wearing a taekwondo costume. The black belt in the middle was exceptionally conspicuous. This was the reason why Little William didn’t dare to touch Bo Jiu.

However, he felt frustrated. Why did Jiu never display her real power in front of that little demon? Thinking about this, Little William couldn’t control himself anymore. He asked the question that was bothering him.

Bo Jiu sized up William for a moment before saying, “Momo isn’t like you. Momo is good-looking and refined. He gets embarrassed easily too. If I attacked him, I would frighten him.”

Little William: … When you beat me until my nose and face turned bruised and swollen, you never considered whether you would scare me! Also, look at my eyes. They’re blue! Don’t Asians like you love eyes that look like the sea?

As expected, his father had been lying to him. Jiu was different from the actors and actresses that came from overseas to develop their career!

This wasn’t the first time Little William felt frustrated. Fortunately, a child’s recuperative ability was good. Around ten minutes later, he started calling Jiu his brother again.

Every time Jiu came to the film grounds, she would help Little William to take care of some problems.

Little William didn’t like people trying to talk to him because of his father’s position but because of his personality, he couldn’t say it out loud. Most of the time, Jiu would walk over and look at those people. Then she would ask him if he wanted to take a walk or go and play around the area. His problem would be solved perfectly.

This time, the same thing happened. What was different was, Little William was still playing around. He was very interested in the Eastern belief and was in awe of it, although there wasn’t anything that he wanted to pray for.

On the other hand, Bo Jiu ran around continuously. She didn’t care when perspiration appeared on her face. She was really like a little tiger as she kneeled on the mat earnestly and placed her palms together. Her eyes were wide open and she didn’t blink.

There weren’t many children who were able to do this at such a young age unless they were the little monks staying in the temples. Maybe it was because she was too young but an old monk wearing a robe walked over and said, “Amitabha.”

He had seen many people but rarely saw such a fate. Her evil spirit was overwhelming but she had an affinity with Buddhism. What kind of fate was this?

Bo Jiu lowered her head when she heard the sound. She blinked her tiger eyes and called, “Master.”

The old man was stunned for a moment when he saw her face. His gaze landed on the mole beneath her eyes. He couldn’t help but stretch his hand out. He wanted to touch this child’s head.

Little Tiger Bo was still kneeling there. The expression on her little face was serious. “Master, I would like to ask for two amulets.”

“Two?” the old monk asked. “Are you asking them for yourself? Young child, if you ask for too many amulets, they will lose their power.”

Little Tiger Bo shook her head. “It isn’t for me. One is for my mom and dad and the other is for Momo. I hope that they can all be safe. Master, this is my only wish. Will it not come true?”

The old monk looked at the pair of eyes. After some time, he said, “You can wish for some other things. There’s nothing much to say about your parents but why did you ask for other people? Why don’t you give good fortune to yourself?”

“If Momo is safe, that is my good fortune.”

Little Tiger Bo’s eyes were very big. It gave people a fuzzy feeling.

Although she had evil spirits in her life, this sentence of hers still caused the old monk to be shocked for a moment. “In that case, I will give two amulets to you. If you regret it, you don’t have to give one of the amulets away.”

When Little Tiger Bo took the two amulets, her eyes were shining brightly. “I will not regret it. Thank you, Master.” After she had finished speaking, she even bowed at the old monk.

The old monk stood there and chanted ‘Amitabha’ over and over again until the little figure couldn’t be seen anymore. Then he retracted his gaze. Should he say that all children were frank and sincere? That was probably why she was able to say those words. However, how important must someone view the other person in order to take his safety as her good fortune?

The old monk raised his head and glanced at the statue that was sitting in the middle of the room. A small monk came over to ask him to go to the front hall. He said that all the believers were present.

The old monk waved his hand. “I have already given my blessing today. Ask them to come again next month.”

He had already given it out? The small monk scratched the back of his head. When had he given it away? Hadn’t his master only left for a moment?

Also, he could give three people his blessing in a month. His master had agreed to this. Why did he push the blessing to the next month after coming out for a moment? The small monk didn’t understand. “Master, you have given your blessing but there are still two people you can give it to.”

“I don’t have any left.” The old man lifted his hand and touched the small monk’s head. “Go and tell them honestly.”

The small monk replied with a yes. However, he couldn’t understand who was lucky enough to get three blessings from his master. After all, the blessings his master gave would all come true. That was why many people came to visit this temple.

In the future, people only knew that Qin Mo wrote in his amulet that his wish was for the little tiger to be safe and happy for her entire life. No one knew what Bo Jiu got back for him.

Little William didn’t look towards this direction. He always felt that this place was very mysterious. He would lose his way in some places.

It wasn’t like the buildings and the design of their country. Fortunately, the old butler was here. Speaking about it, this was strange. In the past, when Jiu had come out with him, she had never brought anyone along. Why was this Grandfather Butler following Jiu and him everywhere they went? Fortunately, he didn’t affect their fun.

Little William was curious about what Bo Jiu wished for. “Jiu, you went in to pray to the gods of the east. What did you ask for? They said that you can shake that… I forgot what that is called. Anyway, you are able to wish for a lover.”

“I have Momo already. I don’t need to pray for a lover.” The only thing that wasn’t perfect was the fact that Momo hadn’t agreed to sell him to her as her pet.

The edge of Little William’s mouth froze on the spot. He could only think, “Jiu, have you considered my feelings when you said this?” Obviously, she hadn’t.

The two children ate ice cream together. With the old butler following them, Little William experienced what it felt like for his mouth to keep moving without a chance to stop. There was always good food for them to eat. Also, there wasn’t a designated time they had to head back. Thus, they played for a while longer.

Qin Mo landed at 1 pm. Grandpa An had already prepared a driver to wait for him at the airport. Qin Mo didn’t care who brought him back. After all, the little tiger was still young so she couldn’t come and fetch him. Besides, even until now, she didn’t know that he was coming back.

Qin Mo looked at all the bags at the backseat. It was easy to imagine what expression the little tiger would have when she saw him and the pile of snacks later. She would definitely rush over and hug his waist. She would tell him that she missed him. He knew this person’s plan too well.

Thinking about this, Qin Mo tilted his head. There was a faint smile on the ends of his lips.

The driver couldn’t understand what his expression meant when he saw it from the rear mirror. “Young Master, why are you laughing?” Was there something interesting happening outside? There was nothing at all though. This was a long bridge. There were just cars around them. Why was his young master smiling?

Qin Mo wouldn’t tell him that when he thought of his little tiger, he would smile uncontrollably. He just turned his head and said indifferently, “Nothing.”

But as the distance got nearer and nearer, the smile on his face would appear more and more often even though it was faint and almost unnoticeable.

He was going to see his little tiger soon. At this time, she should be completing her mission. Thus, the first thing Qin Mo did wasn’t to go home. Instead, he walked to the Bo family’s house and pressed the doorbell.