Chapter 1456 - The Disappointed Little Prince

Chapter 1456 The Disappointed Little Prince

There was no response. Could it be that she was too focused on doing her mission?Qin Mo remembered that the little tiger might be wearing earphones. He looked up and glanced at the linked balcony between the two families.

Qin Mo was wearing a down coat. He did something that he had never done before. He learned from the little tiger and climbed up the wall. He was not familiar with the process though. When someone like Qin Mo climbed up the wall, the feeling was contradictory. It didn’t fit his image.

This was the scene the young golden-haired butler saw when he came back. At the start, when he saw this little figure, he thought that Miss Jiu was being naughty again. He spoke agitatedly in English, “Oh no, Miss Jiu, Young Master is coming back soon. If you do this, Young Master will… Young Master?!”

When the golden-haired butler saw the cold, small face, even the hair on his head got astounded. How could this be possible? Everyone knew that their young master was a model student at manners and etiquette. Why would he do something like climbing up a wall?

“Why are you shouting?” Qin Mo lowered his gaze and looked at him. His tone was indifferent.

The golden-haired butler stood there while wearing his suit. “Nothing, nothing.”

He wanted to let Miss Jiu see how their young master looked when he was climbing up a wall. He really felt like laughing. What should he do?

Qin Mo ignored him. After landing on the balcony, he walked closed to the floor-to-ceiling window. Through the floor-to-ceiling window, he could see the inside of the house clearly. There was no one inside. Mr. Bo wasn’t present. Not only that, his little tiger wasn’t there too.

The room didn’t seem as messy as before. It was tidied so nicely it looked as if the owner didn’t come back frequently. Of course, at that time, Qin Mo didn’t have the outstanding predictive ability he had when he grew up. After all, he was still a child – but his instinct was right.

Through the floor-to-ceiling window, Qin Mo looked in another direction. The little tiger should be sitting on that seat while typing on the keyboard with her small paws.

She didn’t know how to roll up her sleeves so she would scratch her face occasionally. Her expression would be serious and focused; or she would be lying at the side and eating her snacks. If he didn’t ask her to sit on the chair, she would always be so naughty. Qin Mo didn’t expect this room, where the little tiger always crawled around, to be empty…

Below him, the golden-haired butler looked at the small back view standing on the balcony. He didn’t understand why his young master seemed a little disappointed from this angle. Before he could see his young master’s face clearly, Qin Mo slid down from the side of the wall. What had happened to the Bo family recently?

Maybe it was because he was too engrossed in thinking about this problem or he lacked experience in climbing up walls but when Qin Mo was climbing down, he accidentally scratched his hand.

The young golden-haired butler shouted in surprise. He ran over hurriedly and said, “Young Master, are you alright?”

“I just scratched my hand. What can happen to me? Let’s go back first.” Qin Mo turned his head and glanced at the back of his hand. His face was as calm as before. He was still wearing the small black down coat.

Qin Mo didn’t have an idea where the little tiger would be at this time of the day. He wasn’t missing her like what his grandpa had said. After all, how could he be so childish? Qin Mo rejected his grandpa’s explanation once again.

However, he turned his head and looked behind him again. He had bought so many things for her. At first, he had wanted to let her see them as soon as possible. That was why he had come directly to the Bo residence without going home. From the looks of it now, he had to wait until nighttime…