Chapter 1457 - The Two Children Met Each Other

Chapter 1457 The Two Children Met Each Other

The golden-haired butler still felt that his young master was a little disappointed. Was it because the difference between the eastern and western cultures was too wide? Was this why he couldn’t find a better word to describe his feelings? Or was it because Miss Jiu wasn’t accompanying his young master today so he felt that that tall and straight back view seemed a little different than before?Thinking about it, it was true. Normally, at this time, what would his young master be doing? He would either be helping Miss Jiu roll up her sleeves or helping her tie her scarf. He might push her hat down so that Miss Jiu wouldn’t be able to see the road in front of her. That way, she wouldn’t be naughty and would hold the young master’s hand obediently as he led her. But today, his young master didn’t do any of them.

As his young master walked in front of him, the young butler felt… How could you explain this feeling in Chinese? The young butler forgot what the description was but anyway, his young master seemed a little lonely with only one shadow ahead.

At this moment, a flash of a car light shone over. Qin Mo just realized that the sky had already turned dark. He turned his head and saw that the car stopped outside the Bo family’s house. However, the car didn’t belong to the Bo family.

The instant Qin Mo started furrowing his brows, the car door got pushed open suddenly and a little tiger jumped down from the car. As she ran towards him, she was shouting, “Momo, Momo.”

Little Tiger Bo was so happy that she forgot about controlling her strength. She accidentally caused Qin Mo to fall on the ground when she pounced on him. “Momo, why are you here?” The happiness in the big tiger eyes was obvious.

Qin Mo didn’t correct her for using too much strength. For the first time, he didn’t tell Little Bo Jiu off for pouncing on him whenever he wanted. Instead, he tilted his head and placed his hand on her waist. He probably wanted to keep her closer to him because he wanted to enjoy this reuniting moment with her after being apart for a long time.

However, he didn’t want other people to see his emotions so he buried his head in the little tiger’s shoulder. He said in an indifferent tone, “I just came back.”

This was the first time Little Tiger Bo saw her Little Princess Qin being so proactive. She felt a little shy. She was so happy she took out the amulet she got from the old monk immediately. She pulled a red string without thinking and hung it around Qin Mo’s neck. “Momo, this is my present for you.”

Qin Mo acknowledged her. His voice still sounded indifferent.

But when the young golden-haired butler looked at him, he could still see a slight difference. The smile on his young master’s face was too obvious. Was he so happy?

Don’t think that it wasn’t a big deal. His young master had just acknowledged Miss Jiu. He would only accept the things Miss Jiu bought for him. As for the presents other people gave, he would reject them politely.

However, as long as the person giving the present was Miss Jiu, whether it was a small stone, wild mushrooms, or a huge piggy bank – even the most inconspicuous item would be placed in the most conspicuous position in his young master’s room. Other people weren’t allowed to even touch them.

But his young master loved it when people asked him questions like, “Where did you get this tiger-shaped piggy bank? It’s huge. I rarely see it around.”

His young master would always reply casually, “A certain little tiger gave it to me.” Actually, the edge of his lips would show signs of moving up while speaking these words.

At that time, the young butler had somehow understood why his young master had put those things at the most conspicuous spots in his room. He was showing off.

From the looks of it now, his young master had one more thing he could show off to other people.

The two people laid on the floor and hugged each other. They hugged for a little too long. Little Tiger Bo was still reminding Qin Mo, “Momo, you must keep the amulet on you. If not, it will lose its power. Momo, this time, you must listen to me. Really. You must listen to me…” In the end, Little Tiger Bo even reached out her hand and touched Qin Mo’s head.

Grandfather Butler wasn’t around. Besides the driver and the bodyguards, Little William was the only other person in the car.

He felt that Jiu had a special ability. Whenever she saw that little demon from the east, she was able to automatically block off everyone around her. Thus, Little William came over and said to Bo Jiu, “Jiu, tomorrow, we can go to another place. Also, if Uncle Bo doesn’t come back today, you can come to my house to sleep. Grandfather Butler said that you shouldn’t stay at home alone.”

When Little Tiger Bo heard this sentence, she didn’t feel anything. This was the sentence Little William had said the most for the past two days. Little Tiger Bo had never listened to him anyways.

But when Qin Mo saw Little William, the color of his pupils turned dark. The little tiger had come down from Little William’s family car. Also, sleep… sleep? This was the first time Qin Mo felt as though a huge rock was weighing down on his heart. Anger? Disappointment? Wrath? Maybe he felt all the emotions.

Qin Mo wasn’t able to control himself. Before Little William could say anything else, he pulled Little Tiger Bo up from his body. He ignored everyone around him and dragged the person into his house while grabbing her wrist.

He didn’t manage to control his strength. Qin Mo didn’t understand why he was the one feeling pain on his finger when she was the one who was dragged up by brute force.

The part of his hand that got scratched when he was climbing down the wall was burning in pain too. It felt as if there was a flame being ignited in his heart.

He thought that she would listen to him and never go out with anyone else again. He admitted that his possessiveness wasn’t normal at all. After all, as a normal young child, how could she not play with other children?

But Qin Mo couldn’t control himself from thinking too much. For instance, he always thought that since he was the one raising the little tiger, she should only look at him and play with him. She shouldn’t be close to other children.

He only raised this one little tiger. He wasn’t interested in other people. Since he was able to do it, the little tiger should be able to do it too. But she hadn’t listened to him. Instead, she was already so intimate with Little William.

When Qin Mo lowered his gaze, he was attempting to control his emotions. However, he couldn’t calm down at all. “Little Bo Jiu, how many times did I tell you that you’re a lady? Can’t you be reserved like a lady?”

Little Tiger Bo said with a serious face, “I’m very reserved.”

“You pounce on people whenever you see them. Is this called reserved?” Qin Mo knew that he was venting his anger on her but he couldn’t control himself.

Little Tiger Bo’s eyes were round and wide. They were a little dim as she said, “Momo if you don’t like me doing it, I won’t pounce on you anymore.”

“You’ve said this many times. You also said that you would listen to me obediently.” Qin Mo lowered his fingers when he said this. His voice was a little cold as he continued, “Forget it. Why am I telling you all these things? Little Bo Jiu, I told you that if you play with other people, I won’t play with you anymore.”

Qin Mo turned around and walked towards the stairs after he finished speaking.

Little Tiger Bo subconsciously wanted to hug the young child.

“Don’t always use this method.” Qin Mo tilted his head. His small side profile was handsome but cold. “If you want to play with other people, go and play with them. I don’t want to care about you anymore.”

Little Tiger Bo felt a little hurt when she heard this. “I didn’t ask you to care about me. You are too strict. I am naughty but I didn’t do bad things.”

Qin Mo didn’t say anything. He went up directly.

The young golden-haired butler was a little stunned as he watched them from the side. After all, he had never seen these two children quarreling. Mind you, Miss Jiu and his young master were so close that other people mistook them for a pair of siblings.

His young master always doted on Miss Jiu whenever he was facing her. That was why he never got angry no matter what Miss Jiu did. The most he would do was furrowing his brows and lowering his gaze to help Miss Jiu clean up the mess she had made.

As for Miss Jiu, besides loving to give his young master presents, she also wanted to take care of his young master. In this family, she was the one who did all the pouring of water and taking of fruits.

This was the first time the two of them quarreled. The young golden-haired butler wanted to say something.

However, Little Tiger Bo no longer wanted to listen. She stood there and stopped being stubborn. She lowered her head. No one knew what she was thinking.

Then, she raised her little keyboard and walked towards the door. During this entire time, she was dejected. Sometimes, she did wonder if she was too enthusiastic. But she had thought that Momo liked it. If not, Momo wouldn’t have let her fool around.

She knew that she was very naughty but he had taken care of her for such a long time. How could he stop caring about her just like this? Couldn’t he be a little more trustworthy?

Little Tiger Bo angrily threw the little keyboard in her hand on the ground. She didn’t want it anymore. But after throwing it, she remembered the scene of someone dismantling her little keyboard and fixing it back again. She ran back and picked up her little keyboard again.

When Mr. Bo saw this scene, he leaned against the motorcycle and lifted his helmet. He whistled in a handsome manner and said in a lazy tone, “Who angered my Lord Jiu?”

“I will never play with the little princess anymore. He doesn’t like me at all.” Little Tiger Bo hugged her little keyboard and pursed her lips until it became a single line.

Before Mr. Bo could reply, Little Tiger Bo opened her mouth again. “Dad, can I kidnap Little Princess Qin? He doesn’t like me anyway. If I kidnap him, maybe he will grow to like me as time goes by.”

Mr. Bo tilted his helmet and knocked on Little Tiger Bo’s head. “If you want your dad to be chased by the entire world, you can kidnap your little princess.”

“What should I do then? Sigh, this is so frustrating.” Little Tiger Bo tilted her head and lowered her voice. “I haven’t seen Momo in a long time but he said that I’m not reserved. He said that I shouldn’t pounce on people whenever I want.”

Mr. Bo was used to being his daughter’s relationship advisor. He agreed with this point. When he spoke, his tone was still casual. He wore a leather jacket with jeans, giving of really cool vibes. “Indeed, you shouldn’t be so proactive. You should lure that little ice cube in slowly.”

“Don’t talk bad about Momo.” Little Tiger Bo was protective of her loved one. “Only I can talk bad about him.”

Mr. Bo: … Was this his real daughter?

“Okay, Little Tiger Bo. Let’s talk about these things tomorrow.” Mr. Bo stretched his hand out, picked up the little tiger, and placed her around his neck. “Let’s go home and sleep.”

Little Tiger Bo acknowledged her father’s words. She suddenly thought of something. She grabbed her dad’s hair with one hand and took out the other amulet from the little pocket on her jacket. “Dad.”

Mr. Bo said, “I refuse to listen to you complimenting your little princess.”

Little Tiger Bo: …