Chapter 1458 - Untitled

Chapter 1458 Untitled

Little Tiger Bo opened her eyes wide and said with a focused expression. “I compliment my little princess because he’s too good. For instance, he knew many things you don’t know. Even mom said that he has a refined and scholarly aura around him. He isn’t like you, who tried to act like a scholar but failed. He fed me and even told me bedtime stories. He also taught me how to write calligraphy. Dad, you don’t know how to write calligraphy.”In the courtyard surrounded by a white fence, Mr. Bo threw the motorcycle casually down. He looked so relaxed he didn’t seem like an adult. “Lord Jiu, that’s too much. What do you mean by acting? I’m an undergraduate, do you understand?”

“You bought it.” Little Tiger Bo sat on his neck and grabbed his hair. She lowered her gaze and continued, “Dad, stop talking about this. I have an ego too. After all, mom said that I’m similar to you.”

Mr. Bo yawned and gave her an evil smile. “Is it bad to be like me? That little ice cube from the Qin family probably doesn’t even know how to climb a wall. How boring.”

Little Tiger Bo blinked. “Momo will never do something like climbing up a wall.”

“Really?” Mr. Bo tapped on the black thing on his wrist. A projector appeared from the top, revealing an image of the little ice cube climbing up the wall.

There was a camera at the front of the Bo family’s house. This was why Mr. Bo was able to go out and do his work at ease even when there was no one at home. Because he could watch over his house 24 hours through the surveillance cameras.

After Little Tiger Bo saw the image, she silently made a decision that she would never allow her little princess to climb the wall again. It was too dangerous.

Since Mr. Bo had interrupted her, Little Tiger Bo almost forgot to give him her amulet. Fortunately, after changing into her pajamas, she remembered it again. She ran over to the room beside hers.

Mr. Bo was leaning on the sofa horizontally. Little Tiger Bo knew that this was her dad’s habit. When her mom wasn’t around, he liked to sleep like this. He looked like a leopard ready to hunt anytime.

“Dad, this is for mom and you.” Little Tiger Bo placed the amulet on Mr. Bo’s palm.

Mr. Bo raised his eyebrows and wore it. He wasn’t superstitious but the Bo family had some relationship with this kind of thing.

There was one thing that he was right about. Jiu was too suitable to take over his position. Even if this path was hard to walk, that was simply the case sometimes. For some people, the moment they were born, it was destined that they needed to bear some responsibility.

Mr. Bo leaned against the sofa. If Jiu were a sweet little princess that didn’t know anything, he might use all his might to ensure that she wouldn’t know anything. Yet, his Lord Jiu had been interested in little keyboards ever since young and she was very smart. Most importantly, she liked it.

Mr. Bo stood up. His gaze was dark.

Because of this figure, Qin Mo threw away his thought of asking the butler to coax Little Tiger Bo back. The Bo family had an adult at home. It seemed as though there was no reason for him to worry about someone anymore.

Qin Mo tilted his head and glanced at his hand. He had thought that she would be the first to notice his injury but she didn’t.

He looked at the snacks he had brought back from China. Qin Mo’s gaze darkened. He lifted his hand and pressed the switch to turn off the lights in his room. He didn’t want to treat his wound. He didn’t even want to sleep. It was probably because he was still having jet lag.

Under the moonlight, Qin Mo, who was lying on the ground, was like a little prince. There didn’t seem to be anything amiss with him.

Actually, from the moment he stretched his hand out but couldn’t touch a certain warm little heater, his eyes remained open. “Why did I come back so early?” This thought appeared in his mind suddenly and never left.

We would hope that some things would go a certain way but life was unpredictable. Many things went against our expectations.

At a young age, Qin Mo understood what insomnia was for the first time. But because of his upbringing, he wouldn’t toss and turn around. However, his gaze was always fixed on a certain spot. The things that the little tiger liked were probably different from what he liked. What he liked was a single person. But that wasn’t the case for her. If that were the case, everything would be worthless. Based on his personality, this was what he should do.

However, when he really wanted to raise the little tiger, personality had never been a problem. Since she was young and didn’t understand the difference in this, he would teach her slowly.

After straightening out his thoughts, Qin Mo decided to treat the little tiger better the next day.

She never listened to him. Of course, if the proactive little tiger came to patch things up with him tomorrow, he mustn’t act too hostile. He mustn’t vent his anger on her even if he had almost lost his rationale after hearing what William had said. But if that little tiger came to apologize to him voluntarily, these were nothing.

The night got darker. At this time, no one might expect that some things, when you didn’t do them in time, you would regret in the future.

No one knew that when mist started appearing outside, the luggage bag that Mr. Bo carried over suddenly started making sounds. He wasn’t in a deep sleep so he instantly opened his eyes. There was a tracking setting inside. Once it locked in on a target, it would make a sound.

He didn’t waste any time and unlocked the small-sized luggage bag. The moment he opened it, a screen was seen. There was something like a keyboard at the bottom. He tapped twice on the thing that looked like a keyboard with his slender and fair fingers. The ordinary-looking screen changed. It became an extremely accurate target tracking map. He used the keyboard to enlarge the map.

The handsome and devilish-looking face instantly turned white. Mr. Bo was always someone who had confidence in everything. Yet, at this moment, he didn’t have the casual and lazy aura he always had. He lifted the bag up and went out of the door without wearing his outerwear.

Little Tiger Bo heard the noise and walked out sleepily. She rubbed her eyes and asked, “Dad, where are you going?”

Although her dad sometimes went out at night, he had never left so hurriedly. Even his back view seemed to have a story to tell.

The tall and slender person stopped in his tracks when he heard Little Tiger Bo’s voice. He turned around and emptied one of his hands to rub Bo Jiu’s head. “I’m going to fetch Mrs. Bo.”

“Mom?” Little Tiger Bo knew that her mom went overseas on a business trip. Hadn’t she said that she would only come back after a few days? But it was good that she came back early. That way, her dad would restrain himself a little with her mom around. He wouldn’t do anything too dangerous when her mom was around too.

The little Bo Jiu would always remember this day because this was the day the world of the Bo family turned upside down.

The temperature outside was very low. Mr. Bo didn’t seem to have any emotions at all. Even when riding the motorcycle, he didn’t wear any protective gear. From his side profile, he didn’t reveal any emotions either.

His eyes seemed to be tainted with a darkness that seemed endless. He had never expected that group of people to appear there – in the city where Mrs. Bo went for her business trip. That wasn’t a coincidence. There wasn’t such a coincidence!

When the old butler received the call from his master, it was already the next morning. He had never heard his master speaking in this tone. It was cold and without any hint of emotions. “Bring Jiu back to the old castle.”

“What about Madam…” The old butler knew that his madam was overseas on a business trip. His master had once said that he wanted to fool the madam to come to the old castle. He had even thought of a reason for it. He would say that he suddenly inherited the inheritance of his great-great-great-grandfather and even asked the old butler to disguise as a lawyer. Why did he suddenly change his idea?

Mr. Bo stood on the street. There were cars all around him. As the sun hadn’t gone up completely, streetlamps scattered light all over the city.

At this time in the early morning, a mysterious Chinese man carrying a luggage bag walked into the most famous grey area of this city. The black trench coat he was wearing made him look like an avenger that crawled out from hell. His face was icy cold and handsome. “I will bring her back.”

The old butler noticed that something was amiss. But the most important thing now was to execute the mission his master gave him.

The mist was still present. It was white and blurry. After Mr. Bo had left, Little Tiger Bo laid on the sofa to sleep. When she heard the sound below, Little Tiger Bo pricked up her ears. She hurriedly picked up the little keyboard at the side.

At first, she thought that a thief had sneaked into her house. Little Tiger Bo was still planning to activate the trap she had made. After all, the sky hadn’t turned bright. She didn’t expect to see her grandfather butler when she came down the stairs.

She wagged her tails twice. Her expression was a little confused. “Grandfather Butler, why are you here?”

“Young Lord.” The old butler took a step forward like a gentleman from England. “Time is tight. I must bring you away immediately.”

Little Tiger Bo felt more awake instantly. “Now?”

“Now.” The old butler scanned his surroundings. “Young Lord, you need to bring two sets of clothes with you. There’s no need to bring too many. There are clothes in the old castle. I need to go to the basement to clear some things.”

Little Tiger Bo watched her grandfather butler as he went down the stairs. Nothing in the room had changed. The clothes in the basement were burnt by grandfather butler using a special method.

Little Tiger Bo brought many things along with her. She carried the little keyboard in her arms. The next thing she brought was the photograph she had placed in her bedroom. Grandpa An had taken this photo for Momo and her. Momo’s face didn’t enter the photograph. Only his hands were seen, a pair of hands that was about to hold her.

But Little Tiger Bo still treated this photograph preciously. She hugged it in her chest and glanced at the An family’s residence. She wanted to wait until dawn break to leave. That way, she would be able to tell Momo where she was going.

The old butler realized his young lord’s thoughts and spoke softly, “Young Lord, it isn’t suitable for other people to know where we are going. After we settle down, Master will help you to contact the An family.”

Little Tiger Bo wagged her tail and thought for a moment. She raised her head and said, “Grandfather Butler, do you have a pen and paper?”

The old butler was soft-hearted towards his young lord. He knew what she wanted to do but he didn’t stop her.

The grandfather butler looked at his young lord as she laid there and wrote with much effort. She wasn’t familiar with writing and there was Chinese and English in the letter. Her vocabulary wasn’t good so people who didn’t understand her wouldn’t understand what she was trying to express.

When Little Tiger Bo didn’t know how to write the Chinese character, she would draw to replace the word.

The old butler only saw one sentence. ‘I will not be naughty in the future. Momo, don’t be angry anymore. I need to work hard and earn money now so that I can buy you.”

She finished writing the letter in a rough manner and placed it in an envelope along with a USB stick.

During the misty morning, a little tiger stood in front of the letterbox with her ears pricked up. She glanced at the direction of the room and asked, “Grandfather Butler, do you think the little princess will reply to me?”

“He will.” His young lord was so cute. Who could bear not to reply to her?

Little Tiger Bo was still unwilling to leave. After she got into the car, she leaned her head against the car window and kept looking back. She thought about it multiple times.

If only she hadn’t quarreled with her little princess yesterday.

After they had quarreled, they weren’t able to see each other the next day anymore. She didn’t even have the chance to apologize. This was probably the most regretful thing. She wanted to hug the person.

Even when she reached the old castle, she dreamt of him carrying her onto a chair and helping her brush her teeth. He was always afraid that her teeth would hurt so he controlled the amount of sugar she ate.

When her teeth dropped, the empty spot in her teeth would be revealed whenever she smiled. He never felt that she was ugly. She even gave her things to grind her teeth.

All these things felt as though they would disappear the moment the sky lit up. That was because at 9 am the same day, Little Tiger Bo saw Mr. Bo coming back to the old castle. But her dad was alone. She didn’t see her mom’s shadow. Her dad, who said that he was going to fetch her mom, came back alone.

At that time, Little Tiger Bo’s thoughts were still a little blurred. She thought that her mom was extremely busy like how she was usually. That was why she didn’t come back with her dad.

Blood was dripping down Mr. Bo’s hand. His long legs leaned against the motorcycle and his black trench coat made loud noises when it blew in the wind. When he took off his helmet, the feeling he gave other people was dark and exhausted.

The old butler was extremely worried. When he looked at Mr. Bo again, the gaze in his eyes was different from normal.

Little Tiger Bo hugged her little keyboard and opened her mouth. “Dad.”

Mr. Bo finally got back a little of his rationale. His face was stained with blood and his figure was tall and slender. He kneeled with one knee on the ground and placed his head on Little Tiger Bo’s shoulder. His voice was a little hoarse. “Lord Jiu, I’m sorry. I’m afraid that I have to go against my words this time.”

What did he mean? Little Tiger Bo didn’t know why she wanted to cry. Maybe it was because she felt her father trembling slightly.It was so strange. Little Tiger Bo didn’t ask where her mom was. She didn’t dare to ask. She was a little afraid. No, not just a little afraid. She was very scared.

She hugged the little keyboard in her arms and allowed her dad to take her to a certain place. She met many people there. She also saw how her father looked when he smiled coldly. “Send them to where they belong.”

That was a kind of hatred that was hard to dissipate. This was the moment when Little Tiger Bo understood one thing. At the same time, she hated this kind of person the most.

Don’t always stand on the moral high ground and ask people to forgive. If you’re not one of the interested parties and don’t know what they had been through, just shut up. When did breaking people’s families and snatching other people’s things become understandable?

She would never forgive the person who snatched her things. Some people acted pitifully and blamed other people after hurting someone.

Do you think that would admit their mistake? No. They were just worried that their image would be damaged. Or they might even put on a proud expression and show off what they did.

Karma was something that heaven should give. But if heaven didn’t distribute this karma, she would do it herself!