Chapter 1459 - Qin Mo Is Waiting for Her to Find Him

Chapter 1459 Qin Mo Is Waiting for Her to Find Him

At that time, Qin Mo, who was sitting at the An’s dining table, didn’t know what the Little Tiger he raised was going through.He raised his head for the third time to look at the clock hanging on the wall; the preserved egg and lean meat porridge in front of him was untouched.

The young butler started to feel anxious. After all, Chairman An had instructed him to take good care of the young master for these two days. He was the only one here, apart from the chef. How could the Young Master not eat? The butler had a vague idea why the young master had a bad appetite.

He suggested in English. “Let’s go to Bo’s house to see Miss Jiu. After all, Mr. Bo does not have a habit of making breakfast.”

Qin Mo turned his head and glanced at him, his voice faint. “Does that have anything to do with me?”

The butler choked, not knowing how to reply. He originally thought it was over but after a moment, Qin Mo stood up, seeming nonchalantly. “Send the snacks I brought from China and a bowl of today’s preserved egg and lean meat porridge over.”

The young butler wanted to say that he had just said that those things had nothing to do with him. In the end, he was still getting him to deliver the food.

Qin Mo thought that no matter how bad a certain Little Tiger was, he couldn’t let her go hungry. That was what it was like to raise a child.

He sent the butler over to deliver the food. Meanwhile, he sat in the dining area with a book in his hand. However, he couldn’t seem to read it.

When the butler was back, Qin Mo lifted his gaze. “What did she say?”

The young butler uttered an “Ah”, and then placed the things in his hands in front.

Qin Mo glanced over. The food he had instructed him to bring over was untouched. He frowned.

The butler watched as his young master’s handsome face started to grow colder and quickly added, “It’s not that Miss Jiu didn’t accept it but there is no one around.”

No one? So early?

“I understand,” Qin Mo replied and glanced back at the items. Even the boxed pastries had a shelf life. He had specifically sought out a chef to have the pastries made. With the time taken to fly back, there were two days left.

Qin Mo glanced down. Forget it, he can take another trip over at night.

Even so, Qin Mo didn’t do much that day. It looked like he was reading a book but the whole day passed without turning a page.

Not to mention his meals. The butler started spinning around anxiously as he looked at the untouched steak on the table. But there still wasn’t anyone at the Bo’s.

When it was finally dusk, his young master finally seemed to have a soul because he got up from the sofa and rewrapped all the things. “Send it over again.”

“Yes,” the young butler responded happily. But he was back in less than two minutes.

Qin Mo looked at the things in his hands and his eyes dimmed a little. “Still no one?”

“Mr. Bo has been coming back a little late recently. He should have taken Miss Jiu out to play. I will send it over again at ten.” The young housekeeper was still too naive.

Qin Mo nodded and sat at the dining table. He was just about to pick up the napkin when he suddenly remembered something and put it down again.

He hadn’t seen the Little Tiger for 24 hours. If she had followed Uncle Bo, what would he have fed her? It was fine as long as it was not junk food. Her belly had been bulging the last time she ate it; she only felt better and could sleep well after he rubbed it for a long time.

Qin Mo thought a lot in that instant. He would wait until it was a little later. Later, the Little Tiger would definitely come and look for him…