Chapter 146 - Sleep Together!

Chapter 146: Sleep Together!

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“Chatting away so happily?” Qin Mo’s voice was always indifferent, but it sounded even more so at night, as if nothing could pique his interest. Still, he was irresistibly tempting.

Fu Jiu heard this god’s question and lifted her head. She then realized that this man had already walked right up to her face, standing right next to her bed while holding a physics textbook in his hand. His light brown trousers made him look a bit softer, but that pressure was still overwhelming, and the domineering power of the third generation of a military family emanated from deep within his bones.

How to put it—it was a bit cool and a bit cold.

Most importantly, those eyes didn’t look happy at all.

Fu Jiu still held that lollipop in her mouth. She was confused, and she began thinking…

According to her understanding of this god, if he was not happy, then he would attack her verbally.

She only needed to overwhelm his thousand-kilo pressure with a little power later by flirting with this god a tiny bit, then this would be solved.


To Fu Jiu’s surprise, a god didn’t go with his usual routine and instead asked directly, “Are you into men or women?”

It was such an elegant and straightforward question; she really needed to answer carefully this time.

If she said that she liked men, then this god would drag her by her collar and throw her out.

If she said that she liked women… She didn’t want to lie, and that was pure bullsh*t!


“Girls are cute, boys are handsome.” Fu Jiu’s gorgeous peach flower eyes were smiling vividly, and she combed through her silver hair with her fingers and acted completely like an elegant young master, leaning on the bed and saying naughtily, “Both are fine with me; the important thing is the looks. As long as the faces are pretty, I’m up for it.”

“Both OK?” Qin Mo curled his lips up slowly, seemingly unhappy about it but he still playfully continued, “So you want both!”

Fu Jiu had a serious expression on. “Well, you gotta give what you gotta give when you’re too handsome.”

“Where exactly did you get this strong confidence of yours?” Qin Mo sounded emotionless.

Fu Jiu thought about it and answered seriously, “Thanks to my parents for giving me such good genes, but Brother Mo, don’t worry. Even if I like men, I won’t like you.”

Well, there shouldn’t be any problems with this answer now.

Perhaps this god had asked such a question because of the things she had done before, like saying she would keep this god…

Fu Jiu was analyzing the cause while replying to Baby Feng’s message. She didn’t notice that this man’s eyes were flickering with a cold light after hearing what she had just said.

If Secretary Liang saw how his CEO was acting right now, he would definitely be worried to death for someone, because Qin Mo was really unhappy now.

Almighty Qin thought that nobody liked his own little brother since his personal life was too complicated.

He was the same.


Heh, good for “him”!

Qin Mo glanced at the silver-haired young man, who was still busily playing on “his” laptop.

His face didn’t shift in the slightest, and that pretty face was still godlike. Then his long fingers moved and unbuttoned his pants!

Fu Jiu looked at the man’s actions, and her fingers, which were typing, suddenly stopped…

The man, who was standing next to the bed, was like a grand mountain and tall pine tree—extremely appealing. There was an unhurried elegance to his every movement, like everything was under his control.

What… What was all this?

Why was this god unbuttoning his pants?

And right in front of her!