Chapter 1460 - Finding Jiu

Chapter 1460 Finding Jiu

The clock in the living room swung from position 6 to 10. The fog outside was so heavy that he couldn’t see if anyone was back. The night had tainted the sky.This was the third time the young butler shook his head at Qin Mo. “Still no one…”

Qin Mo didn’t respond. But this time, the butler could see his young master’s obvious disappointment.

If Qin Mo tossed and turned the entire night yesterday, today that feeling intensified. At 2 am in the morning, he got up without telling anyone, put on his long black down jacket, and walked in the direction of the Bo family.

His back was small but straight. He pressed the doorbell but there was still no one. Weren’t they coming back today?

Qin Mo thought for a moment, stretched out his hand, and started to climb the wall. He had managed to learn all her bad habits.

Qin Mo stood at the balcony and looked into the house through the floor-to-ceiling window. It didn’t look like there was anyone. He reached out and pushed but the windows couldn’t be pushed open. There was one thing he was really inferior to a certain little tiger. No matter what kind of lock it was, she would be able to open it.

He didn’t reap any gains at all. Qin Mo could only return using the same path he came from.

He hadn’t seen her in 32 hours. Even though he wasn’t willing to admit it, he had flown over from China just so that he could see a certain little tiger earlier.

Qin Mo’s eyes dropped for a while before he told himself to wait a little more. After all, he was raising her. It wasn’t the other way around. He could come find her again tomorrow when she was back. After all, with her intelligence level, she may not understand why he was angry. That was how Qin Mo had felt that night.

The next day, early in the morning, he asked someone to make a basket of dumplings, prepared to be sent over with the other food. Seeing how his young master looked, the butler couldn’t bear to tell him that there was no one at the Bos.

He watched as the smile on that handsome little face gradually disappeared. His young master stood in front of Bo’s house, carrying gifts in his hand. The corners of his mouth pressed down. It seemed to remind others of the word lonely.

Fortunately, his young master didn’t stand long. Instead, he turned towards another direction.

The young butler was confused by this sudden change, and hurriedly followed behind him. “Young Master, where are you going?”

He knew the paths taken by his young master very well. One was towards his own home and the other was to Bo’s house. Except for the walks with Miss Jiu after meals, he had never gone anywhere else. What was happening this time?

Qin Mo didn’t speak. He was wearing a black coat. The sight made others think of a little prince.

The butler looked at the little cold back and did not dare to ask again. Wait a minute, wasn’t this the path to Young Master William’s house?

The moment that thought had arisen, Qin Mo had already reached out to press the doorbell.

This morning, the big-sized William was still holding his Spider-Man pillow, dreaming that he was saving the world. Basically, he slept until it was late. After all, it was still early and his alarm hadn’t rung yet. What he didn’t expect was that he would be pulled up from his bed.

Who was it? Who was so ill-mannered to interrupt his dreams!

The big-sized William opened his eyes and wanted to express his displeasure angrily but when he saw the handsome and delicate face in front of him, he wilted. Grandma! What was the scheming Little Vixen doing in front of his bed!