Chapter 1461 - She Is just Angry with Him

Chapter 1461 She Is just Angry with Him

William swallowed, trying to maintain his majestic aura. “What are you doing in my house?”Qin Mo glanced at him and threw him down, staying silent. Little William wasn’t sure why he wasn’t speaking.

Just then, his grandfather walked in and looked at the two of them with a smile. “William has never gotten up early before, Qin is really amazing.”

Little William watched the little vixen nod politely, looking extremely humble. What happened to the brutal force he had used to drag him? That little vixen was an actor!

Little William was so angry he didn’t know what to say. He grabbed his hair and stood up.

After his grandfather had left, the little vixen returned back to his former self. His voice dimmed and even his little face had turned so cold it seemed as though someone owed him money. “Where is Jiu?”

“Why are you asking me that?” Little William felt aggrieved. “Ever since you came, Jiu stopped playing with me. Although she didn’t play with me much in the past but don’t you know the tactics you have used?”

Qin Mo watched him, his voice faint. “Not allowing Jiu to play with you is considered a tactic?”

Little William: … Don’t you find it despicable to say such things out loud?

“I’ll ask you again, where is Jiu?” Qin Mo repeated.

That inherent evil aura caused the big-sized William to grab his red hair. “Qin, Boss, I really don’t know.”

Qin Mo looked at him. He seemed to have thought of something. “Why did Uncle Bo let Jiu sleep over at your house?” After all, there were a lot of surveillance cameras outside the Bo family’s house. A certain little tiger had shown him some of the devices before; it was very safe.

William grabbed his hair again. “Boss Qin, can you let me wear a pair of pants before asking me something?”

Qin Mo lifted a brow.

William shrugged, the tip of his nose still red. “Alright, I won’t wear them since the question is important. But why are you always asking me things I don’t know? Uncle Bo told my dad that he was busy and couldn’t take care of Jiu and asked my dad to help watch over her. He also told him that it was best to take Jiu to his filming set and to avoid staying in the same place. But now that you mentioned it, it does seem rather strange. Uncle Bo had been busy previously but he has never done such a thing before.”

When Qin Mo heard this, his hand slipped. He had a bad feeling. It was an innate feeling and it was an intense feeling – and an indescribable emptiness.

He didn’t stay at William’s house because it was clear that he wouldn’t get any more information. Little William, in turn, was confused. What had happened? Why did the little vixen look so distracted?

The young butler waited downstairs and was completely unaware of what had happened. He watched as his young master walked down the stairs, looking as though his entire soul had been sucked away. Even his face was in a daze.

Daze? The butler wasn’t sure if it was the correct description.

After the two of them had returned back home, Qin Mo glanced at the pile of New Year goodies. He waited. Waited for that person to return. If she hadn’t been back home yesterday, she would return home today.

He didn’t need to think too much into it. After all, the Bo family’s house was here. He was here as well. So, where else could the little tiger go? He had to wait patiently. Otherwise, if the little tiger couldn’t find him when she came back, she would definitely droop her tiger’s ears and not speak.

Qin Mo told himself not to be patient and not to think too much. Everything would get better. She was just angry with him…