Chapter 1462 - Little Qin Mo

Chapter 1462 Little Qin Mo

However, that night, the Bo’s house was still dark. Qin Mo took a box of pastries that had expired and placed it aside while the young butler was standing beside him. Because they had been trying to look for Jiu, even the newspaper in the mailbox hadn’t been taken in.The atmosphere in the An family’s house had never been like this before. Since his young master hadn’t eaten in two days, the butler couldn’t wait any longer and called Chairman An.

When Chairman An heard the news, he immediately put down his work and planned to return to his grandson’s side. However, there was a large conference that couldn’t be delayed. Hence, it was only five days later when Chairman An flew over. During this period, he had many video calls with his grandson. He also knew that if he didn’t fly over soon, something bad was going to happen.

Qin Mo was the same as before, his emotions indecipherable. Though rather than not being able to decipher his emotions, it was more accurate to say that there was something he refused to admit. He had obviously noticed the situation but wasn’t willing to accept it.

That was how children were like. They looked forward to any form of hope.

In the past, Old Master An had assumed that his grandson wouldn’t be like that. But when he saw the grandson ahead of him, he realized something; in front of the person he liked, he was just like any other kid.

Five days passed. Now, all of the New Year goodies that Qin Mo had specifically brought back for the little tiger could no longer be eaten.

He still remembered the time he had been going back to China. The little tiger had huddled into a ball, laid in his suitcase with her big tiger eyes, and asked if he could bring her back with him. Back then, why hadn’t he fought harder? When Qin Mo asked himself, his lips were a little pale.

After seeing his grandson, Grandpa An first instructed the kitchen staff to cook before he let out a long sigh. “I will try to contact your Uncle Bo.”

His grandfather’s return had indeed given Qin Mo a ray of hope. This day, he waited.

Old Master An couldn’t seem to contact them, so he could only spend money to hire someone to investigate. But they couldn’t find anything either. The only result was that the villa next door had unknowingly ended up under his account.

When he knew that, Old Master An had a faint idea of what had happened. The Bos had left. Something big must have happened.

Old Master An and Mr. Bo might have had a long relationship but even then, he still didn’t have the castle’s address. Hence, he couldn’t find the Bos. Explaining to his grandson would pose a big problem.

Old Master An had never expected such an ending. After all, his grandson had changed so much ever since he had met Jiu. The change was so drastic.

When Qin Mo stopped reading and had reached for the game console to play, Old Master An paused because his grandson had his back towards him, his small figure sitting on the floor.

Qin Mo put down the game console in his hand. His voice was faint as he said, “Grandfather, I was wrong. I shouldn’t have been so arrogant. I was well aware that she could only know how to play her small keyboard, play computer games, and write programs. She doesn’t understand even the slightest bit about humanity and yet, I waited for her to apologize to me.”

Then he continued, “Grandfather, tell Uncle Bo that I know I was wrong and for him to bring the little tiger back. This time, I will raise her well. I won’t bother her even if she misbehaves and wants to play with Little William next door. The most I would do is break Little William’s legs.”

“Grandfather, I was wrong,” he added at last.