Chapter 1463 - Playing the Games She Played and Climbing the Walls She Climbed

1463 Playing the Games She Played and Climbing the Walls She Climbed

No one could understand how Old Master An felt when he heard his little grandson say these three words.

He knew his grandson’s personality. It was probably related to the family he was born into. Even if he was raised to be humble, he was proud by nature and this couldn’t be changed.

He had been sensible since young. Even if he had been thrown into the military for doing something mischievous, he had never said these words. He had never said that he was wrong.

Old Master An, who had always loved his grandson, felt very distressed. But he didn’t have a solution. The Bo’s had disappeared and it was impossible to find them. This was the result.

Only then did Old Master An think of something. He thought of the news that someone had been paying large sums to buy hackers’ information. Was that relevant to what had happened? But even if it was relevant, he couldn’t contact them.

The An family’s house sunk into a silence like never before. In reality, it was rather normal.

If a certain Little Tiger hadn’t appeared, this would perhaps be the An’s normal state. After all, Qin Mo liked to play chess and read. He didn’t want to play with anyone else. It wasn’t surprising for the house to be quiet. But ever since the little tiger had appeared, this had changed. She hadn’t just appeared.

The snacks he had bought for her were still in his drawer.

The little tiger loved to climb walls and it had never been quiet with her climbing around. From time to time, the dirt would rub off on her body. He would wash her eyes a countless number of times each day. Hence, there were three sets of the little tiger’s clothes in Qin Mo’s closet. Not to mention the little pads he had bought for her as he was afraid that she would hurt her own hands.

Some had once said that you would feel empty when you saw familiar objects but were no longer with that familiar person.

Qin Mo didn’t feel empty. He played the games she played, climbed the walls she climbed, and did one thing in that ten days – he broke that window.

It turned out that sometimes what was shown in movies was also true. Only by sleeping in the places where she had once been, was he able to close his eyes and wait for the sun to rise.

If a certain little tiger were still around, she probably wouldn’t have expected him to do such things.

Qin Mo glanced over at the window and pressed down on the pillow a certain someone had always laid on.

This state went on for half a month. Old Master An knew that this couldn’t go on. When he had brought his grandson abroad, he had hoped that he would become more cheerful. But with his current state, Old Master An was worried something would happen. However, it was hard to say some things.

After about twenty days, during lunch time, Grandpa An finally spoke up. “Mo, your mom and dad have both gone home and your dad wants to bring you along the next time he returns to the military. Your grandpa has thought about it, and there will be more people accompanying you in the military.”

Right now, Old Master An wanted a change of environment for his grandson. He was still a child after all. Perhaps, when he forgot some things, he wouldn’t be like this anymore.

Old Master An was afraid his grandson would crumble before waiting endlessly for Little Tiger Bo’s return.

Unexpectedly, the little figure put down the knife and fork in his hand. There was no emotion on the handsome face. “Okay.”

Just this one word stunned Old Master An. He hadn’t expected him to agree so readily.

“But, Grandfather, promise me one thing.” Qin Mo lowered his voice. “Don’t sell this place. Otherwise, she wouldn’t be able to find it when she comes back.”