Chapter 1466 - Not to Catch You But to Find You 1

Chapter 1466 Not to Catch You But to Find You 1

It was probably because he liked her too much. Hence, even General Qin had a vague idea of what his son was thinking.

Old Master An wasn’t the one who told him. Instead, after returning from Mount Wutai, Qin Mo developed a very high fever. Before going to the army with him, he held onto his sleeves and told him to show mercy if he met someone who was skilled in computing.

In fact, at that time, everyone who knew Qin Mo knew that he took on many cases and he would be more interested if the cases were about hackers.

At that time, Qin Mo was still wearing No. 1 Middle School’s school uniform. He was at the peak of his youth, with delicate eyebrows and handsome demeanor.

No one would associate this handsome and out of the world the world high school student with the Almighty who had repeatedly solved strange cases.

Many people said that they don’t know how the Almighty thought. His moods were so mild that no one could tell how he felt. Yet he was elegant and graceful and could easily describe a criminal’s psychology.

He was completely unlike a high school student. He seemed very much like a chilly iceberg that couldn’t melt even after a thousand years.

No one had seen him smile. But they had seen him feed wild cats on the side of the road. They also knew that he raised a cat named Princess. No one knew why a male cat was named Princess.

Unexpectedly, Qin Mo was a genius and was constantly praised for being one.

“I really never expected Old Qin’s family to have a cold block like you.” That was what Director Huang had said with a big laugh when he first met Qin Mo.

At that time, Qin Mo was looking down at the corpse under his feet. After hearing his words, his gloved hand touched the blood stains on the ground, and he glanced up.

Back then, Director Huang’s stomach wasn’t as round as it was right now, it was at most a small balloon. When he saw ice block Qin looking at him, he thought that he was about to say something since he was an elder and a station director after all.

“Excuse me,” he spoke in a faint tone. As he was wearing a high school uniform, it seemed rather sensational.

But wait a moment, that was not the attitude to use with a station’s director! Little Qin had to be taught!

Director Huang was planning to use his official authority when Qin Mo asked again in an indifferent tone. “Your stomach is too big; it’s affecting my investigation.”

Director Huang: … Kids nowadays, just a little smarter and they think the world of themselves!

“Uncle Huang, you should understand that the case is the most important thing.” Qin Mo seemed to have guessed his thoughts and took off his gloves slowly. When he did that, he seemed very much like a deacon in a comic. He was so handsome that the students at the other side weren’t even afraid about the fact that there was a dead person.

Director Huang coughed but hadn’t replied yet.

Just then, the voice rang again with a slight coldness in his tone. “He didn’t kill himself, it’s a murder case. The blood stains aren’t right. If he committed suicide, it wouldn’t have been left here. In addition, the culprit took someone else away.”

Director Huang knew it wasn’t a suicide case. It was obvious to an experienced officer like himself. But what did he mean by the criminal had taken someone else away?

“Phone.” Qin Mo turned his eyes to the bush next to him, “There is a mobile phone here that doesn’t belong to the murderer or the victim.”

Director Huang was in disbelief. “How do you know it doesn’t belong to the murderer?”

“Uncle Huang, this is a serial killer. How stupid is the murderer to leave his phone in the crime scene?” Qin Mo countered lightly.

Director Huang choked. This icy junior really wasn’t cute at all! But since he was so good at cracking cases, he would endure it!