Chapter 1467 - Not to Catch You But to Find You 2

Chapter 1467 Not to Catch You But to Find You 2

At this moment, Director Huang watched as Qin Mo took another step forward and suddenly said, “The murderer is here.”“He is here?” Director Huang’s first reaction was denial. “How is that possible?”

Qin Mo turned his eyes to the side emotionlessly. “There isn’t anything impossible because his suspicion can only be removed by appearing here. Under what circumstances would someone be able to kill someone in such a manner and kidnap someone else? It’s obviously an acquaintance who committed the crime. The murderer is smart enough to have known that the police would guess this location, so he appeared here deliberately to show that he has nothing to do with the case, and to create an alibi. After all, if the murderer is here, no one would suspect that he has kidnapped someone.” He spoke in a voice that was neither loud nor soft.

When it came through, Director Huang’s face immediately changed. He turned and gave instructions into his earphone. “Block the area, don’t let any of the students leave.”

“Got it.”

Although the intentions behind Director Huang’s instructions weren’t clear, the crime squad had always been on the ball. But… There are too many people here. Who was it?

Director Huang was still wondering but the boy in the high school uniform walked towards the crowd and signaled at him. His meaning was clear, for him not to come over yet. He was younger than the group of university students but because of the noble and prestigious air around him, he had an aura stronger than any of them.

The crowd didn’t know that the person who had cracked the case was this high school kid. Hence, when Qin Mo walked towards them, some of the female college girls blushed. They whispered to each other because they had indeed never met a boy like him.

Qin Mo was focused on someone. When he saw the sinister gleam in her eyes, he pressed down on the Bluetooth earphone. “Murderer found”.

When Director Huang received the news, he immediately flew into action. His first reaction was to find a strong male student. But after watching for a long time, he realized there was no male in the group of girls.

“Where is the murderer?” Director Huang asked in a hushed voice.

When Qin Mo saw that she was about to leave, he lifted his lids. “Directly in front of me.”

Director Huang stiffened. He didn’t dare to believe it since she wasn’t just a girl, she was also dressed rather adorably and wasn’t very tall. How could such a person be a murderer? This was a serial murder case after all.

“You’re not going to take action?” Qin Mo raised his brow, turned, and kicked a twig. “Then I will.”

The girl who wanted to pretend that nothing happened and leave only felt a gush of wind. Next, her back was hit hard by something. Immediately afterwards, she was pressed to the ground by the police.

She seemed to have realized something. After a momentary pause, she shouted loudly, “What are you doing? What’s so great about the police? How dare you catch me?”

“Shut up.” The crime squad didn’t wish to affect anyone else.

The girl started to toss even more. “I’m going to sue you!”

“You will be sentenced to death before you can sue anyone.” The indifferent voice came with the long legs, it was that high school student. The girl paused.

Qin Mo’s tone was very calm. “Ever since a while ago, your gaze wasn’t like the others on the scene. When I walked over, you didn’t take a single look at me. A normal girl would not have the mood to look at the scene after seeing me.”

Director Huang: … Was this a concealed honey trap?