Chapter 1468 - Untitled

1468 Untitled

After listening to Qin Mo’s words, the girl’s face turned visibly pale. But she still scoffed. “Do you have any evidence that I killed someone? This is ridiculous, I’ve been here the entire time.”

“Isn’t the evidence in your hand?” Qin Mo glanced down, his gaze faint. “Now that the technology is very advanced, it can detect the blood stains on your hands. Even if there isn’t a lot of blood, we can still match it with the data.”

The girl started to struggle aggressively. She couldn’t accept it. She did everything so secretly, no one should have known.

Director Huang was an experienced policeman. Thus, the moment he saw her expression, he knew she had something to hide. Hence, he ordered the plain clothes police over.

As he was still curious, he turned to ask Qin Mo, “How did you know she is a girl?”

“To be able to kill with a scheme means that the murderer can easily cause others to lower their guard. Hence, a girl is more likely to be the murderer,” Qin Mo said nonchalantly, turning his eyes to the side, and taking the coffee he had asked to be prepared. He radiated an air of a young master.

Director Huang felt choked up. “I understand that but there are so many officers fresh out of the police academy. You should open a class and explain it to others.”

“Uncle Huang.” Qin Mo drank a sip of his coffee. “My time is very costly, unless you have cases I am interested in.”

Director Huang laughed. “Of course, I have. Listen well, help teach the new recruits for half a month and I will nominate you to an international case. Otherwise, I’ll give the case to someone else.”

Qin Mo’s pupils shook, “Three days.”

“How can you reduce half a month to three days!” Director Huang wanted to curse him!

Qin Mo glanced up, the coffee cup still in his hand. “One day.”

Director Huang bit down on his teeth. “Three days is fine.”

When Qin Mo heard this, he threw the empty coffee cup into the trash can, his voice faint. “Happy cooperation. But, Uncle Huang, I will report to the bureau about your abuse of power and that you threaten your subordinates.”

Director Huang : … He wanted to hit him!

Qin Mo had gained fame when he had been young. Undoubtedly, there would be people who didn’t like him. When he was explaining the case, there were many people who weren’t satisfied. After all, he was still a high school student.

But with his analysis of the case and his godlike predictions and psychological tests, it made others understand that a genius had the rights to be arrogant.

Three days. Qin Mo talked about case analysis for three days. On the fourth day, he was already wearing his high school uniform, sitting on a plane headed to Fifth Avenue.

He didn’t have a choice. After all, they were 20 days away from the college entrance exam. In some ways, he was still a student. But even so, his appearance still attracted the attention of many people; the air stewardess had walked to him more than once. After all, few people wore their school uniform in business class.

The reason Qin Mo was in such a rush was because of the files he had seen at Director Huang’s. The Fifth Avenue side seemed to have looked into his information, they knew of the cases he had done in China, the university he graduated from, and also the cases he was interested in.

Hence, the files were done very accurately.

International criminal.


Gender: Unknown.

Blood type: Unknown.

Age: Unknown

Nationality: Unknown.

The only thing written was their area of ​​expertise: using the internet to launch large-scale attacks without leaving any trace.

There was an additional remark at the bottom. “They must be a magician! Because only a magician can come and go without a trace.”