Chapter 1469 - Z, a Character from a Movie

Chapter 1469 Z, a Character from a Movie

It was a meaningless file because there is nothing but a codename. However, Qin Mo was very interested. No, perhaps, besides interest, there was another layer that no one could see.The next time he came abroad, Qin Mo didn’t show much emotion. His gaze was faint but there was a slight change when he hooked the amulet around his neck.

It seemed to become deeper and darker. That was the look in his eyes when he missed someone. He was very close to Los Angeles and that was extremely close to the place he had once lived.

When Qin Mo got off the plane, a blonde man with thick eyebrows waved his arms. “Hey, here, here!”

Qin Mo shifted his eyes, stuffed his one hand into his trouser pocket, and looked in his direction.

The blonde man stretched out his hand and greeted him in a very American manner. “I’m Weiss. You’re Qin, right? If the people on your side hadn’t said that you are still a student, I really wouldn’t have expected it. Oh gosh, you are amazing! I have seen the cases you have handled, and all of them are outstanding. What exactly is hidden in your brain? Ah sorry, I didn’t mean that. I mean, how did you manage to reconstruct the crime process so perfectly? It is out of the world. Do you know? I have only seen people like you in movies…”

“You wrote the remark of Z.” Qin Mo interrupted him, and accurately repeated the remark from the file. “They must be a magician because only a magician can come and go without a trace.”

When the blonde man heard this, his eyes widened. “How did you know that I wrote it?”

Qin Mo did not reply since it was such an easy guess. Instead, he changed his tone and said, “In your eyes, is Z also the kind of person who only appears in movies?”

“Yes!” The blonde man looked serious, his nose tall and straight. “Qin, ever since Z came out, he had openly given us the criminals. It was fine in the beginning since someone was helping us to solve cases but gradually, this started to affect our prestige. Not to mention, he has always been dealing in the grey area, so we plan to catch him and have a good talk. But can’t catch him at all. Can you imagine it? There was once when I watched him slip away right in front of me!”

Qin Mo paused. “You mean you have seen that person before?”

“Ah? This… I should have seen him before,” the blonde man replied hesitantly.

Qin Mo replied faintly, “Even if you didn’t see the person’s face, you should be able to distinguish the person’s gender.”

“Of course! I’m pretty sure he is a man!” the blonde man replied excitedly. “He always rides the coolest motorcycle, wears a black trench coat, and has the latest helmet. Back then, he just rode past me!”

Qin Mo took in this information and countered with another question. “How did you decipher that he is a man?”

“Isn’t it obvious? The cool motorcycle!” the blonde man emphasized.

“Mmh,” Qin Mo replied and he motioned for him to look to his left. A blue-haired girl was wearing a motorcycle helmet on her head. He spoke in a quiet voice, “A cool motorcycle.”

The blonde man: … He seemed to have made his judgement about Z’s gender way too hastily!