Chapter 147 - That’s Right! Let's Sleep Together!

Chapter 147: That’s Right! Let’s Sleep Together!

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“Brother Mo, what are you doing?” Fu Jiu narrowed her eyes, but she still smiling and looking as handsome as always.

Qin Mo’s voice was neither too cold nor too warm. “Going to sleep, of course.”

“But this is my room,” Fu Jiu reminded him as she raised her eyebrows.

Qin Mo made a “heh” sound and bent over all of a sudden. His left hand held onto Fu Jiu’s bed, and his whole body landed upon her. Even that godlike face was inching in closer. His black hair was like the dark night, adding a sense of wickedness to his majesty. His casually trimmed hair fell over the fair skin of his forehead, creating such an incredibly handsome picture!

He looked at her, and there was an unknown warmth in his eyes. His voice was very low, and as soon as he started speaking, he sounded like fine wine, the tones swirling effortlessly. “Don’t you wanna sleep in the same bed with me? Today, your big brother is granting you your wish.”

He sounded teasing.

She could tell that this god was doing this on purpose.

Fu Jiu felt frustrated. “Didn’t we get this over with already?”

“Who gave you this illusion?” The man raised his eyebrows, showing no intention of going anywhere.

Fu Jiu simply laughed it out. Her thin lips curled and and she inched towards the man. “But I like men. If Brother Mo is unafraid of me….”

Qin Mo’s fingers paused, then he dragged the young man away. He pressed Fu Jiu onto the bed in that same movement as he half-smilingly emphasized the coldness in his voice. “Behave yourself when you sleep. If you move, I will make you flunk physics.”

Fu Jiu: “…” Didn’t he already promise to help her guess the questions in the test? What happened to that? How could this god change so quickly?

But… sleeping together.

What if he felt something? That wouldn’t be good for her.

With this in mind, Fu Jiu bent her eyes halfway into crescents. “How will I be able to control myself? Brother Mo is too handsome; sleeping next to me will be such a huge trial for me!”

“Right?” Qin Mo laughed, but the corner of his mouth was still cold. “Then you better control yourself. Don’t reach your hand out; otherwise, I might chop your paw off.”

Fu Jiu gave up. “Brother Mo, you are also a man. You should also understand; sometimes it’s just hard to control the urge.”

Qin Mo looked at the frustrated young man.

Fu Jiu had a mischievous expression on her face. “You do understand, don’t you?”

“To be honest, I don’t.” Qin Mo sounded indifferent, and his profile was impeccably beautiful. “After all, I’m not gay. No matter how handsome the guy is, I won’t feel any urges when sleeping next to him.”

Fu Jiu: “…”

“Okay then. So let’s say that Brother Mo doesn’t understand my feelings, what if I do something to you?”

Qin Mo lifted his eyebrows. “Is it that that hard to control yourself?”

“I don’t have good self-control.” Fu Jiu put her arms on his shoulder like they were brothers. “Otherwise, I wouldn’t have gone to clubs so much before.”

So, Almighty, quickly go back to your room and sleep.

Fu Jiu naturally wouldn’t say the final sentence, so she only expressed her emotions with her seductive eyes.

Qin Mo moved the young man’s hand off his shoulder and laughed even more coldly, “Since you don’t have self-control, I’ll teach you how to have some.”

Fu Jiu wasn’t able to react by the time Qin Mo’s hand already reached out, grabbing the tie on the sofa and tying the young man’s right wrist to the bed.

Fu Jiu turned to the side to look at the tie, and her silver hair fell down around her. She found it hard not to be a bit startled, but right after, she laughed out loud, “So Brother Mo is into this way of doing it!”