Chapter 1470 - Jiu Is Here

Chapter 1470 Jiu Is Here

The blonde man clenched his fists. His head was lowered as he was feeling perplexed.There wasn’t much emotion in his voice when Qin Mo said, “Is there any other information? Since you have interacted with Z several times, you should have collected some things. If there really isn’t anything, you can talk about the process.”

“I have the process of the case!” the blonde man immediately said. “Because it is so unexpected every single time, we kept a lot of the live videos! After all, before Z catches someone, he always makes a prior announcement. That is the most troublesome point but the method isn’t bad. If the influence is large, those with money and power will not use other means to influence the final ruling. Some people are especially good at exploiting the loopholes on the internet.”

Qin Mo followed his guide and opened the car door. After hearing his words, he raised his brows and his eyes lit up. “From the sound of it, you seem to admire Z.”

“That’s hard to say. Anyways, we want to catch him.” The blonde man pretended to be deep.

Qin Mo didn’t follow the direction of his speech and instead replied lightly, “Let’s look at the live footage first.”

The noble and prestigious aura around him was probably too heavy because the blonde man had the feeling that he wasn’t very approachable. He was a high school student but why did he look so cold?

However, when he thought about his other identity, the blonde man’s thoughts started to change again. That pile of cases had to be solved by someone with ability. Besides, according to the news they had received, any case and any cold case that reached his hands would be resolved in the shortest amount of time.

He was one step faster than the criminal and could predict their location. It seemed like only someone like him was able to avoid being confused by Z.

The more the blonde man thought about it, the greater he thought the chance of succeeding this time. After all, this was the person they had invited secretly. They didn’t go through the internet procedure and didn’t spread the word. Hence, Z probably wouldn’t know that he was here to pick him up…

Time trickled by a little bit. It was near dusk. As the sky above Fifth Avenue was always so blue, the snow-white doves and square fountains could be seen everywhere.

The wide car lanes were very suitable for speeding. Hence, many of the scenes in blockbusters were shot from here.

However, foreigners would not know that there was also a culture called street culture here. There was also another zone called gray zone here. Many gangsters and triad members would gather there. There were people of all walks of life.

As dusk approached, night fell, and when the lights first came on, the phone booths on the roadside looked ordinary.

The black buddies who were drawing graffiti were still thinking about how to take over another wall. Just then, the phone booth suddenly seemed to have been pressed, moving left and right.

With a swoosh, a door gushed open. Immediately afterwards, a black Lamborghini with bat-shaped wings rushed out from inside. It was just like the most elegant lion in this world, seemingly foretelling something. It was about to move.

The black buddies froze the moment the car appeared and immediately jumped to the side. The owner of the car wasn’t someone they could offend!

However, the owner of the car had always been mischievous. The more afraid they were, the more they were worthy of her greeting. “Hey, what a coincidence.”