Chapter 1471 - The 18-Year-Old Z

Chapter 1471 The 18-Year-Old Z

As the voice greeted them, the car window rolled down automatically. Now the black buddies couldn’t leave even if they wanted to. After all, she had blocked the only way out! They could only turn to look at the Lamborghini.The dark black car’s window was rolled down. A youngster, with wispy black hair and a few strands dyed silver and gray, stretched out her arm. She wore a black ring on her slender finger and her mouth was half-curved. She was very handsome and evil.

The most striking feature was the mole on the corner of her eye. While others had black moles, hers was black with a hint of red. It somehow carried the vibrant beauty of a Buddha’s air.

That was Bo Jiu’s real 18-year-old state. She was a girl but yet, it was difficult to tell. This did not seem to have much to do with her hairstyle. Instead, it was because of her overall temperament.

In reality, the black people’s power was very strong in this area. Many of the circulation and distributions in the market was done by them.

This old area had all sorts of people you could think about; thieves, liars, fraudsters. Each of them was difficult to deal with. After all, these things were also considered a skill.

Black people loved to crowd together and had a very good voice, which had something to do with their bloodline. Don’t think they are all good but don’t think they are all bad either.

This was related to history. Music and fighting talent go hand in hand. The first people that lived here, the thieves, liars, and fraudsters, would generally take a detour when they saw black people. But the person that made black people take a detour was the person in front.

“The weather looks good.” Bo Jiu raised her head nonchalantly towards the night sky that had already turned dark. Those that saw this scene would think of it as a classic.

On Fifth Avenue during twilight, the youngster smiled lightly. It seemed as though they could see the wind blowing.

This was the 18-year-old Z; carefree, unrestrained, and extremely mysterious.

It was probably because there was no longer anyone to discipline or pamper her. Hence, those eyes no longer carried the spark they had held when she had been younger. Instead, her gaze was so dark it seemed heavy. Even though she was smiling, it could easily remind others of a demon in the comics.

The black people couldn’t leave. They were blocked in the corner because of her. It might seem friendly but it was already dark, so how could she tell that the weather was good?!

However, these were all daily occurrences. They knew that they had to maintain an indifferent expression when dealing with a certain someone.

As expected, Bo Jiu felt bored. She turned the steering wheel, the car leaving beautifully as she drove into the bustling street.

The blacks heaved a sigh of relief. Geez… After this guy had moved here, they couldn’t pretend to be the boss anymore!

“The route has been amended. Master, where are we going today?” The system fluctuated layer by layer. Little Blackie was a smart system but at this moment, it was influenced by its master.

Her voice was still deep and evil and didn’t seem decent at all. Bo Jiu twirled her hair with one hand. “It’s still early and the nightlife has just begun. Let’s take a spin.”

“Ok.” The smart system, Little Blackie, automatically turned on the music, speeded up, and increased gear. Soon, the cars that were originally in front were far behind.

Bo Jiu tilted over with a faint smile. “Bring up the information of today’s prey. ”

“Yes, my handsome master.”

Swoosh! The 3D screen changes from a road map to a picture. Little Blackie spoke very slowly as if it was matching the sound of music. “Smith, 57 years old…”