Chapter 1472 - About to See Them 1

Chapter 1472 About to See Them 1

“Local. He used the convenience of his authority to force his subordinates to have intimate interactions with him. After the police received the report, they quickly filed a case but the plaintiff didn’t appear in court. Based on the analysis, the other party’s lawyer used some method and understood that reputation was very important to the plaintiff. After the discussion between the two parties, there was a turn of events. Smith had already been acquitted of his charge and released at 3 pm…”When Little Blackie was saying this, the screen was showing the image of Smith walking out from the high-rise building. A reporter interviewed him and asked, “What opinion do you have of this matter?”

Smith was a tall and bulky person. Maybe it was because he was finally released from the court so in contrast to his ‘I don’t know anything’ and pitiful image in the past, he just smiled and said, “Opinion? I am released. This is my biggest takeback for this matter. We all know that some Asians are shy. I just expressed my love for her but she misunderstood it. Now she should know that this is, using their words, mutual love, and consent. No one forced her to do anything. Also, she didn’t say anything at the start. She only felt that she was unable to bear with it after half a month. The judge won’t listen to her.”

The police officers in charge of this case were present too. They stood there with anger in their eyes. They could understand that the plaintiff didn’t attend the court session. Because they understood the reason, they punched the wall forcefully with their fists.

The blonde man was extremely angry. He looked over in this direction through the crowd. At first, he was supposed to send the Almighty to the police station. Now he rolled up his sleeve and looked like he really wanted to beat the talking Smith to death.

Smith didn’t care. If he cared about other people’s judgment, he wouldn’t have done all those things.

Now the situation was already very clear. Everyone understood what happened. Women had a natural disadvantage. It made it difficult for them to say some things clearly. Instead, it allowed some rascals to escape their crimes.

Yet, when this rascal was released, he didn’t feel that he was wrong. In front of the camera, he even said, “Let me give Asians some advice, especially the ladies. If you can’t afford to play, don’t play.”

When Bo Jiu heard this sentence when she was driving, the corners of her mouth lifted. With a swish, she held the steering wheel and accelerated until the highest speed.

At this moment, right at the scene, the blonde man got so angry by Smith that his breathing got hurried.

On the other hand, Qin Mo, who was sitting beside him, turned his head and looked at Smith, who was still doing the interview, through the window. He listened to the English sentences floating into his ears. He tapped on the car window with his slender fingers. This was the action he would do when he was thinking. His gaze was cold and indifferent like always.

The blonde man turned his head. He wanted to find someone to complain to. “Why do you think a rascal like this will get released?”

“The plaintiff dropped the case. There’s not enough evidence.” His tone was calm. He sounded a little casual.

The blonde man felt that this crime-solving guru was too cold. “Qin, oh wait, I mean, Almighty, don’t you have any thoughts after hearing such an infuriating thing?”

Qin Mo looked at him. “What thoughts?”

“Emotions. Where are your emotions?” The blonde man asked another question, “Are masters all like this?”

Qin Mo didn’t reply to him. It felt as though the question the man had asked wasn’t as interesting as the interview going on outside.