Chapter 1473 - About to See Them 2

1473 About to See Them 2

Just as the blonde man was about to say something, Qin Mo retracted his gaze. His elegant face was a little intimidating. “Where will this person go later?”

The blonde man was confused and asked, “Ah, which person?”

“The rascal you are referring to.” Qin Mo’s tone was still indifferent.

The man finally felt relieved. “Qin, you want to beat him up too, right?”

“No.” Qin Mo’s gaze landed on his face. His aura was noble. “It will dirty my hands to beat someone like this.”

The blonde man: … This was the first time he felt that words can be used like this. This was even more pacifying than beating the person up.

The blonde man controlled his urge to smile. Then he finally opened his mouth in confusion. “Qin, if you don’t want to beat him, why did you ask where he will go?”

“Because,” Qin Mo’s stopped tapping his fingers against the car window, “he will become Z’s target today.”

A sudden braking sound echoed through the air. The blonde man turned his car around and stopped it at the side of the road. He turned his head. His blue eyes were wide open. “What did you say?!”

“I said that he will become Z’s target today,” Qin Mo repeated his words casually. He spoke at a natural pace. It was a stark contrast to the blonde man’s tone.

The blonde man didn’t know what he should ask first. He thought for a long time before taking out his phone and calling the police station.


“It’s me. Did Z give a black notice letter today?”

The person flipped through his documents and leaned back. He shrugged and replied, “Come on, Eric. If Z gave a notice letter, why wouldn’t I inform you? There’s no need for me to tell you. The police will notify everyone.” When he was speaking, he didn’t notice that right below the documents, the edge of a piece of a black-colored piece of paper.

Eric, who was on the other side of the phone, nodded and said, “That’s right. Fine, contact me if there’s a new situation.”

He hung up the call and turned his head. He said to Qin Mo, “Qin, you came to Fifth Avenue recently, right? You probably aren’t familiar with the investigation style here. Before Z wanted to attack someone, he would send a black notice letter to us. Then, at night, he would lock in on his target. Yet, the police didn’t receive…”

The blonde man didn’t manage to finish this sentence before his phone rang again.

A clear voice came from the other side. “Z! Notice letter! Z’s notice letter! Eric, how did you know that Z would be sending a notice letter today!?”

The blonde man was stunned. He wasn’t the one who had predicted that Z would send a notice letter today. It was… Eric turned his head and looked at the emotionless handsome face. It was a high school student…

He hung up the call and took a deep breath. Eric just felt that he was unable to hide his excited emotion. No wonder the higher authorities would ask him to bring this person in secretly. Was this a coincidence? Was he so powerful?

Eric prepared himself mentally and looked at Qin Mo once again. “So, Qin, how do you know that Smith will become Z’s target today?”

“Didn’t you ask me why I don’t have any emotions just now?” Qin Mo placed his phone at the side. The information from the investigation was beside him. “I put all my emotions to investigate how to send this rascal back to prison. Z should be the same too. Before I came, I looked through the information you sent me. It’s useless but I was able to tell Z’s style of working.”

Eric: … This entire statement was alright. But could you not use the word useless?